How to Flirt Using Body Language?


Just imagine that you can easily create a great first impression on the representatives of the opposite sex and unmistakably determine that someone likes you. Sounds like some kind of superpower? Fortunately, everyone can master this ability, and you are no exception. The name of such a “superpower” is body language flirting. And today, you are going to learn some useful tips on how to use body language to flirt with a person you like.

using body language to flirt

Definition of Body Language

Body language is a form of non-verbal communication. These are the messages that people exchange with each other through gestures, facial expressions, and various expressive movements. Undoubtedly, body language is one of the most important aspects of human communication. It is much more meaningful than it seems at first glance. With the help of body language, people express completely different emotions: fear, happiness, anger, embarrassment, distrust, and so on. To say more, female body language is more extensive than the men’s one. You can find a site to meet a girl and ask this lady about female gestures.

Human body language is very diverse. To learn how to interpret it properly, it is necessary to understand for what purposes this or that movement is used. In the very process of communication, gestures perform four main functions. Firstly, they replace words with signs. You will probably understand a person you are talking with when the interlocutor says “OK” without words, just connecting the thumb and forefinger into a circle. Secondly, gestures control the attention of the interlocutor and clarify what was said. For example, if you need to show the location of a store that a passerby asks you about, instead of long explanations, you simply indicate the direction with your hand. Thirdly, gestures illustrate and reinforce what was said. That is, with the help of hands, a fisherman shows what kind of fish he has caught. Well, and fourthly, gestures adapt a person’s body to the process of communication or simply express the state of a person. Thus, crossed arms give a sense of security, and lowered shoulders indicate that a person is tired or has lost faith in oneself.

Is Body Language Controllable?

It is known that people are arranged in such a way that they perceive and process information primarily visually and form the image of an interlocutor with the help of visual perception. And what is most surprising, body language is the very first way of communication at the stages of evolution of human civilization.

People work a lot on their communicative skills and sometimes forget about the importance of the non-verbal signals. It happens because the body language gives signals at a subconscious level, and it is difficult to learn how to control it without certain knowledge and exercises. But still, body language is quite controllable. Maybe in everyday life, many people do not even think about such an important issue and attach no importance to how their gestures are perceived by others. body language signs of flirtingBut in case of searching for a loved one and building romantic relationships, it is very important to learn the fundamentals of controlling body language in flirting with the opposite sex even if you try to meet single women online and communicate via video chat. So, you should do everything possible to control the movements of your body and give exactly those signs that will produce the most favorable impression on your interlocutor.

How to Flirt With Body Language?

You meet someone you like, but it is too early to start communicating. Do you really want to attract the attention of this person but don’t know how to do it properly? Do not worry, there is one good way to get the attention of someone you like – try body language flirting! At first, it seems difficult, and you may even wonder, “How to know body language flirting?” but everything is much easier. So, learn 5 ways on how to flirt using body language.

1. Maintain eye contact

A look is what “launches” the communication between a guy and a lady. A woman, who likes a certain man, unconsciously begins to look into his eyes. And the woman looks until the young man notices this. It is believed that before averting the eyes, a girl holds her gaze on average for another five seconds. Then the lady turns away, and after a while, the cycle of glances repeats. This is one of the surest body language signs of flirting.

During the communication, eye contact shows your attention, disposition, and sympathy. That is how you let someone know that you are interested in keeping the dialogue going. So, body language eye contact flirting is a good way to attract the opposite sex.

2. Smile

It may sound corny, but nothing helps in communication with people better than a sincere smile. It also can be called a sign of a shy flirting body language. After all, if you are shy, it’s much easier to smile than to talk. Therefore, be sincere and smile more! This is the best way to win over a person and remove tenseness and anxiety from your communication. At the same time, don’t overdo it. In the end, you should not grin like a Cheshire cat all the time.

3. Don’t cross your arms and legs

Even in case you smile sincerely and maintain a pleasant conversation, an interlocutor will still experience some vague feeling that you are repelling them if your arms and legs are crossed. This is the classics of body language, which was described by many scientists. Crossing your arms and legs, you create a physical barrier between yourself and the interlocutor. Of course, it may be very convenient to stand with crossed arms, but you have to fight this habit if you want to find love using body language to flirt with the opposite sex.

4. Mirror the gestures of an interlocutor

Psychologists declare that if you take the pose of an interlocutor, mirror their gestures and the manner of conveying the information – you come in contact with this person much faster and more productively than usual. The main thing is not to overdo it with repetition, otherwise, it may look strange or suspicious in the eyes of a new acquaintance.

5. Do not forget about touches

The human body is constantly experiencing a shortage of pleasant touches. Meanwhile, thanks to the cunning art of touching someone you are talking to, you can easily create a pleasant impression of yourself, overcome awkwardness, and even win over a person you like. So, help a person fall in love with you! Touch their wrist, agreeing with something, pat their shoulder, saying goodbye, or give them something – a spoon, a glass, a cigarette, and so on. Even simple friendly hugs on meeting bring people together and inspire confidence in each other. So, touches are one of the best ways of flirting using body language.

Tips How to Flirt With Your Body

To attract the attention of the opposite sex, you need not only to look well but also to make the best use of certain gestures, facial expressions, and modes of behavior. Thus, we would like to bring to your attention 5 useful body language tips that will help you flirt and make you much more attractive to the opposite sex.

how to use body language to flirt 1. Avoid too long eye contact

Too long eye contact is perceived as aggression and an attempt to dominate. On average, Americans maintain eye contact for 7 seconds – longer when they listen, less when they talk. Also, it is important how exactly you avert the eyes. If you look down, it is perceived by an interlocutor as submission, to the side – as confidence and trust.

2. Don't hide your neck

A behavior researcher Vanessa Van Edwards claims that women who want to grab the attention of a man unconsciously open their neck. Thus, a girl, who likes a guy, tucks her hair behind the ears in front of him, tilts her head to the right or left, and periodically touches the fosse between the collarbones. Joe Navarro, an expert in body language, notes that the more comfortable two people feel with each other, the more often they try to gently show their neck to each other.

3. Don't gesticulate too much

Often, when people want to hide information or distract attention from something, they gesticulate intensely. But with respect to the body language of flirting, you should strive to make your gestures rather small and accurate – it means that you control the situation and your speech. Such gestures are characteristic of successful and self-confident people. Thus, it will be much easier to flirt and attract the opposite sex.

4. Clap your friend on the shoulder in front of a woman you like

This is quite an interesting nuance concerning a man’s body language flirting. If you spend time in the company of male friends and want to impress a woman, try to make a little psychological trick – slightly clap your friend on the shoulder in front of the lady you want to flirt with. Women perceive such a gesture as a sign of high social status and superiority over other representatives of the stronger sex.

5. Don’t look at the watch

You should never look at the watch when flirting with someone. After all, such a gesture is read as disrespect and impatience. The fact is that this seemingly inconspicuous gesture is always visible for others. And even if you are just used to controlling time and really interested in listening to your interlocutor, looking at the watch always gives the impression of feeling bored.

Final Thoughts

Well, you already know about body language flirt meaning and the importance of nonverbal signals in the attraction of the opposite sex. Besides, you should learn how to read body language flirting to understand the gestures of other people and their reactions properly. Do not be afraid to apply all this knowledge in practice, and then you will definitely find your loved one easily and quickly. Good luck!