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  • 15.08.2016 How to Start Dating after Being Single for a Long Time
    For the introduction, we would want to clear out one frequent statement that we find rather offensive and ridiculous. People often say that singles are unhappy and just wait for a lucky chance to find a partner for life. The cruelty of this statement stems from its purpose – society literally forces everyone to think that being single makes you incomplete and worse than the others.
  • 10.08.2016 Dating Tips for Single Fathers
    It sometimes happens that people have to raise children by themselves – both men and women. Even though kids and work consume a lot of time, you still deserve to date. Nobody wants to be lonely anyway. If you don’t know how to begin dating again and keep your kid’s interest at heart simultaneously – here are seven tips for you.
  • 10.08.2016 Dating Advice for Single Mothers
    Being a single mom is never easy. You need to be everything at the same time – a parent, a provider, a driver, a teacher, a cleaner, a cooker, and a freaking magician to make all this work properly. Some women devote their life to children and totally forget that they have other needs.
  • 07.07.2016 How to Date a Russian Girl Online
    Many foreigners would like to have a Russian girlfriend or wife because those girls are really great. Gorgeous and intelligent, they have always been the desired brides for men from different countries. With a lot of online dating websites available on the Internet today, dating single Russian girls without going to Russia has become as easy as pie.
  • 30.06.2016 How to Start Dating after Divorce: Essential Tips
    The end of marriage and family has never been a happy occasion. Something goes irreversibly wrong and you have nothing else left but to break up and divorce. Well, eventually it may become the best decision as some couples try really hard to enliven dead relationships and, as a result, remain unhappy for a long time.
  • 21.06.2016 5 Things Russian Girls Value Most in Men
    One of the trendiest girls in the world, Russians, are frequently apprehended as the most beautiful ladies in the entire world. They are also known for a wide range of features, including family-oriented approach, intelligence, heatfulness etc.
  • 20.06.2016 How to Pick Up Single Russian Moms
    People through centuries have been trying to determine what the sexiest feature of women is. Some suggest their bodies are the main attraction. Others insist on intelligence being the biggest attraction.
  • 18.05.2016 Eva vs. Lilith: A New Theory about Women
    What do you know about Lilith? In Jewish mythology and in Talmud, Lilith is the first woman created by God. The thing is – she was created at the same time and from the same dirt as Adam.
  • 14.04.2016 How to Keep a Long-Distance Relationship Alive
    Online dating often results in a long-distance relationship. It is a bit different from a regular LDR where the partners used to live together but temporarily have to live far away from each other. However, the main challenge is the same – to keep romance and love alive until they finally reunite or start living together.
  • 14.04.2016 How to Date Single Mothers
    For most men the idea of dating a woman who has a kid may seem intimidating. However, with the high divorce rates, there is a chance you’ll fall right for a single mom. The fact that she is already a mother shouldn’t make you give up on your efforts to build a relationship with her.
  • 13.04.2016 Why Russian Women May Reject You
    You should know that Russian girls are picky and hard to please. You can hear “no” from a Russian beauty for a number of reasons ranging from your trivial or rude pickup line to your untidy clothes.
  • 12.03.2016 How to understand a Russian girl
    It sometimes gets hard to understand how a girl’s brain works. No wonder that people created a concept of female logic – as it was something that may not be decrypted.
  • 12.03.2016 Why should you start a family?
    We are quite sure you have mat many happy bachelors in your life. Like, too many. These men are satisfied with their state and position. They love their random sex life, their total freedom from responsibilities.
  • 11.03.2016 Are Russian Women Different from Western Women?
    You might have already noticed some differences in the appearances of Russian and European or Western women. Their mindsets and outlooks are not similar too. This is not to say that Russian women are completely different from the rest of the world.
  • 11.03.2016 Why Do Russian Women Look For a Husband Abroad?
    Looking at those gorgeous women you may wonder why they decide to register on online dating sites in searches of a foreign husband. They have their reasons and there are several of them.
  • 02.03.2016 10 tips to make your girlfriend happy
    Relationships are hard but totally worth it. Sometimes your girlfriend turns out to be unhappy with you. Why does it happen?
  • 26.02.2016 Russian Women’s Views on Love and Relationship
    Dating a Russian girl you should know that her views on relationship may differ from yours. Very often international couples break up because they look in the opposite directions.
  • 22.02.2016 How the first year changes your relationships
    Love relationships have many phases. It takes more time and work than you think it takes to move on from acquaintances to fiancés.
  • 12.02.2016 8 beautiful ways to propose to a Russian girl
    Everyone likes Russian girls. They are hot, intelligent, independent, and carrying. If you have one in a role of your girlfriend, then someday you would decide to make an offering.
  • 11.02.2016 First sex etiquette with a new girl
    Saying that only dating and marriage lead to sex is not completely right. Well, it would have been right for previous centuries. The sexual revolution of the 1950s made it possible to have premarital sex without experiencing a tremendous social disapproval.
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