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  • 21.02.2018 Is Your Relationship Co-Dependent?
    Many people face the concept of co-dependence in relationships and don’t even know about it. A person who loses individuality is weak, vulnerable, and inclined to frequent aggressive states. The heart understands that he or she is dependent on another person, but the brain keeps saying that it should be so. Many couples don’t know how to get rid of co-dependence in a relationship.
  • 21.02.2018 Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide
    While half a century ago most of the people coupled with their locals, nowadays with the online dating and the Internet per se, the term long distance relationship seems to be a little bit old-fashioned. The number of people who have found their partners abroad is growing every day. There are also a lot of couples where one of the partners is working abroad, albeit being absent from home for half a year. Thus there are a lot of forms of long distance relationships.
  • 22.01.2018 What Is Chemistry Between Two People?
    If we try to imagine all our partners in our minds, we will find some similar features not only in personal qualities but also in appearance, facial features or even similar smell and social status of people that we choose. So, is it not for a reason? Let’s figure it out!
  • 22.01.2018 Introvert's Guide to Dating
    Every time you come for a date, your heart stops beating. And 10 minutes before the appointed time, you’re ready to cancel everything. And there always comes a moment when you don’t know what to think, and, after saying the first few words, you become silent and start panicking. You are an introvert.
  • 22.01.2018 Female Sexual Fantasies and What They Tell about Emotional Needs
    Evaluating the "normality" of your sexual fantasies, you cannot find a balance. At this moment, you worry that you want to try something extraordinary, but in the next moment, you are overwhelmed with doubts because it is so exciting. If this sounds familiar, there is good news for you. A new study has shown that even pervert sexual fantasies are not as bizarre as one can think.
  • 15.12.2017 Choosing Between Two Women: How to Make the Right Decision
    While some men cannot find themselves a single girlfriend, others do not know how to cope with a much more serious problem: how to choose between two women? And if about the first topic there is a huge amount of information on the Internet, then the second is practically not discussed on the Internet. What I can say, even in the company of friends such topic is often perceived as bragging. But this situation is not fantastic. This really happens. And today we will tell you what to do if life has put you in front of such a difficult choice.
  • 23.11.2017 Why Do Men Get Jealous Even When They Don't Date a Girl?
    “There’s nothing serious between us, but I’m still pissed when she hangs around with other guys,” doesn’t it sound a bit confusing to you? If some girl would read this, she would probably ask, “What’s your problem?” But the thing is that no matter what kind of a relationship you’re in with her now, there will still be a place for jealousy.
  • 17.11.2017 What is Chivalry in Dating and How to Take Advantage of It
    What actions should a real man take towards a loved one? It is very difficult to formulate the answer to this question correctly because each has its own character, principles, views on life, etc. But one thing is known for sure – a real man shouldn’t be afraid to show his feelings, treat and care for a loved one.
  • 17.11.2017 Expectations Vs. Reality: Online Dating Edition
    The statistics show that almost a third part of users finds their soulmates on the Internet. However, the statistics of cases when online dating expectations vs reality have nothing in common, show even bigger results.
  • 24.10.2017 Games for Couples: Would You Rather Questions for Your Girlfriend
    Would you rather have a great foreplay or a quick sex? It does not matter how old you are and how long you are in a relationship with your beloved, a quiz is an all-around way either to get entertained or to get closer.
  • 23.10.2017 How to Break Up after a Long-Term Relationship: a Guide for Men
    When you first fall in love, the hopes and dreams you have for the relationship are countless. You don’t know if she’s about to be your future wife or it’s all just a short fling, but you know for sure that at this moment you are happy. Unfortunately, sometimes this feeling doesn’t last very long.
  • 22.09.2017 10 Sings of a Great Relationship
    When there are doubts about whether your relationship is perfect, you need to analyze it. Then you can understand how successful the future will be. In order to make sure that you have a perfect relationship, we share 10 signs that help understand whether everything goes right or no.
  • 22.09.2017 How to Get a Girl to Kiss You on a First Date
    If you remember first date tips and try to adhere to them, you will manage to surprise her, not fail a date, and the girl will not leave you in half an hour.
  • 23.08.2017 How to Improve Your Relationship after Cheating
    There is a chance for your relationship not to end with just one incident, so read the following guide and try your best to avoid cheating for the benefit of your own happiness.
  • 23.08.2017 What is Casual Dating for Seniors?
    There are more and more weird terms appearing in our modern world that people struggle to comprehend. Some of these terms are connected with dating, like “speed-dating” and “casual dating.” And the last one is going to be the topic of this article. We’re going to find out what casual dating means, if it fits for singles over 50, and how to make the best of it.
  • 25.07.2017 A Guide to Dating a Single Mom
    Vulnerability surfaces when single moms start dating. It is really hard to start it all over again and trust someone after facing a betrayal. For single mothers, dating again is a real challenge, which makes them absolutely vulnerable.
  • 25.07.2017 What You Need to Know Before Committing to Someone
    In order to overcome all the potential difficulties and keep your relationships intact, you need to know what to expect from your companion in advance. This will help you understand how to build the foundation for future family life.
  • 24.07.2017 How to Date an Emotionally Detached Woman: a Comprehensive Guide
    While in most cases such pattern works, it doesn’t mean that it can’t work otherwise. There are cases where women are emotionally detached. So, men often get emotionally unavailable because they are not ready to commit and don’t want to settle down. Are emotionally unavailable women so because of the absence of desire to settle down, then?
  • 20.06.2017 How to Ask a Russian Girl out
    If you google something like “How to ask a Russian girl out,” you’ll find surprisingly little info on the topic, which is pretty strange. Slavic brides have been on the world’s dating arena for more than 20 years, and this problem still remains unsolved. That’s because for Russian women, dating means more than for other ladies. Therefore, we’ll try to solve this problem and give you some advice so you could pick up a Russian beauty easily.
  • 20.06.2017 10 Romantic Tourist Destinations that a Russian Girl Would Love
    In this article, we put together a list of ten most popular places in the world any Russian girl would love to visit.
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