The Secret Behind Seducing A Girl


Not all of us feel like it’s easy to approach women, neither on the Internet nor in real life. The latter is usually considered to be the harder option because it involves quite a lot of nuances, and real-life communication simply involves a lot more things than online correspondence. In today’s article, we will talk about the tips and tricks one should remember if they want to meet single females online.

how to seduce someone

Get Prepared Before Seducing Women

If a young man has not mastered the art of communicating with the opposite sex, then he is unlikely to count on the fact that he will be successful with girls or any of his relationships will last happily ever after.

Making contact

The first step is to establish contact with the person you like. If you do everything right, then after a few minutes of communication, the girl will have the impression that you have known each other for a long time and you can be trusted. Making a good first impression is key if you want to meet single women online.

How to seduce a woman that you like? Girls are usually quite sensitive and emotional, and to capture her attention, it is not enough just to have conversations with her, it is important to be able to evoke emotions. How can you do something like that? Of course, with the help of flirting and compliments. During flirting, do not forget to resort to humor, so that communication with you will not be stifling but easy.

How to seduce a girl? When talking to the person who attracts you, let her know that she is really interesting to you and not just as a friend, but as a potential lover. If sympathy is mutual, then the girl will relax and respond to your efforts. A date should not look like an exchange of information, dilute it with compliments (perhaps with a slight banter), look into her eyes, smile.

Notice the details

How to seduce women? Many guys make the mistake of trying to tell the girls as much about themselves as possible to impress them, and at the same time, pay little attention to the information that their female partners are trying to convey. But this is not the right way to do it, you should at least try to catch the most important information and then use it to your advantage.

seducing womenAlso, this method is useful because the girl sees the interest of the guy and understands that he is listening to what she tells him. Any woman will be pleased to know that she is interesting to the young man as a person, and his attention to details will point this out to her. The interlocutor understands that your conversations are not superficial. In this case, you do not need to immediately ask questions as soon as the girl voices any fact about herself, it's not about that at all. You need to remember what she says and ask some questions later.

Also, an equally important skill is to provide the girl with details about yourself and not to remain silent. Start to talk about interesting topics that she can develop herself. So she will feel more comfortable, understanding that she can prove herself as an attentive and interested interlocutor.

How to approach a girl you like

How to seduce a woman? Many guys feel like approaching a girl is the worst thing in the world, and nothing can be harder than that. Leave this fear behind so as not to miss your chance. Behave simply and naturally. Some girls are afraid of dating on the street, not wanting to become a victim of a pick-up, therefore, the more elaborate your attempt to attract her is, the more likely she will find you creepy. Try to approach a woman and just say, “I’m very afraid that you will reject me, but I hope that you can give me your phone number so we can meet later.” In the first few seconds, the girl may be confused, and it is then that you should add something like, “I really liked you, how about a date!” If a girl finds you at least a bit attractive, then she will most likely not reject you.

Some girls are embarrassed and afraid to give their phone number to strangers, in this case, give her your phone and ask her to call you herself. Perhaps this method seems too straightforward to you, and your imagination is more creative than we are. In this case, try to do as your intuition tells you. The best way to feel confident is to be yourself, not anyone else.

What topics should you talk about

First of all, find out what the girl’s name is, you should at least know how to pronounce the girl’s name. Also, do not forget to introduce yourself. The point with the pronunciation of her name is very important - many girls like it when a young man calls them by name, it feels like they are the center of attention every time a man mentions their name. Note that you really like how her name sounds. Find out what her name means. If the girl does not know the meaning of her name, then you can surprise her with some facts, if, of course, you do know something about her name.

Of course, the first conversation should not include any intimate hints and vulgar topics, this can confuse the interlocutor. Also, there is no need to tell the girl about problems with relatives or difficulties of any other nature, your communication should be easy. Of course, if the girl herself is prone to revelation, and you like it, then, in this case, you can decide to do the same. And yet, do not start communication from such issues, for many interlocutors, such conversations will seem offensive and won’t be remembered that fondly.

How to behave to get a girl interested

The girl will be interested in a guy who knows how to conduct a conversation, this applies both to live communication and to online conversations. If you feel that you have problems with this, then develop all the skills of a good storyteller taking an example from a more sociable friend or by studying online lessons in this regard. You should have some fascinating stories in stock that you can tell during the awkward pauses in the conversation. Topics can be very diverse: your first culinary experience, your trip to a given country, and much more. If you understand that you have absolutely nothing to tell a girlfriend, then you are unlikely to interest a girl - make your life richer and more diverse, and then new stories will not keep you waiting.

It is important not only to be a wonderful storyteller but also to remember that there is another person on the other side of the table. This means that you should not reduce all your speeches to yourself - do not forget to give the girl appropriate and preferably not banal compliments, listen with interest to what she tells you.

How to Seduce a Girl: Techniques and Tips

Everyone knows that there are certain rules of communication, decency and so on, which by no means should be violated, but there are also certain rules, observing which, you can appear in front of any girl in the best light.

1. Always be positive

How to seduce someone? She studies or works or does both. In any case, she definitely gets tired, and after a hard day, your negativity will not give her joy. But if the meeting with you will be associated with lots of positive emotions, she will have an incentive to meet with you.

seducing a woman2. Confidence

All the seduction techniques you may find online will turn out to be useless if you are not self-confident. Chat with several girls at the same time. Firstly, it adds to your experience with the opposite sex. Secondly, women get pressured by the competition, even if there is no reason for this. Yet this competition makes them more competitive, and this is quite favorable to you, as you are the center of attention, and women are basically fighting over you. The self-confidence and pressure applied in a measured way make a strong impression on women. But you should then prove to be worth all the trouble and competition that women went through.

3. Surprise

How to sexually attract a woman? Give a girl unusual gift. I’m not talking about some random crap from grocery stores and online shops, I’m talking about what she did not see in life. In addition to gifts, you can surprise her with something unusual. Learn a simple trick with cards or a coin. You can learn how to make a flower from a sheet of paper and make it while sitting in a restaurant in front of her eyes. This works great for two reasons - it's nice, and most importantly, she saw such attention only in romantic films. By the way, do you know when was the last time someone gave her flowers? There is a high probability that this was an extremely long time ago.

4. Be interesting

How to seduce women with words? Develop your intellectual diversity, read books, magazines, watch documental movies. In general, this is the first thing you need to do for yourself. The broader your horizons are, the more erudite, and accordingly, more interesting for your interlocutor you will be.

5. A clear goal

At the beginning of communication, you need to determine for yourself what you want - to be friends, to build relationships or just sex. Of course, it’s not a problem to just be friends with a girl and then to decide what to do later on. But remember that a long conversation turns your potential girlfriend into a friend, and she starts positioning you just like that. So, if you want a relationship, immediately turn on the romance and show your intentions to a woman you like.

As you can see, the art of seducing women is a hard one to master, but once you get it, seducing a woman will never be a problem for you ever again. Many men seducing women think that it is necessary to have a whole list of pick-up lines with you at all times, but this is not the case, the main thing is to be self-confident, to have a goal, and to feel comfortable during a date.