What kind of men do modern girls look for?


Ever since human beings existed, people were looking for love and relationship. From scratch, it was the only way to fulfill the reproductive function of our organism. Times have changed, and today marriage is not only about having children. Women and men look for the best match to happily spend life together. Love itself, as well as care, has become a basic human need. In this article, we are going to discuss what kind of characteristics modern girls look for in men. Demands have changed, and you should be ready to meet new requirements. Every “should” is not an obligation, but a recommendation.

  • A man should be prosperous. This idea is often misinterpreted. Girls are not gold-diggers, most of them are educated and have jobs, therefore, can provide themselves. The logic, in this case, is quite simple and clear: a girl will not be able to work while pregnant, that is why she will need someone to provide her during that complicated period. Do not think of it as a necessity. The perspective is beautiful – she bears a child and you live happily ever after as a family. A modern girl is much smarter than her predecessors were, so she knows that she would be useless and helpless for more than six months. That is why she looks for a wealthy man. She does not need money - she requires support. Moreover, she knows that successful men are the most supportive at any moment of life. Having financial security or even abundance is an attribute women value in men more and more the older they get. A rather young girl might think that love makes a cottage a castle. It is true, but to build a castle you need to have a cottage for a start.

  • A man should know what he wants. It is a popular opinion that a successful man has long-term plans for future and knows exactly what he wants from life. By “wants” we do not mean “sits aside and waits for happiness and success to arrive”, but “works hard and does everything possible to achieve the goal”. A girl sees an alpha male from afar. Do not forget to be honest: women feel fake alpha males and gets terribly disappointed. No need to be assertive and aggressive; let yourself acquire that best from the animal world. Lead her, comfort her, protect her and make her feel happy. That’s it.

  • A man should be good-looking. This quality has a few layers of meaning, and we will reveal each and every of them gradually. From scratch, a woman would choose a handsome and soigne man because she basically likes his appearance. Believe our humble opinion: girls, as well as guys, love their partner to be stunning and attractive. Next step is the connotation of a good appearance. Every girl knows that a well-groomed and fit man in an elegant and expensive suit respects himself. A man that respects himself (not overestimates, but respects!) will be able to respect and love his woman. Pitiful men and those guys that cannot love themselves are not keen on loving anyone else either. The deepest level of appearance appreciation involves her fertility. In details, a girl subconsciously understands that a handsome and healthy-looking man can become a great father. Likewise, his children will be beautiful and healthy. Do you now understand why she looks for a handsome man? You do not have to look like Hollywood star, but you would have to fit some basic ideas. Dress well, workout at least two times a week, eat relatively healthy food and have nice-looking skin. Does not seem to be hard, agree?

  • A man should highly value his woman. Let’s clear this one out. She is not your choice; you are not her “best pick” either. You mutually decided that you would be happy together. Therefore, you do not have to value her choice to be with you. It does not work like this. You should value her personality, her individual characteristics etc. If you’re both on a somewhat equal footing, value-wise, when you first enter the relationship, you will eventually be in a much stronger position than you were when you met her, and be a much more eye-catching man, whereas she will be less attractive with every year that passes. That means that you have to make her feel confident in her tomorrows. Admit it: love conquers all and that inner beauty is what matters. If you would at times feel she does not attract you anymore, look for a flame of love inside of you, and recollect all those beautiful years you spent together. She values your devotion more than you can imagine and waits for you to do the same.