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Find a Perfect Russian Girl at

Nowadays, the majority of people have tried online dating at least once. Even social networks can be considered as a means of online dating. However, in most cases, people intentionally use online dating apps and dating websites such as bridesdating. Furthermore, recently, Russian dating services have become very popular. All American men want to date Russian women because of their fantastic and vibrant qualities. As you have guessed, online dating is the only way you can meet a Russian bride. So, what are you waiting for? Thousands of Russian girls are waiting for you at

Why It's a Great Idea to Find Love Online in the 21st Century

Not without some good reasons, online dating has become so popular in the world. Apart from the fact that it allows you to try Russian dating, it has many other benefits which you can use to your advantage. Also, one must understand that online dating is constantly becoming more and more popular. Therefore, in the future, users of online dating websites and apps will have many more opportunities than they have today. Needless to say, that people tend not to get acquainted offline, and, in most cases, they prefer to search for partners online, and only then take their relationship offline.

1. It is very easy

A few things in this world can be easier than online dating. To be honest, online dating is the easiest option for those who want to find a romantic partner. If you want to use, you simply need to get registered, choose, or make a couple of nice photos and write your bio. This is it, has a very user-friendly interface (other dating websites and apps also try to be very user-friendly). Consequently, you won't need to wait and get used to anything because online dating is about speed and simplicity.

2. You don’t have to hurry

While offline dating sets serious restrictions to the pace of dates, online dating allows you to date other people at your own pace. For example, if the last time you had a date was a year ago, then you definitely need some time to think about what to write to your new partner, and online dating allows you to do it. This is especially useful if you don't feel that you are ready to meet her face-to-face because it is much easier to have a conversation with a girl online.

3. You will have many options

As we have already said, online dating is about speed and convenience, but what we forgot to mention is that this convenience and speed are achieved partly through the number of possible dating options. Russian women dating sites are extremely popular in Russia and other Eastern European countries. Thus, you will always have plenty of options available for you there. Some people even complain that after using bridesdatingcom, they have become even too picky because of how many potential dating partners they have found on this website.

4. Nice matches

Online dating is the best place to meet like-minded people. The reason for this is that almost all dating websites and apps have built-in filters that allow their users to find the best matches. You see, when you get registered, you mention your interests, hobbies, parameters of your body, and so on. Websites and apps use this information to allow other users to find your account by using special filters. Surely, you can do this too, and a dating website will show your people who match your desired parameters. This explains why people who met online, feel much less worried on their first dates.

5. It is perfect for shy people

Another reason why online dating is great for shy people who feel too nervous on their first dates is that it allows you to learn more about your new partner without meeting him or her online. Furthermore, when it comes to international dating, good websites such as have built-in translators for many different languages. This allows users from other countries to communicate even without knowing each other languages. Consequently, you will be able to learn more about each other way before your first date. Plus, you will already have established communication, and will only need to gently transfer it from online to offline world.

6. You are not limited by your social circle

One of the greatest problems of offline dating is that people very rarely meet potential partners outside their social circle. Consequently, quite often, people can't find partners, simply because they have no one to choose from. Another reason why the social circle is a limiting factor is that it is very hard to communicate with people who are not part of it. With those people, you may not have similar interests, hobbies, and views on this life can be pretty different. Add here the problem with being too shy to get acquainted with someone from a different circle, and you will see the big terrifying picture. Online dating easily resolves this problem because built-in filters allow you to find partners who have similar interests with you but don't belong to your social circle.

7. You can be honest

When you visit online dating websites or apps, there is no point in hiding your real intentions because there you meet people who practically want the same: we all want to find romantic partners. Consequently, you will feel more open and more relaxed. After all, none of you will have to play a game of "Guess how I feel about you." Also, this gives you plenty of space to be honest with other people. Surely, you should never share numbers of your credit cards, but you can easily share what you are truly looking at a dating website or app.

Different Types of Dating Sites

Nothing is simple when it comes to romantic relationships between people. Even when you get acquainted online with someone, you have so many options. This can be explained by the fact that we all have our interests. For example, some people want to meet people who have higher education while others fear to seem inexperienced and search for dating websites for beginners. Plus, we have already mentioned about Russian girl dating sites for those who want to date vibrant Russian beauties. The more different desires people have, the more online dating websites and apps with the specialized focus we have.

Due to this diversity, people need to use different websites, and even the best built-in filters won't allow you to create a very effective universe website. For example, is not only about dating Russian girls, but it is about its main focus. Thus, there you will be able to find many Russian girls of all ages, who are willing to date American men. In turn, this maybe not the best choice if you want to find an American girl. There are even special dating sites for shy people and those who hate first dates. Of course, all dating websites, in one way or another, are universal. However, if you want to focus on some aspect, then you need to find a specialized dating website.

Also, we can't forget about senior users of dating websites. In the majority of cases, they are interested in dating their peers. Therefore, conventional dating websites are pretty useless for them. Also, some young women prefer to date older and more experienced people. They also tend to use dating websites for senior people. Of course, this doesn't mean that you must limit yourself to using only one specialized website. Remember, online dating is about freedom, and you can use whatever dating website or app you want. Nevertheless, for instance, if you want to date Russian girls, then using bridesdatingcom, you will significantly raise your chances of success.

Finally, dating apps and websites also differ according to the main purpose of their use. There are only two types of dating websites and apps. In the first type, people search for one-night stands and are not interested in serious relationships. In the second type, people seek long-term partnerships and want to build serious relationships. As you may know, some people don't understand this concept, and believe that those who use online dating, only search for quick sex. This difference often serves as a source of myths about online dating.

Best Online Dating Conversation Starters

Without a single doubt, it is much easier to have a conversation with a woman if you use online dating. In this case, you have much more time to think about your next answer, and your facial expression can't betray you but show your partner your uncertainty and doubts. However, even in online dating, you need nice conversation starters. Otherwise, you may not be able to attract attention. In this case, even the best Russian dating websites won't help you. So, we've decided to give you a hand and share a couple of nice conversation starters.

  1. What do you like about this life?
  2. Have you ever spilled a secret?
  3. Whom do you prefer introverts or extraverts?
  4. What is your spirit thing or animal?
  5. What was the last book you read?
  6. Would you like to have a car or a dog? Why?
  7. Do you enjoy texting as much as phone calls?
  8. What are the most important qualities you search for in friends/lovers?
  9. Do you drive a car? Would you like to?
  10. Do you like men who enjoy cooking?

Great Conversation Topics for a Date

To be honest, you can use any conversation starter you want because the most important thing is to have a couple of topics in mind when you want to have a conversation with a woman. This becomes an easier task if you use filters and know what your potential partners like. Thus, you can choose a conversation starter and the main topic to discuss according to her interests. Unfortunately, in some cases, this approach is ineffective. Also, you should never forget about your main goal, which is to attract positive attention and make her like you. Thus, you have come to the right place if you feel a little bit short on conversation topics for your date. Here are some interesting topics to discuss with your girlfriend on a date.

1. Talk about your ambitions and goals

Girls don't like whiners. So, one of the greatest topics to discuss on a date is your ambitions and plans for the future. For example, you can ask her where does she see herself in a year? How about in three years? By sharing your ambitions, you show her that you are a serious adult. Also, you will know whether she is career-oriented or not.

2. Talk about your hometowns

This is a very nice and relaxing topic to discuss. By sharing your childhood experience, you will start building the first bonds between the two of you. Plus, this is a very nice way to learn more about your new partner. During this conversation, you will find out that you were watching the same cartoons, TV shows, and so forth. This information gives you even more topics to discuss.

3. Tell her about your hobbies

Even if you have found her via filters on according to her interest and hobbies, you still need to share this information. The first date is the best opportunity to confirm that all those things that you wrote about yourself in your bio are true. Also, this topic will help you find interesting ideas for your next dates with this person. Needless to say that every hobby is another opportunity to show yourself in the new light.

4. Talk about food

It doesn't matter whether your date involves food or not because this is a very nice topic to discuss in all situations. You can share with her your favorite dishes and places in town where they serve perfect sushi. It is very nice to discuss food at the end of your date because you will learn what food she likes and will be able to invite her to a place where they serve it. A small hint: if you disagree on the best sushi in town, you can visit both places.

5. Talk about your favorite music, movies, books, and TV shows

Nowadays, the easiest way to learn more about your partner is to have a conversation about your and their favorite books, music, movies, and TV shows. Her favorite content can tell you more about her than her bio and texting manner combined. So, make sure that you have read a couple of serious books and remember many movies and TV series before starting a conversation about this topic.

Important Facts About Russian Dating

Russians are not used to open and spontaneous relationships. It takes time to get to know each other and build personal and business relationships. Therefore, the visitor must be patient and adapt to the “Russian” rhythm of developing the relationship. Yes, you want to get acquainted with Russian women to marry one of them later, but not all girls that you find on bridesdatingcom will be ready to move to your country after one month of communication.

Russians do not talk about sex openly. From the school years, when teens fall in love and start dating, this topic is mainly a taboo. Films and old Russian books teach kids that love should be romantic, and there are a certain sacrifice and sanctity about it. It is often hard for women to let go of these stereotypes when they grow up and have realistic expectations. This is another reason why there are so many abortions and divorces in Russia. The love relationships here are deprived of healthy rationality at times. People are followed by their emotions and often make hasty decisions. 

On the other day, recovering from the breakup takes long for Russian people. If you marry a Russian girl, she believes that this will last forever. When Russians meet a person they like, they subconsciously imagine being together till the death do them apart. And it is often hard for them to build a new relationship after the divorce. Young people may build a family union at 20 or younger and still believe that this marriage will last all their life. In reality, it is often not so. The root of this problem really lies in the lack of adequate sexual education in schools. Fortunately, the government starts taking measures to implement such lessons and bring about changes.

Russian girls for marriage care about your inner world. It is unacceptable for them to live with a person they barely know. You should be open and show what you really think about any topic. A Russian wife marrying a foreigner will constantly compare his social attitudes and stereotypes and hers. And she will want to broaden her outlook and teach her husband about her cultural background. Russians are sympathetic and straightforward. Even is they do not seem welcoming at first, their grumpy faces hide a big kind heart. This is applied to every sphere of their life.

If you want to conquer the heart of a Russian woman, you should be honest and stay yourself. They do not care about how much you earn and will not require you to solve all their problems. Modern women in Russia can perfectly provide for themselves and see a reliable partner and support in a man. To learn how to marry a Russian woman, you should find an individual approach to every lady. She will most probably understand your intentions, so be open.

Russian Dating Culture

Russian women start dating at the age of 14 as a rule. It is the period when boys, who are typically a few years older than women, invite them to the cinemas, the school dances, or their homes to spend some time in their rooms. It is common that the parents are present during such visits. At such age, nothing serious happens between the teenagers, they learn how to communicate with each other.

After the young people turn eighteen, the dating gets more serious and they have already acquired some experience to build a committed relationship. Some even marry at this age. In general, it is normal for the couple to live together before marriage. Those who have met each other in student years can rent an apartment and plan future life.

After 21, many women meet their future husbands. There exists an unspoken rule in Russia, that a girl should marry before 25. After this, her relatives can put pressure on her and consider that something is wrong with her if she is still single. Of course, this is the Soviet Union heritage, and those stereotypes fade away with time.

Russian dating culture does not forbid young people to date and live together before marriage. This is quite a common scenarios, as well as it is normal for people to break up after more than 5 years of relationship. Even if the relatives or friends of the girl expected her to marry a certain candidate, she is free to choose herself.

The man is the leader in the relationship and courtship. Russian women will most probably wait for you to do the first step. You should be confident, tell the Russian lady a lot of compliments about her beauty (even if she knows how stunning she looks today, in fact, especially if she knows), and pay for her if you can. Do not show off your finances from the very beginning if you are not ready to be the breadwinner for the rest of the time. Because the girl will expect you to work and think that she can relax and do what she enjoys. But if you discuss this from the start, she will understand you, and your budget will be shared.

The final key to the heart of the Russian woman is listening to her. Men in Russian know perfectly well how to bring home bacon, support the woman, be her protecting wall. But they are not sympathetic and do not know how to express their feelings or understand those of the girl. If you show that you are not one of those rude men who do not hear what she says, she will surely appreciate it more than gifts and empty compliments. 

Why Russian Women Make Great Marriage Material

The beauty of Russian women

Slavic women are really beautiful, at least that's what we often hear about them. And they know it. They love to take care of themselves, different beauty procedures, shopping, accessories, and enjoy showing off their best angles. "Beauty will save the world" as Dostoevsky said, the great master of Russian classical literature.

The secret of this special beauty is the wild mix of East and West. Over the millennia, many peoples have lived in what is today Russia. Different ethnicities have left their mark on that land: Indo-European, Slavic, Scandinavian, Mongolian, Tatar, Germanic tribes, and many others. Even today, Russia has more than 100 recognized nationalities and 27 official languages ​​alongside Russian. All this beautiful mixture has formed over time and this is what results in the beauty of all ladies you will see on a typical Russian girl dating site. This is a beautiful mixture of east and west: the high cheekbones, the round face, the soft lines, and the clear skin, the green, blue, or gray eyes, as well as blond or brown hair.

The power of Russian women

Women in Eastern European countries are strong in many ways. They owe this strength to their great patience, their gift of forgiveness, and to the struggle for the survival of their families. They remain beautiful despite everything. Even though this is the most important sign of their great strength, they can show their vulnerability towards men while keeping their femininity. On a daily basis, these two principles coexist perfectly in Russian women and make them great wives. They do not try to stand out and make the partner look minor in their shade. Russian femininity is about great strength in many respects and high vulnerability in certain situations. 

It is a kind of game, mastered by all women in Russia. They can adjust to the feelings of the partner while not losing themselves. These ladies can change roles at any time, depending on the circumstances. Slavic women never deprive themselves of their femininity. On the contrary, they cultivate it. 

Education of Russian women

Besides strength and beauty, the Russian woman is hardworking and highly educated. In Eastern European countries, one in four women has a university degree, and the trend is increasing. 35% of women in the former Soviet Union have a college diploma. Three out of four women work, which corresponds to half of the workforce in Slavic countries. 3% of women even hold a second position! See this comparison of literacy rates to convince yourself of the superiority of the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The character of Slavic women

The women of Eastern Europe are very persistent and patient. Russia is considered the "country for women" according to the Journal of Intercultural Communication Research. In Russia, a man has been historically the head of the family who has to protect his woman, children, home nest, provide for the family, and stay responsible. Today the roles have shifted a little bit and even more, the responsibility lies on women. They not only have to raise children and stay beautiful, but they also choose to work and build careers. While a typical Russian man does not cherish his wife and often does not notice how hard she tries to do everything at once.

This has some consequences for society. The so-called “male” qualities like competitiveness, cold logic, ambition, and the desire for success, are opposed by the “feminine” values. This results in a misunderstanding between people, the bad quality of life. This explains why many Russian women want to escape their motherland and find a husband overseas. If you show a Russian lady at least constant support and affection, she will pay with a million times bigger love. It is perhaps this perfect harmony with great femininity that attracts so many men to the girls on a brides dating site. If you notice their inner power and let it flourish, you can consider yourself a winner awarded the biggest prize.

Peculiar Traits of Russian Women

Before you rush to the Russian women dating site to create a profile, you should know some outstanding features of this nation. Those are the ten facts you should read to better understand what kind of people Russian women are.

1. Russian women always know where something is cheaper. They remember all discounts. The secret information about how to receive the best quality and service for the lowest money seems to run in their blood.

2. The English word “bargain” does not even stand close to what these ladies are capable of. They can reduce the price by 50% or find better option always. They find it unreasonable to waste money on something you can do better yourself or find cheaper.

3. Gifts are another matter for them. You should give them presents for every holiday and the biggest ones for the birthday and the New Year. If you buy something symbolic, it will offend them.

4. Russians love expensive cars and luxurious brands. If they have money to afford something, they will let the whole world know.

5. Yes, any Russian girl from will know how to cook. It seems as natural to them as knowing how to read or write. From their childhood, older women share secret recipes and cooking tips with daughters. It is a rare case when a girl from Russian doesn’t know how to cook. Some of them enjoy the process, others cannot stand it and would be willing to shift the process on men. But still, they know how to take the edge off your hunger.

6. Russians, as a rule, avoid talking about work. Most of them have a job they do not like and would prefer to stay silent about enormous working hours or an annoying boss. But if they ask you about how much you earn, do not get surprised. Such personal information is freely shared even in the circle of people who barely know each other.

7. The Russians never throw anything away. Never. Nothing. A Russian woman will make use out of any trifle, and this refers to fact number 1. Any bit of the old fabrics, building materials, or food leftovers. They know to DIY new interesting stuff from what you already have.

8. However, if you quietly try to throw away any of their garbage, they will notice it. A Russian woman knows the place of anything, and if you move her stuff or try to clean it, she will get annoyed and explain to you why she needs that or this.

9. As soon as the Russians have the slightest reason to celebrate anything — be it a birthday or a promotion, they immediately arrange a festive dinner, go out, meet with friends, call their relatives, and tell everyone about the happy event. They enjoy friendly get-togethers, and if you are invited, you should bring something with you. It can be a box of candies, chocolates, cakes, and sometimes even bottles of alcohol. But to come to somebody’s emptyhanded is a big disrespect for the hosts. 

10. The Russians are very welcoming and invite people to their homes with huge enthusiasm. If you marry a Russian woman, be ready to constantly have guests. If this is midday, you will probably drink black tea with sweets. And if you arrange a friendly dinner in the evening — alcohol is inevitable.

What Type of Men Do Russian Women Look for? 

Even before the very moment of downloading the dating app or immersing yourself in Russian women personals on the best dating site –, you might have already come up with a portrait of a person you will be looking for. You have an image of a perfect partner in your head as well as the list of certain requirements that your potential partner should meet. The same goes for Russian girls who have chosen online dating as a way to meet their significant other. They pay efforts and spend their time on this type of acquaintance to find a person who will suit them best and satisfy their needs. It’s not about mercantilism but rather about healthy egoism when you don’t agree on the first possible option because you know your self-worth. Thus, Russian girls have many advantages, and they are ready to work on themselves to become the best version of themselves as well as the perfect match for their partners if they understand that it is the man they need. So what type of men Russian ladies are looking for? 

He is a self-confident type 

While many guys don’t even think about such quality as confidence, Russian women consider it one of the most attractive character traits. A confident man radiates strength and willpower, he doesn’t neglect his appearance and knows what he wants in this life. Such an attitude seems very catchy, especially for girls who may have some problems with it. One can add that confidence may attract even at the subconscious level since it’s in our nature to pay attention to those who have a healthy and strong self-esteem because it’s one of the signs of a true leader. And since a woman must take care of her offspring, she subconsciously looks for the strongest male. A self-confident man doesn’t have psychological issues; he doesn’t doubt someone’s intentions or looks for pitfalls. Besides, usually, such men have groomed appearance since they watch themselves and don’t see any problems in visiting the gym or dressing stylishly. They are not afraid of labels that others may hang on them. 

He is an intelligent type 

As you have already found out, most Russian women are well-educated and continue to develop their mental skills in all possible ways. It’s one of the reasons why they are looking for partners who will be on the same (or higher) level of development with them. Many girls believe that the brain is the sexiest part of the human body. Thus, a smart man who can maintain any topic and discuss different things, demonstrating a good sense of humor and wittiness, will always stand out from the crowd and draw the attention of girls. Why do girls look for such a partner? Communication is an integral part of a healthy relationship, and since Russian women are looking for the most suitable options abroad, it’s not surprising that intelligent men are especially desired. 

He is an empathy type 

Gender roles are still divided in society, and men are brought up with a confidence that they shouldn’t show their feelings in public. Thus, usually, men behave pretty rough keeping their emotions under a hundred locks. However, every woman dreams about a partner who can become a shoulder to cry on and will show empathy when necessary. Russian women want to feel that they are loved and appreciated, so a perfect partner can find the right moment to demonstrate their feelings. They want to share their thoughts and dreams with their significant others and be heard. Unfortunately, not all men are sensitive enough toward the experiences of their partners, and it’s very important for girls to talk with their partners and know that they are listening to them. It’s how they feel a strong emotional connection with their beloved men. 

He is a gentleman type 

Even though real courtesy has become a part of the past, women still like men who behave in an old-fashioned manner. Well, a gentleman is not only about a person who can open a door in front of a woman, but it’s about respect with which a man treats his beloved one and others. In general, respect is considered a huge part of the foundation on which happy and healthy relationships are based. Besides, being a gentleman means taking care of a woman, not allowing her to carry heavy bags, and being always ready to help her with anything. Every woman wants to be cherished and treated with attention. Thus, women on brides dating dot com expect their partners to remember about some important dates in their relationships, make presents or at least bring a bouquet of flowers. Russian girls pay attention to such details and want to start committed relationships with men who will treat them the way they deserve it. 

He is a witty type 

You might have heard many times that a good sense of humor is of crucial importance when it comes to dating and relationships with a hot Russian woman. It helps in all the spheres of life, and sometimes, it can become a real safety ring, so Russian girls are looking for guys with a decent sense of humor. Witty jokes can become a wonderful icebreaker and smooth an uneasy moment. Everyone knows that life is not only about having fun and happy scenarios, but if you are able to find something positive even on a rainy day, you radiate positive vibes. This ability attracts and helps set oneself to positive thoughts too. And since women are very sensitive and emotional, they reflect too much about numerous things; they need someone who will maintain a positive mood and make them laugh. 

Tips to Impress a Russian Girl 

When we like someone and want to win them over, we subconsciously try to impress them one way or another. We want to draw their attention and show ourselves from the best possible sides as if making a test drive and trying to convince them what a good offer they get. The dating scene is not much different in this regard, and a lot of guys try to do everything possible to stand out from the rest and interest girls they like. If you have run into a charming Russian girl on the best brides dating site, then you should come up with a strategy for how you can draw her attention and impress, following the dating a Russian woman rules. 

1. Prepare before sending the first message 

If you want to make a positive impression from the very beginning, then devote some time to your profile. It’s your main helper at the initial stages of communication. Indeed, the very start of your talk depends on it because if a girl doesn’t like your profile, she may ignore your message since you are not worthy of her attention. So, to prevent this situation, make sure you’ve created a catchy profile. It’s not that difficult. Just provide interesting information about yourself, having filled the lines in the questionnaire. Specify your hobbies, worldview, and who you are looking for - it will be easier for a woman to understand whether you suit her at this stage, or it’s better to pretend that she has never got your message. The same goes for the pics that you upload - they should be qualitative and show you from the best sides. 4-5 pics will be enough, just don’t use photos in which you are in the company of other people (especially women), with your face covered with something (for example, sunglasses) and you being half-naked. Such things don’t impress but rather evoke a desire to forget about you as soon as possible. 

2. Turn out to be an interesting interlocutor 

You should make her respond to your first message to demonstrate your wittiness and charisma later. Thus, it’s necessary to come up with a great conversation starter. And in this situation, it’s a girl’s profile that provides you with clues. It helps you find the answer to the question, “What are Russian women like?” Examine it carefully, look through pics - what has caught your attention? Maybe she has an interesting hobby, visited some unusual places, or has a cute pet. Such things can become a great icebreaker, and a girl will be impressed by how attentive you are. It’s always pleasant for a girl to meet a man who shows a genuine interest in her personality. And when a girl responds to you, try to keep a conversation going right away. Discuss whatever you want - just make sure that the topic is to your liking. A Russian girl will be impressed by what an interesting interlocutor you are and how she feels talking to you. In fact, there are not so many people with whom you can be on the same page, and when you meet one, it’s just a wonderful event. So, don’t miss such a chance if you really like a girl and want to continue your communication. 

3. Become her Prince Charming 

It’s not a secret that all the girls are raised on fairy tales about charming princes and happily ever after. Russian girls are no exception; thus, if you want to impress a beautiful lady and win her over, you should behave accordingly. Show a pretty Russian woman that she is unique, and your meeting means a lot to you. Treat her with care and good manners, demonstrate your great attitude, and she will be definitely impressed. Even such a simple thing as a bunch of flowers without a reason can play a crucial role in the development of your relationships. An interesting man with a good sense of humor and gallant manners is a dream of every Russian girl, and if she meets someone real who possesses all these character traits, she will be impressed and conquered right away. 

How to Chat with Ladies Online: Tips and Advice 

If you use all the previous tips, it will be already half the battle because all these moments play a crucial role when it comes to dating amazing Russian girls. Nonetheless, to get the best out of online dating, you should also consider some other things to make a positive impression. Thus, how to chat with girls online? 

1. Watch your grammar. Even though you will communicate in English that is not a native language of Russian girls, you may meet those who have an advanced level. Thus, your mistakes will not be missed out, so it’s better to check your messages before sending them. It’s especially true if you like smart and well-educated girls. 

2. Watch your manners. You should always stay patient and not take things personally. Everything can happen during a conversation, but you shouldn’t lose your temper if the girl says something you don’t like. You are two strangers who want to get to know each other better and understand how much you match. If you understand that you are too different, and things don’t work out between you, it’s better to explain it and leave. There are many wonderful girls you can communicate with. 

3. Choose safe topics both of you are interested in. When you don’t know each other well, it’s very important to choose only safe topics that will help you easily maintain a talk in a positive way. You can discuss your hobbies, favorite or desired travel destinations, childhood, and dreams. However, it’s better to avoid discussing politics, religion, and previous relationships. You are not at that stage yet when it is safe to talk about such things. So, you should be very careful about suggesting a new theme for discussion. 

4. Become a good listener. Some people adore to talk about themselves and share their thoughts, not allowing their interlocutor to say a word. Things will not work out if you talk too much. You should become a good listener as well. You should neither ignore the girl’s opinion nor try to make her keep silent. Communication is a two-way road, so both of you should actively participate in the discussion. Thus, you will have a real dialogue and have a desire to communicate further without switching to someone else. 

5. Make a girl laugh 

As it was already mentioned, a good sense of humor is one of the most effective weapons when it comes to conquering a girl. Besides, a laugh is an integral part of flirting and communication of people who like each other more than friends. So, if you want to get additional scores in this game - make a hot Russian girl laugh. If you have got that you have alike sense of humor, and you like to joke, then feel free to do that openly. A man who evokes positive emotions in a girl, makes her forget about other guys and focus on himself. No one says that you should come up with anecdotes, you can just share some funny stories that happened to you or make funny comments on what you are talking about (if it’s not a serious topic, of course). Besides, if a girl uses emoji to show her emotions better, you can do the same, thus, you will be on the same page. 

Best Kissing Techniques for a Russian Girl

Let’s now talk about kissing. While you may think that kissing is just a small part of relationships and intimacy, but, in fact, a gift of being a great kisser can be the only thing needed for you to make a girl fall in love with you. If you plan to date Russian girls, you should get better at kissing.

There are many quite a lot of types of kisses. Being bewitched by romantic scenes in the cinema, people often seek to repeat the most complex and hardest versions of it, and they cannot achieve real pleasure due to it. But there are simple kissing techniques that do not require special efforts and skills, but significantly enrich the intimate experience.

1. Triangle

If you want to date Russian women, you have to know how to kiss. This is one of the greatest kissing techniques. The triangle is ideal when partners are face to face. Start kissing your partner on the lips. After that slowly go to the cheeks, and from them to the neck. After that, return to your lips again.

Thus, with kisses you must follow the following path: lips - cheeks - neck - lips. It is imperative to make transitions between these places smoothly, avoiding sudden movements. While moving, you can nibble your partner slightly and make short kisses. So, your actions will look more natural.

2. Biting

Most people think that kissing mastery boils down to lip ownership. They are worried about a lot of irrelevant questions, “How much should my lips be pressed together?” “What kind of kissing technique is right for my lips?” etc. However, a kiss is much more than a touch of lips!

For example, teeth may be involved. There is a right and wrong way to use them. As you might guess, the correct method involves neat and gentle biting. No need to turn into a predatory beast attacking prey. Try this: kissing with a partner, skip their lip between your teeth. Then slowly pull it back, allowing the lip to slip out. The technique can be performed with both the upper and lower lips. Do not forget, your goal is not to harm your partner, but to give them new feelings.

3. Sucking

This way of kissing is similar to the previous one. But what’s different? It’s that you hold the lips of your loved one with your lips, and then slowly let go. Be careful: there is no direct correlation between squeezing force and pleasure! It’s best to do it gently. There is another way. Imagine that the partner’s lips are candy on a stick. Just do not try to bite her!

4. Hands up

One of the most important parts of the body used in a kiss is the hands. Just keeping your hands uninvolved is extremely boring. The minimum program for your limbs is to hug your partner. If this is not enough for you (and usually this is not enough), relax and allow your hands to freely touch the object of your caresses, including their erogenous zones.

The most suitable places for manipulating hands with an innocent kiss are hair, head, and face. Slowly run your hand through the partner's hair, massage their neck. You can apply a little force and change the angle between your faces by tilting their head. Using hands is an essential element of the process, which can endlessly diversify the pleasure of kissers.

5. Use your ears

If you want to enjoy some Russian girl kissing, you have to use ears in kissing and intimacy in general. Ears are quite sensitive and touching and kissing them can bring quite a lot of joy. Therefore, even a slight suction of the lobe is enough to excite a partner. A higher level is biting the ear. You have to be extremely careful here. The principle is similar to the technique described in the second point, however, the compression force here should be minimal. Otherwise, you will have a chance to repeat the famous "feat" of Mike Tyson.

Impressive Date Ideas for a Russian Woman

If you want to know how to date a Russian woman, you have to be creative with your dating game.

A picnic with unusual food

The first thing you want to do with the advent of this spring is to get out into the wild! Or at least in a city park. And the best way to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views of the city is to have a small picnic. It’s also a great idea for a date. Just don’t forget about romance - no sausage sandwiches and chips! Add French chic - light wine, croissants, fruits, cheese. Or you can take a thermos with tea or coffee with you, after all, the weather is still not hot.

A bike ride

How to date a Russian girl? Go out to nature with her. A trip to nature is not only about sitting on a blanket and eating croissants; you can spend time more actively. And praise to the one who invented the bike! Because the thing is really great - both as a means of transportation, and as entertainment, and as an idea for a date. Slowly drive through the most beautiful places in the city, arrange real races or ride along the forest paths of the nearest suburbs - you can spend time in different ways, but equally interesting and active. 

A date on the roof

The warm season is the time to finally get out on the roof! It is cheap and cheerful, so it is not that bad to discover that your porch has access to the roof and take advantage of it. A blanket will be enough to diversify the joint evenings - hugging, chatting, looking at the stars if they can be seen. There are also companies that organize professional meetings on the roof - but pleasure is not cheap.

A trip to nature by car

This is not a hike or picnic, but just a trip to the beautiful places around. Many people claim that long trips by car, especially outside the city, have a positive effect on them - why not try it too? It’s great if both of you have a driver’s license, so nobody will get tired. In the most beautiful places, you can go out, capture beautiful landscapes or unusual shots, and take pictures yourself.


For lovers of exotic, oriental culture and simply delicious tea, an interesting option is a real Chinese or Japanese tea ceremony! It is about more than an hour of the most sophisticated ceremonies, fascinating stories, and philosophy from the master. If the east is too thin for you, visit a tasting of wine, cheese, whiskey. Enjoying the taste of the drink and communication will be especially pleasant in such an environment.

A boat ride

Take the pleasure boat. Or, alternatively, arrange a romantic dinner on a yacht. If your city has a river or sea, this option is simply required. Go to admire the scenery, talk about the important or the trifles, just relax, and have fun.

These were a few tricks on how to have an entertaining date, this is a big part of Russian women dating, but let’s now talk about proposals. If you are dating Russian women, and everything goes well, why not marry one of them?

Proposal Ideas for a Russian Bride

Relationships of a couple sooner or later should end with a wedding. If two people are happy together, there is no point in looking for a better partner. The marriage initiative traditionally comes from a man. This rule is respected even today. To get consent from the lady of the heart, a man should find a special approach to her. Knowing the nature of your girlfriend, you can easily choose the desired method of a marriage proposal.

  1. Invite your partner to ride in a balloon. When you are high in the sky, take out the ring, kneel down and make an offer. You can add that in case of a failure, you will jump down. Failure will not follow. (don’t do that, don’t manipulate your partner)
  2. Invite the girl for a walk to the pond or lake. Your proposal should be written on paper, put in an empty bottle. You can attach a ring to the sheet. Throw the bottle before a walk in the water near the shore. Invite your beloved to pull out a “strange” item or do it yourself. But the girl must open the bottle and read the message. To participate in a small performance, you can attract friends who throw a bottle into the water at the most opportune moment.
  3. If a girl likes chocolate eggs with a surprise, you can put the ring and the text of the proposal in one of these eggs. Carefully unfold the wrapper, cut the chocolate shell, pull out the toy from the plastic container, and put your “surprise” there. Return the container to its place. To glue the chocolate shell, you can slightly warm the edges of the two halves. Then you need to wrap the egg in a wrapper.
  4. You can ask for hands from the girl’s parents. This option seems old-fashioned. However, it is very effective. Potential father-in-law and mother-in-law will be touched by the fact that their daughter’s boyfriend respects the opinions of their parents.
  5. Make an inscription under the window. This is not always possible. If the window of your beloved’s room opens onto a busy highway or the apartment is on the lower floors, you won’t be able to write your message. Send a letter in verse. Romantic girls love poetry. In the absence of poetic talent, order a small work to a professional poet.
  6. Using a banner on the street. The banner should be located where the girl is especially often (for example, next to the building where she works). You can bring your beloved to the poster "by chance" during a walk.
  7. At a party. Your intention to make an offer to friends should be announced in advance. Invitees will encourage your beloved one to accept the proposal.
  8. At the concert. This is one of the most difficult options. If there are friends among the musicians, arrange it with them. Artists can provide a service in love for an additional fee. A girl will not be able to refuse if the soloist of her favorite music group asks for a man.
  9. On the radio. Making a proposal on the radio is much easier than at a concert. It is enough to call the live music program at the request of the audience, order the girl’s favorite song, and ask the host to tell her that her boyfriend is asking to marry him.
  10. Using a tattoo. Extroverts appreciate creativity. The tattoo does not have to be permanent. Quite enough and temporary. The place for drawing tattoos is selected depending on the proximity of the relationship between man and woman.

Final Thoughts

So, let’s conclude the things mentioned above, let’s talk about brides dating dot com.

There are so many ideas that you can use to have a great date, so many ways in which you can arrange one with the woman you love, so many ways in which you can propose to your partner, it all depends on your creativity, your willingness to surprise them and make happy. If you have a beloved partner, then it is great, but if you have to meet one, then the best place to do it is brides-dating.

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