How to Plan a Bachelor Party: Everything You Need to Know


Weddings, hen parties, and honeymoons traditionally attract the attention of women. A wedding is considered the sphere of interest of the bride and her friends. But men want to have fun too. The famous movie in three parts The Hangover has become an all-time classic representation of all bachelor’s party stereotypes. Hardly anyone will surpass the celebration of these guts.

The excitement before the wedding, the fatigue from preparation, both moral and physical, is an excellent reason to get together and celebrate the end of the prior period of life. All worries can be eliminated by a day of rest with friends. And here, the most important thing is to cut out the day before the wedding ceremony and dedicate all your originality to planning a bachelor party. Because to wake up at the most important day of your life feeling awful or deal with unforeseen circumstances during the party are bad ideas. Today, we will give you tips on how to avoid it.

best bachelor party ideas

Are Bachelor Parties Still Relevant in the 21st Century?

You have come through all stages of dating, eliminated the red flags in dating, and are about to celebrate the most iconic day in your life — the wedding. The tradition of having a bachelor party appeared a very long time ago in ancient Sparta. According to the tradition that existed at that time, the future husband and his friends gathered together on the eve of the wedding to arrange grand booze in honor of the groom. Close friends helped a man say goodbye to a bachelor's life, and at the same time, he had to convince them that friendship will continue in the future, despite his marriage.

Nowadays, the essence of the bachelor party has not changed at all. Usually, the bachelor party's organization is carried out by friends of the hero of the occasion. However, in any case, they must coordinate with him all organizational issues for the planned event. After all, the groom will be the protagonist of this party. The organizers should remember that not only the bride but also the girlfriends and wives of all the men invited to the party, except those who have something to do with single women dating, will worry about the party. Of course, these women would like their men to behave correctly.

All in all, there are two modern versions of why you should not forget about the bachelor party. Firstly, this is a kind of rite that symbolizes the end of a single life. Moreover, it is entirely wrong to consider that the groom is already "mourning" for freedom, and he is being forced to marry. Very often, grooms do not want to celebrate a bachelor's party believing the best period in their lives is ahead, and they are excited about a wedding.

Usually, the friends of the groom do not agree to refuse a bachelor party, so the second reason to spend a bachelor party is to devote their time to them. They believe that people change socially and psychologically when they get married. There is nothing wrong with this because newlyweds enter different roles and get used to the reality they now have to live in. At the same time, meetings with friends are already becoming a real event and are happening less often. A man moves away from his bosom company and plunges into family chores. "This is not about me!" You say. In any case, while the groom is still single and has free time, we advise you not to abandon the bachelor party and spend it with your closest ones. Show your friends that your bros will continue to be relevant to you despite your decision to start a family.

Epic Bachelor Party Ideas

As practice shows, the tea ceremony is not the best idea for such a celebration. You want it to be loud and remember this day for the rest of your life. A bachelor cannot do without a few healthy drinks and new emotions. And, since the bachelor party's organization is a legitimate and utterly permitted way to do whatever you want, it's a sin not to use it. We will try to give you the best bachelor party ideas.


The first place that comes to mind is the sauna. And it's not us who came up with it. This version of the bachelor party is a reasonably old rite. In the past, it might have had a spiritual meaning to it. The groom did not go to the bathhouse in the company of his friends. He went there alone to wash away his old life, the unnecessary worries, and enter into a new life wholly purified.


This is a great option to engage all participants in the evening at the same time. You can replace it with a visit to a rink, a game of billiards, or any other sport-game activity you enjoy. If your friend knows you well, they will undoubtedly include this element in your celebration.


You can devote an evening to poker. If you take proper professional equipment, a lot of beer, and order pizza, the evening promises to be quite exciting and enjoyable. And, importantly, the bride will be completely calm. Gatherings with friends at a poker game do not seem suspicious or reckless. Provided that you do not order strippers.

In-home celebration

If the groom is a quiet and family man, you can spend a bachelor's party at home. This is far from the worst option. You can still order pizza, buy beer, fish, chips, bake some meat, or prepare a barbecue. If you have a Playstation, you can spend a cool evening, recall those enjoyable and pleasant moments of life that occurred during your acquaintance. Of course, you should ask your future bride to leave the house for the night. One of the main bachelor party rules: no women allowed.


One of the ideas for a bachelor party is a banal trip to the club. Here it is essential to take into account the attitude of a bride to such a pastime. Indeed, in the night club, in addition to the groom and his attendants, there will be a large number of people, many of whom are females. And a large amount of alcohol can lead to disastrous consequences. best bachelor party ideasYes, and talk to loud music is also impossible, unfortunately. Such a bachelor party can turn into a regular club visit. But it all depends on the atmosphere you seek and the purpose of the event.

On an open-air

Bachelor party in nature — this is perhaps one of the best ideas. If weather conditions allow, you can plan a bachelor party in the fresh air. Maybe someone has a summer cottage in the countryside or a favorite place on the riverbank, in the forest, you can even just rent a gazebo. Such a bachelor party can be filled with many activities for the groom and his friends. Fans of a quiet pastime can fish, and later, in the evening, they sit by the fire and cook a delicious catch. More active friends enjoy water skiing, a catamaran, a boat, and so on. If the number of invitees allows, you can play football, basketball.

Japanese-style celebration

In the modern world, Japanese cuisine is trendy. You can hold a bachelor party in this style. Order sushi, rolls, and, of course, sake. To ensure that this is not a simple consumption of food, invite a dancer who will bring Japanese flavor to your evening. Watch Japanese films or listen to the traditional music of this culture. You can also arrange a cool Harajuku-photoshoot or visit a place arranged in the Japanese style with many neon signs.

A workshop

Learning new skills will never hurt. You can make the bachelor party not only fun but also useful. To do this, select a workshop and visit it with the whole team. We suggest choosing a master class on mixing alcoholic beverages. You can learn how to dance the waltz. It will be useful to everyone in any case, at least once in a lifetime. If you approach it with humor, you can order a striptease master class or attend a beer yoga. Let the stereotypes about ceramics classes or learning how to do origami — today, the selection of exciting activities is endless.


If there is a desire to arrange a luxurious celebration, but wonder what to do for a bachelor party, order seats in some elite club, throw a chic party, and wander around with a glass of sparkling wine like Leonardo Di Caprio. Drink expensive whiskey, smoke cigars, order the most expensive dishes from the menu. You can order a whole boat and have a party on its board. Get inspired by the films and books about that Epoque.

Joint trip

What can be better than a small group of bosom friends and like-minded people who gather to leave the city for a couple of days? And you can go anywhere without restrictions. It can be the most usual excursion, a two-three-day tour to another country, or just hiking with tents out of town. Here your imagination in terms of bachelor party planning knows other boundaries except for the budget. If your friends are wealthy, they will inevitably experience zero inconveniences taking you out for a secret trip to reduce stress before the wedding.

Bachelor Party Rules to Get the Most of It

The goal of the bachelor party is to relieve tension that arose in connection with pre-wedding worries and have fun in the company of close friends. You should be able to recall excellent communication, sparkling humor, a sense of true male friendship. Here are some rules for a bachelor party plan except for the main atmosphere ideas.

Tell your friends what you expect

The key to a beautifully spent bachelor party is a fun company, thoughtful, exciting program, the right venue, as well as the good mood of the groom and his friends. By tradition, such a party should be held on the eve of the wedding. But its planning can take months, so tell your friends in advance what activities you enjoy and what is intolerable for you.

There should be a host

The bachelor party usually does not do without lots of food and activities. It's okay if one of the groom's friends takes over the functions of the host or can invite a professional presenter. Otherwise, the bachelor party risks turning into a banal feast. You can arrange a few exciting competitions. Guests can be involved: they tell jokes, participate in contests, games, and story scenes. The tradition of inviting a stripper to the bachelor party is a bit outdated and vulgar. If you are not sure that the groom will like such a surprise, you can replace it with a performance of an oriental dancer, a gypsy ensemble or a fire show.

You can split the budget and work in cooperation

The scenario of the party depends on financial possibilities. Most often, the groom's friends pay for all the expenses for the bachelor party. In some cases, the groom pays for the photo or video services of a bachelor party. If there is no time or opportunity to come up with an exciting event, you can contact the festive agency, which will take care of all organizational issues for a certain amount.

You can turn to an even-organization company

how to plan a bachelor partyThere are dozens of different companies specializing in organizing and conducting holidays. Contact one of them, and specialists will offer you things to do for a bachelor party and will develop an exceptional, individual scenario for you. The scale of the party will depend entirely on your desire and scenario choice. Renting a banquet hall for an evening, a menu, decorating a holiday, and dance groups is not a complete list of event-agency capabilities. If you have a favorite place (club, restaurant, other institution) in which you like to hold a celebration, you can rent it all night and order services according to your desire.

Inviting and time-planning

You cannot invite people to the celebration which will take place the same evening when only a few hours are left. Do it in advance, two or three weeks before the event. If your friends arrange everything, tell them about what you expect at least one month. People need to plan their affairs. If you tell them too late, they may not get to your party, even if they want to. The format of the invitations may be at your discretion. You can send out postcards, although it is unlikely that men do this, but you can do it for fun. It is best to call or talk in person. If you invite your closest people, chances are you will meet before the wedding anyway.

Who should be in charge of your bachelor party planning?

The bachelor party's organization is usually done by the friends of the groom, so here you cannot do without surprises. If the groom has a specific idea of who plans the bachelor party or the scenarios for it, he should prepare and speak about his desires. For example, he doesn't want to see ladies in revealing outfits. Then you need to warn your friends about this so that the holiday goes as the groom himself wants!

Who pays for the bachelor party is one of the most common questions. In general, if you follow the tradition, the bachelor party should be funded by friends. Sometimes all expenses are borne by the groom. After all, you do not arrange a celebration just for the future groom. Everyone will have fun. Even though the main focus will be on the groom, the other guests will also have a good time.

You also need to discuss how to plan a bachelor party with the bride. Believe it or not, if the bride suddenly finds out about the details of your bachelor party, which she preferred not to think about at all, this puts a threat to a wedding celebration. By sharing the plans with the future bride, friends of a groom make him an offer. You do not need to reveal the whole truth, just reassure that everything will be within the norms of propriety. By the way, warn your friends that it is better not to take photos and videos. Remember about a tradition, "Everything that was on the bachelor party remains on the bachelor party."

Things to Avoid When Planning a Bachelor Party

A bachelor party is a significant and wild event in any man's life, but some things are better to be avoided. Otherwise, you can quarrel with the bride and deeply offend her. The woman may question her choice, which is undesirable before the wedding. For example, you should not try to get acquainted with any girl at a party. Alcohol and a fun atmosphere can make you too relaxed. How will you look in the eyes of your beloved then?

You should also not try to get to the bachelorette party. Guys often do just that. Or have you forgotten that while you are having fun, your lover is doing the same thing? It is not an excellent idea to combine two celebrations. It can be iconic, but a farewell to a bachelor's lifestyle will not take place. Besides, you will be under the watchful eye of your beloved. You have to limit yourself in many aspects. Do you need it? So do not interfere with each other, let everyone celebrate.

Alcoholic beverages are one of the critical components of the bachelor party. Surely not everyone will feel their best the next morning. Therefore, it is wise to plan a bachelor party. You should not get together the day before the wedding. It is better to do this a week in advance. You will have time to relax, put yourself in order, and look fresh at the wedding. You should not try to take photos of yourself or take what is happening on a camcorder. You will not receive anything useful except for the pile of incriminating evidence. It is better to invite a professional photographer. They can take beautiful shots before the party begins.

It will not be superfluous to recall that fun always needs to be wise. The organization of a bachelor party will be a waste of time and turn into an ordinary tedious drunken feast if you neither think over the scenario for the celebration in advance nor provide entertainment options except for the drinking. Holding such a party often implies the presence of a dance show, striptease. However, if the groom is against open dances, it is worthwhile to warn friends in advance so that the surprise does not turn out to be unpleasant.

You can drink, of course, but do it wisely. When choosing alcoholic beverages, it is worth considering the preferences of the invitees. Also, make sure that none of your friends will have to drive a car after the celebration. Book a hotel for all or order a taxi later. You can also organize a bachelor party near the house and then take a night walk home.