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  • 16.12.2019 Tips on Coming Back to Dating After a Breakup
    There is no easy way out of a relationship. True, you may feel liberated after an oppressive relationship, you may feel happy, but it’s not always about your mood at any given time. In this case, it is about when you will be ready for a new relationship. Well, you can start a new one just after the previous one, right? Well, there’s more to dating right after a breakup than that.
  • 11.12.2019 Best Ideas for a Romantic Winter Vacation
    Feeling adventurous? Why not leave the traditional Christmas dinner to your parents and spend the holidays somewhere else? Winter is a perfect time for a change of scenery. Pack the bags, grab your special someone, and say goodbye to monotonous chores, annoying coworkers, and daily routine. No troubles, no worries, just you and your loved one, enjoying the warmth of the tropical sun or a cozy fireplace in a mountain resort. The choice of romantic winter trips today is mind-blowing.
  • 22.11.2019 What Is Considered a Date and How to Distinguish It from Hanging Out?
    Sometimes it is very hard to understand whether your meeting with your friend is a date or just a hangout. This happens because people usually have no idea what is considered a date. So, hanging out vs. dating, what should you choose to describe your romantic meeting? It depends on a situation, read more about the cases of usage and ideas on how to turn hanging out into dating.
  • 18.11.2019 What Makes Her The Best Woman to Marry: Sure Signs
    No matter how long you've been dating, your marriage may not work out. You feel frustrated and in the need of relationship advice? There is no need to torture your shrink with questions, "Should I marry her?" just continue reading to learn how to figure out whether she is the one or not.
  • 13.11.2019 10 Tips for a Happy Life After 50
    Many people managed to live better after 50, of course, they struggled with finding purpose in life after 50, but they effectively managed these problems, and now they live full lives. Transforming life after 50 requires a lot of time and efforts, but it is definitely worth it, since those who managed to make their life after 50 better, usually are much healthier. Thus, they live longer because our happiness directly affects our health.
  • 28.10.2019 How to Meet Girls Online Apart from Facebook or Dating Sites
    Dating is always beyond the borders. It unites lovers all over the world, brings cultures together and makes everybody understand that nothing’s impossible. Cyberdating has contributed to that idea since it allowed us to unite with no fuss and worries within a millisecond.
  • 22.10.2019 Things to Do When Retired and Bored
    Retirement is not a burden for most people. In fact, many retirees-to-be desire to quit a job they openly hate and are tired of, and let themselves enjoy sunny days on the lawn and see for themselves how 10 a.m. looks like. Some people are hesitant to walk this path because they suddenly face the amount of free time. What can I do with this time?
  • 18.10.2019 Best Destinations Overseas to Look for a Foreign Wife
    Experiencing love and passion for a foreigner can quite normally arise in any person as our modern world offers all conditions for people all over the globe to communicate and date. But will dating someone from another country result in long-term strong relationships?
  • 27.09.2019 The Secret Behind Seducing A Girl
    Not all of us feel like it’s easy to approach women, neither on the Internet nor in real life. The latter is usually considered to be the harder option because it involves quite a lot of nuances, and eal-life communication simply involves a lot more things than online correspondence. In today’s article, we will talk about the tips and tricks one should remember if they want to meet single females online.
  • 24.09.2019 Nice Pick Up Lines that Can Help Seduce Any Woman
    In fact, when single women seeking single men or visa versa, communication between them becomes a whole art, consisting of words, gestures, intonation, facial expressions, eyes, and smiles. Having understood all the main principles and recommendations, any man will be able to master the skills and abilities to communicate, seduce, and conquer female hearts.
  • 22.08.2019 How to Tell If a Coworker Likes You
    Romantic relationships in the workplace are pretty common. This is not a surprise. Humans are no robots, and they always strive to interact with others. Usually, workplace romances are not encouraged in companies. Administration stands strictly against workplace romances, but aren't you interested in how to tell if a coworker likes you?
  • 15.08.2019 How to Stop Thinking About Someone
    Have you ever been obsessed with thoughts about someone? Maybe a person you care for, a friend that found themselves in a terrible situation, a person that is close to you who is going through a rough patch in their life, or just a person that you have romantic feelings for. But when does this feeling become obsessive and unhealthy? Let’s find out.
  • 24.07.2019 10 Tips for Dating a Girl Who Loves to Travel
    In the modern world of nine-to-five jobs, credit facilities, mortgage services, and utility bills, days become almost indistinguishable from each other and look like an eternal rat race. Under the weight of such a life, a person often forgets about what is important for them and what they want from life. Thus, we become hostages of the circumstances, mundanity, and everyday routine.
  • 23.07.2019 How to Get a Girl in the Club to Dance with You
    Besides the fact that the dances cheer up and relieve stress, they also provide people with an additional opportunity to communicate and get to know each other better. And since this is one of the forms of interpersonal communication, one should know and observe the norms of dance etiquette. Let's be honest: the invitation to dance since the times of school prom is remembered as something painfully awkward, so we try to forget it as soon as possible and do it with pleasure.
  • 02.07.2019 Fear of Intimacy: Signs, Symptoms and How to Overcome It
    We all think that “Sex is great, it is wonderful, we must strive for the perfection of feelings that it brings” and so on. It seems to us that all mature people have already grasped this truth. But that is not the case. It turns out that many people, in one way or another, have a fear of sex, which neither allows a person to relax nor have sex in the first place.
  • 26.06.2019 30 Coolest Ways to Show Affection
    A relationship cannot exist without affection. I mean, sure, there are so many marriages in which partners don’t truly seem to be interested in each other anymore, but I wouldn’t call them successful or, I suppose, “true” relationships. A relationship that can withstand the test of time should be built on the strong foundation of love, care, and, of course, ways of showing affection. The more often you show these signs of attention to your partner – the better.
  • 11.06.2019 Cute Summer Date Ideas Your Girlfriend Is Guaranteed to Like
    Summer days are the best because you can go to the beach, site outside the whole day, throw yourselves a picnic, walk in the park, ride bikes, rollerskate, go to festivals and other events. What's more romantic than a summer date night? The nights are so warm, the air is so clear and the atmosphere is just incredible. We are here to present you the best summer date ideas for couples.
  • 03.06.2019 What You Need to Know Before Going for Couples Therapy
    Couple and family therapy helps find common ground, cope with problems, and avoid disintegration. You shouldn’t be embarrassed because of it. Perhaps you just don’t understand that the problems, which have to be solved cause the destruction. To prevent the collapse of relationships values, psychologists have developed couples therapy techniques that successfully solve many problems.
  • 03.06.2019 How to Handle a Bad Breakup like a Pro
    We experience the end of a relationship in different ways. Some need more time to heal emotional wounds, while some quickly return to normal life and leave the past behind. But no matter how excruciating the pain we feel, breakups always give us the opportunity to grow, get to know ourselves better, and become stronger.
  • 25.04.2019 How to Flirt Over Text: Tips for Guys
    Do you know how to flirt over text? Were there situations in your life when, after receiving flirty texts from a person you like, you silently looked at the phone, not knowing what to say in response? Flirtation by correspondence can cause difficulties and embarrassment if you are new to this space. It takes practice! However, flirt over text is a very exciting thing if you know how to do it right.
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