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  • 09.01.2019 Should Best Friends Date? Yes, and Here's Why
    It is awesome to have best friends! Such a person knows you and everything about you. You share with them the craziest moments of your life. He or she is the one who, without doing anything, can make you smile every time you see him or her. Sometimes, the level of affection for best friends is inexplicable.
  • 09.01.2019 When to Settle Down: How to Know It's Time
    Do you know why some people like to use an old whistling kettle that makes a noise in the whole apartment when the water boils? They adore it for its unambiguity: when the water is ready, it reports this with unmistakable clarity. It would be great if people had such a whistle, wouldn’t it? In the early stages of a relationship, all mutual signals are quite readable.
  • 22.11.2018 How to Stop Being Clingy in a Relationship
    Intrusiveness bursts into the personal and intimate space of the opponent unceremoniously. A person should feel comfortable in one’s personal space. Most people understand this or feel subconsciously. A clingy person is a constant violator of personal space boundaries.
  • 22.11.2018 How to Not Let Depression Ruin Your Relationship
    In this article, we will look at what depression in relationships is, what it is like to live with a person who has depression, about the reasons for which it occurs and how not to let depression ruin your relationship.
  • 22.11.2018 Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship
    It doesn’t leave traces on your body, but it does undermine your psyche. Emotional abusers are good manipulators: you’ll not even notice the moment your relationship has turned into a toxic one. In order not to overlook that moment, you need to be aware of how to diagnose emotional abuse.
  • 22.11.2018 Emotional Intelligence in a Relationship: Everything You Need to Know
    Every day we can observe how much trouble happens when people commit acts under the influence of emotions. An incorrectly chosen tone of voice can spoil the evening. An unrestrained boss can break a career, a hot-tempered husband or naughty wife – destroy the marriage. And so on ad infinitum, up to wars and revolutions.
  • 28.09.2018 Best Relationship Movies 2018
    What are the best movies about relationships worth watching at the cinemas to bring a bit of spring enthusiasm into your life? Before we go any further, for the sake of simplicity and your comfort, every film will represent some certain aspect of relationships, so that you can pick something that truly strikes the chord with you at this moment.
  • 04.09.2018 10 Signs Your Wife Wants a Divorce
    Any relationship requires constant work, so it is important to decide and discuss with each other, whether you can be together or not. Sometimes, women’s patience and love run out, and you can listen to the long list of complaints instead of the usual, "I love you." The reason for such mood swings is not always connected with the emergence of a lover. Various factors can drive the spouse to despair. What are the signs your marriage is headed for divorce?
  • 04.09.2018 Mommy Issues Signs in Women
    The issue of different generations not understanding each other is more and more prevalent these days. It may not affect a person at all, but, which is more often the case, it leaves an emotional scar, sometimes, quite a deep one. Today we will explore all the aspects of such generational conflict, mainly focusing on “Mommy issues psychology”.
  • 09.08.2018 Can a Man and a Woman Have a Platonic Relationship?
    Love has many forms, but none of them causes as much controversy as platonic love. Despite numerous beliefs, there’s nothing wrong with it. Platonic relationships are characterized by the deepest and strongest feeling that contributes to our spiritual development. Platonic feelings raise a person over his instincts and ennoble him. Let's find out what a platonic relationship is, what lies behind it, and what you need to do to save it.
  • 07.08.2018 How Much Is Too Much Sex?
    Many men and women are worried about the question: can their sexual life be considered full? How much is too much sex? After all, if you believe modern mass art, you should have sex every minute of your life. The film industry is propagating the cult of sex - and this has a very logical, pragmatic explanation. The fact is that sex is the ideal trigger for sales. Marketers have long identified this pattern and are using it 100%.
  • 20.06.2018 Married to a Pathological Liar
    We all know that lying is bad. However, sometimes we have to lie. If an ordinary person has to do it, they need to put some effort to overcome their inward barrier and make a deal with their conscience. But there are people for whom lying is a usual thing – this is their lifestyle. They are called pathological liars or mythomaniacs.
  • 25.05.2018 How to Stop Obsessing Over a Girl
    Sometimes love hit us like a truck full of heavy bricks. I mean, it can be pleasant for people, right? Men tend to crush even harder, especially if there is something more than sex that connects you. So what do you do after madly falling in love?
  • 21.05.2018 How to Survive a Breakup - a Guide for Guys
    Unfortunately, a breakup has many stories, but the ending is always the same – a broken heart and a lack of desire to continue further existence. Okay, we are not going to recall how it was, but we are going to look for ways how to survive a breakup.
  • 30.04.2018 Most Beautiful Women by Country 2018
    Beauty knows no borders, although its canons can differ greatly from country to country, especially when it comes to women. In some parts of the world, blondes are worshiped, while other nations praise brunettes. In some countries, girls are taller than average and vice versa. Despite that the standards of female beauty are somewhat Europeanized now, girls still manage to look unique and gorgeous wherever they come from.
  • 23.04.2018 10 Signs of a Non-Committal Woman
    “What is non-committal?” it is possible to say that a non-committal person is someone who tries to avoid any obligations and serious relationships in any possible way. In this case, it’s quite difficult to talk about morality and norms, and to look for reasons why women choose non-committal relationships, why they need them and so on.
  • 24.03.2018 Hottest Ukrainian Celebrities 2018
    The land of beautiful nature and gorgeous women, this is how Ukraine can be described in a nutshell. Yes, no one will doubt the beauty of Ukrainian girls. There are a lot of women in Ukraine who are both beautiful and talented. Thanks to this combo many of them have become successful and famous people. You may wonder what the hottest celebrities look like. We prepared a list of 11 Ukrainian famous women whose popularity is at its peak, who are successful and known in their country and abroad.
  • 23.03.2018 Top 10 Dating Apps for Relationships 2018
    In the end we find ourselves desperately seeking new apps. You are bored with one app, and think that you won't succeed in finding your partner using it, so you quickly turn to another. So, if you find yourself overly bored with Tinder or any other apps that you've been using for the past few months, we offer you to check out our list of the best dating apps for relationships.
  • 23.03.2018 Start Dating Girls Using Snapchat: a Complete Guide
    So, Twitter fans can tell their followers about new life events or share what they are doing at the moment. Facebook will help you find friends, write messages, watch funny videos or share beautiful photos. Fans of Instagram can “tell” about their adventures through photos or upload a small video on any subject. And Snapchat is a great alternative to Instagram. In a short time, it has become extremely popular among users and many of them use Snapchat for dating.
  • 21.02.2018 Here's Why Forgiveness Is So Important in Relationships
    In life, we constantly interact with other people - relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances, and strangers. If everything is all right with our psyche, most of the time this interaction is successful and even pleasant. But even in the most adjusted scheme failures may occur. Sometimes it happens that the usual mutual understanding disappears somewhere and instead of it there are grievances. The only remedy for resentment is forgiveness, expressed and accepted.
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