Travel Hookup Apps and Advice for Guys


Let’s say that you want to make your trip abroad more interesting and engaging, you want some new experiences and you are single, well then, how about some dating while you are on your travels? Today we will talk about the benefits of travel dating, the rules of travel hookup, list some of the best travel hookup apps on the Internet, and list some tips on how to date without using a travel dating website.

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Benefits of Travel Dating

Here are the benefits of travel dating. Whether you plan on dating girls online or in real life, there are some undeniable benefits to doing so while you are abroad.

Your communication will be quite intriguing

You will have a lot of things to discuss. The main thing is to have an interlocutor to communicate with, and everything else will work out by itself. You come from one culture, your partner comes from another culture, and thus, all of the differences and peculiarities will provide you with a lot of things to discuss.

You will come to know new people, new cultures, and new traditions

This goes back to the first point, you will come to know new people, new traditions, and new cultural aspects of the country that you are visiting. Lots of new experiences, impressions, moments, memories, etc.

You will come to see the women/men of that country

All of these cultural peculiarities form some defining characteristics that can be end up being quite appealing to you. I mean, we’ve all heard of the wild Italians, with their temper, passionate love, families, cuisine, etc. French women are quite different from Italian women, Russian men are quite different from German men, etc. Now that we know the main benefits of dating people during your vacation, let’s talk about the rules of seducing a girl while on a trip.

Rules of Travel Hookups for Safety and Profit

It is quite difficult to get to know a person in front of everyone. But if you pay attention to the person’s gestures and respect their personal space, you are unlikely to be considered abnormal. The most important thing is to respect others and follow the instructions described below.

Go to a crowded place

To get to know someone, you need to go into the world. Meet people only in public places. If you approach a person in a dimly lit alley, at an abandoned gas station or in an empty subway, your attempts are doomed to failure. Do not do this. Go to the coffee shop. A lot of people visit this place during the day, so you will have more opportunities to have a conversation. Go to places you are interested in, for example, a bookstore or the Renaissance fair. There you will surely meet a person with the same interests.

Go to a bar or a night club. Be sure to follow the instructions below for dating people at the bar. Not every person wants to meet you. Pay attention to body language, although the very atmosphere of such institutions is not very conducive to an acquaintance.

Create eye contact

If you like a person, try making eye contact before starting a conversation with them. Keep looking into their eyes as soon as you catch their eye. If a person constantly looks at you, this is a sure sign that they are not against meeting you. If a person looks at you three times, most likely, you are interesting to travel hookup app

Why does the look have such power? Scientists suggest that eye contact stimulates the brain's center of pleasure, the ventral striatum. What does this mean? Our DNA tells us that if they look at us point-blank, then this is a reason for joy! Smile. A friendly smile is a great way to show a person that you like them. A good sign will be to get the same in response, and thus they show that they are also not averse to hooking up with you. As soon as you exchange a few glances and smiles, begin to observe their gestures. This is the best way to find out if a person has a liking for you.

Observe body language

Although it is NOT easy to accurately interpret the body language of another person, be it a girl or a guy, there are several points that will help determine whether a person is interested in meeting someone. Respect the person’s right to be alone. Did the person turn their back on you? Are their arms crossed on their chest? Are they listening to music or reading a book? Are they frowning? Do they intentionally turn away from you? Although these are not entirely correct indicators, such facial expressions and gestures rather indicate that the person wants to be alone. Body language is not everything. Women are taught from childhood that they should be polite, no matter what happens. If you are going to meet a person, pay attention to their reaction and response words.

Talk to a person

The conversation will start by itself, you just have to say the first phrase, but if not, here are a few ways to start a conversation. Ask them if they sewed their dress themselves, made their earrings or another accessory. You can even say something like, "I could not help but notice that this dress is perfect for the amazing color of your eyes." So they will feel attractive regardless of their appearance.

If you are in a bookstore or comic book store, ask the person what books they like. Listen carefully to what they say. So you learn more about them, and it will be possible to continue the conversation. In addition, they will understand what is interesting to you as a person.

Be polite

This is the most important aspect of meeting people in public or in any other situation. If they are not interested in you, give up your pursuit. Remember that different people have different requirements for partners or lack thereof. A person may just feel that you are not their type. But there are other people who may go crazy for you.

Now let’s look at some of the best travel dating apps one can find on the Internet.

Legit travel dating sites and apps

Here are some of the travel dating sites and apps you can find online.

1. – a great hotel hookup app.

2. – one of the best business travel hookup apps on the market.

3. – a great way to spend some time if you are looking for a business travel hookup.

4. – a very popular dating site for travelers.

5. – one of the most interesting traveling singles dating sites online.

6. – one of the best travel dating websites on the Internet.

Easy Tips on How to Date While Traveling With No Apps

And to conclude this article, here are just some of the most essential tips on how to date abroad without using dating apps and sites.

  • Hygiene is very important. Hygiene is not only important in the case of traveling dates, but in all sorts of real-life dating in general. Wash regularly, brush your teeth and take care of your ears, trim your nails, and so dating
  • Do not be discouraged if your initial plan doesn’t work. This is life, and one rejection doesn’t mean that you are ugly or there’s something off about you at all.
  • Try not to talk about obscure hobbies, except cases when you think that it will be interesting to both of you. For example, if you both love sports, you can talk about sports teams or watch a game together on a date.
  • Be yourself, especially when you first meet. You do not want to show yourself in some different light, do not try to be someone else.
  • Do not be cheap. If things go smoothly, pay for drinks, meals, or a trip home by taxi. If they insist that they want to pay for themselves, say, "I will pay for this meal, and you pay for our next one." But if they really want to pay, do not insist. Just say that you pay next time. Here’s a hint: this is a good reason for the next date.
  • Try to make both of you participate in the conversation. There is nothing more horrible than communicating with a person who is fixated exclusively on themselves. Ask what they think about this or that situation and listen carefully to their answer. This is a sure sign that you are not indifferent to their opinion, and that you know how to listen.
  • If you were denied in public, don’t react in a negative way, just smile at them and leave.
  • If you meet a person surrounded by friends, be prepared to impress the whole company.
  • Do not ask a person to smile if they do not want to do it. This isn’t right, you should not force someone to smile, it should all be sincere and honest.
  • Do not meet people in the gym. They go there for sports, not for flirting.
  • And the last thing we would like to mention, or rather repeat, is that you should not be pursuing a person if they are clearly not interested in you at all, have some dignity and respect for a person. Do not be a fool who considers themselves an expert on male/female psychology. If a person says that they are not interested, they do not try to play with you at all, they really are not interested!