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How to Date a Single Russian Girl

At a certain point, every person, irrespective of gender, gets tired of being single. It's human nature to look for a soul mate because all people want to love and be loved. It's okay to be single until the moment when the thoughts about settling down start popping into your head more and more frequently. Usually, it happens when you realize that you haven't fully fulfilled yourself. You have a successful job, you develop your hobby, you travel a lot, but you feel that you lack one very important achievement - your own family. Probably, this new aspect of your life will make you completely happy.
When it comes to long-term relationships, every man wants to make the right choice - marry the right woman. If you're looking for a potential spouse, you must know that not every girl is suitable for marriage. Of course, you have your own requirements and taste in women, but you should look for girls who possess certain qualities that make them relationship material. If you wanted to know where this type of women can be found, you came to the right place. Eastern European women have always been the objects of romantic interest of men from other countries. Many foreigners from different parts of the world want to meet single Russian girls with the perspective of dating and marriage. They heard about or even saw with their own eyes the beauty of these women and they were swept off their feet at once. But their appearance is just a pleasant bonus to their personal qualities that men fall for.
Distinguishing Traits of Russian Women
When a Russian girl makes a vow at the altar, she really means it. For her, those words are not just a formal beautiful oath - she takes every word seriously. If she says she'll be with her spouse through thick and thin, she will. If she promises to love him and be faithful, she will.
There is one very important trait typical of all Slavic women - that is the ability to make sacrifices for the sake of their nearest and dearest. It starts when a woman falls in love. She is ready to shift her priorities and make her family the primary thing in her life, moving her career ambitions to the background. Many single women know for sure that if they meet the man of their dreams, they will make him their priority. When children arrive, they will focus on caring for them.
Russian women follow the precious advice of their grandmothers who keep telling them that it's always easy to throw away a broken thing than to try to repair it. They draw this analogy with the relationships in a family. Russian women are famous for their patience and tolerance to their men's shortcomings. They turn a blind eye to some of their habits and weaknesses because their love is all-forgiving. These women clearly understand that there are no perfect people.
Don't think that these girls are obedient and silent and never speak their mind. They can put up with many things because they know that there are few things that really matter. However, when it comes to some important aspects of life, they will not be silent. They will tell you right away that you crossed the line or did something unacceptable.
Cold from the outside but hot and passionate on the inside. Since Russian women are cautious towards strangers, they might seem unfriendly and reserved. You should know that they need some time to get to know a person better and establish a certain level of trust in order to come out of their shell. They carefully hide their good nature waiting for the right people to open up to.
Every man wants to conquer the heart of an unapproachable woman who knows her own worth. And this how single girls from Russia behave towards men. They play hard-to-get to rouse men's interest and induce them to court and woo them. You should be pretty skilled in order to win one of these girls. Once her guard is off, you'll see her other side - tender, sensitive, and passionate.
Their femininity is feminism-free. They look very womanly and have those qualities typical of the fair sex - fragility, elegance, tenderness, compassion, and a sense of beauty. 
This is a far from comprehensive list of their merits.  As you can see, Russian girls can be safely considered as girls for marriage. 
Meeting Girls Online: Essential Tips
If you want to marry Russian girl, you should start meeting and dating single ladies. If you are new to online dating, you may wonder how to meet women at our site. In order to help you find your soul mate, we prepared some general recommendations. The following tips will guide you through the realm of online acquaintances.
Fill in profile information. A great advantage of approaching girls online is that you can read their profiles to get a general idea of who they are. Women also appreciate this advantage. Keep in mind that 99 out 100 women will respond to man's chat invitation or letter only after looking through his profile. So, take it seriously. Upload high-quality photos, write about yourself concisely, and indicate your intentions.
Use search criteria. The site's database is huge. Hundreds of Slavic women are looking for potential spouses, so in order not to scroll through the site pages infinitely, use the search criteria to get the list of the most suitable matches.
Make the first move. In real life, you gather your courage and approach a girl that catches your eye. At dating sites, it's the same but less stressful since you just write a letter to the girl. This first message equals to a regular pickup line you would use meeting a girl offline. You can write anything you want but the main rule is not to send a single “hi”. Chances are she'll ignore your letter. It's advisable to write a compliment or comment her photo or inquire about her hobby she stated in her profile.
Keep the ball rolling. If you manage to get a girl interested in you over text, congratulations! Now, it's important to get to know her better and reveal your personality to her. Your first dating chat should be not very long and unfold in an easy and unobtrusive manner. Ask general questions, employ humor, pay compliments, and express your desire to continue your correspondence.
Develop your online relationship. You can't exchange messages infinitely. After several chats, make a video call to see each other live. It will bring your communication to a more personal level. After several months of keeping a long-distance relationship, it's advisable to meet in person, so there comes the time to fly to her. If you both feel the chemistry, you should put it to the test it during real-life dates.
How to Date Russian Women
While remote relationships somehow restrict you, when it comes to regular dates, you have the opportunity to do your best to court a woman and win her heart in the long run. Whether you go out with a woman with whom you've been corresponding for a while or with a lady you met yesterday on the street of one of the Russian cities, you should know certain rules that will guarantee you unconditional success.
Be gallant. Courtesy and good manners should be your main weapon during the initial dates. Women want to be treated like princesses, so be a knight for them. Being a gentleman costs you nothing but it has an incredible effect on Russian women who know a thing or two about chivalry.
Be interesting. Your date shouldn't notice how the time flies when she is with you. For this, you should do everything to eliminate boredom from your meetings. First of all, choose interesting places for dates. It should be something more creative than a restaurant and movies. Secondly, be interesting yourself so that the venue of your date doesn't matter. Make her laugh, tell interesting stories, ask questions.
Show interest. You should make her feel that she is interesting for you. The best way to prove it is to ask questions about her life. On a first date, you can freely ask her about her job or studies, hobbies, hometown, travel experiences, etc. As you get to know each other better, you can ask more personal questions. Just be attentive and wait until she can totally trust you.
Make compliments. Flirting is an excellent way to demonstrate your romantic interest and avoid friend zone. And compliments are the main tool of flirting. Compliment your Russian girl on her beauty, personal qualities, talents, etc.
Look sharp. It's very important to make a good impression on a girl. Be ready that she'll unconsciously start assessing you from head to toe from the first minute of your date. You should know that all women like those men who have a sense of style. A date is a beautiful event and you should prepare for it properly. Your attire shouldn't be too formal; it should be clean and ironed. Don't forget about cologne - women like the smell of men's perfume. Use it moderately, though.
Bring flowers. If you show up without a bouquet, your date may think that you're not that into her. According to the rules of Russian dating etiquette, a man should bring flowers on a date. They serve as a symbol of romantic interest and admiration, so keep it mind.
Pay for everything. Today, many women around the world offer to split the bill when they go to a restaurant on a first date. Your Russian girlfriend will unlikely offer you to do so, but even if she reaches for her purse, stop her and say you'll take care of it.
Don't force the events. Russian women need some time to begin to trust a man, so give her time. If you have serious intentions, you'll wait. At the same time, you should show certain perseverance to make her understand you will do your best to win her heart. Don't hint at sex. She'll give you a sign when she is ready.