Valentine's Day 2019: How to Get the Most of It


We approach the very date, which everyone treats quite differently. While someone believes that Valentine's Day cannot be called a holiday, another one is convinced that this is the best day of the year, on which you should spend all the money in the world. And if you ask yourself, “When is Valentine's Day 2019?” then be ready on February 14, just in case. Nowadays, there is no need to go to extremes and go far back in the history of the holiday itself because there is a lot of information on this topic on the Internet. Just face the truth and answer honestly, “How often do you please your girlfriend with flowers or other little pleasant things? How often do you tell her how important she is to you? How often do you tell her that she is a special woman you love to the moon and back?” Not as often as she would like to.

valentine's day 2019 ideas

So, Valentine's Day 2019 is an extra reason to have a good time together, tell the words of love and get creative. Such things bring something new to the relationship because you need to try hard to move beyond banal valentines and eating pizza at home. However, you don’t have to bother your head about things to do for Valentine's Day 2019 because it’s already been done, and you only have to choose what suits you most and enjoy Valentine's Day 2019 with your beloved one.

Valentine's Day Ideas in the Style of Different Countries

Even though the celebration of Valentine's Day is very traditional and clichéd in many countries, there is something special in every culture that can diversify the annoying approach to this bright holiday. If you want to do something special for your lover, then you can learn more about Valentine's Day date ideas in different countries and borrow several sensual moments for your romantic evening.

French Style

To celebrate Valentine's Day in France, which is considered the most romantic country is certainly the perfect option. However, don’t upset if you don’t have an opportunity to go there because you can celebrate a holiday in the French style at home. If you want to surprise your partner and add some French romance to your 2019 Valentine's Day, then you can try the good old tradition of handwritten love letters. Such a sign of attention will be very personal and individual, and those who are not alien to creativity and inspiration will be able to express their feelings in the most romantic way. In addition to love letters and elegant poems, the French are very fond of chocolate. Bearing in mind that chocolate provokes the release of endorphin, then the sensations from eating delicacies can be compared with the feeling of love. You can cook something chocolate together at home.

American Style

In the USA, it is popular to arrange romantic dates, evenings or even nights in hotels. Organize a small romantic dinner at your favorite cafe, and then walk the streets. Besides, of course, think of an unforgettable night, which becomes the perfect end of Valentine's Day 2019. Do not forget about flowers, gifts, and the right outfit because the Americans are getting used to following all the clichés in the best sense of the word. You can also arrange a romantic dinner date at home if you prefer the most private atmosphere to show your feelings. In addition, an excellent way to spend this day in the American style would be the idea to go out of the city to a winter resort.

British Style

The British love the technique, so their Valentine's Day ideas usually include sending romantic messages as well as giving practical gifts: smartphones, laptops, USB devices, home appliances, and even cars. Of course, they don’t ignore classic versions of gifts like roses and chocolate. valentine's day gift ideas for herAlso, the British love to drink on this day, and here they manage to be as elegant as possible. If you do not want to arrange a chic party and prefer to spend time with a partner, then you should drink a glass of champagne, sparkling wine or dry red wine. Talking about romantic dishes, you can try something special, for example, oysters or chocolate fondue, besides, dipping fruits into chocolate and feeding each other is a process that unites lovers and, of course, stimulates excitement.

Scandinavian Style

In Sweden, for example, couples love not only to have dinner in a romantic place or spend time comfortably but also to dance. Live music, a loud concert, a local club or a romantic sunset is a great choice if you want to spend Valentine's Day like the Swedes. However, the main thing that the Swedes are looking for in this day is a reason to show how they value their beloved ones, love and appreciate them. In Finland, people organize dance parties and large-scale holidays to spend the day to the maximum.

Greek Style

Greece is a cultural country, and entertainment on this day, respectively, are of a cultural nature. Usually, couples go to Athens to visit the sights and arrange a romantic walk. They prefer to enjoy the ancient monuments at night since, according to the Greeks, moonlight walks are more sensual. In addition to walking, you can enjoy a romantic dinner on the roof, where it is possible to have a great time and enjoy the view of the city. If you want to add a little Greek style to your holiday, then Valentine's Day 2019 ideas may also include going to the theater or any other cultural and educational place for inspiration, emotions and new knowledge for two.

Valentine's Day Gifts

60% of men call Valentine's Day a girlish entertainment, which is alien to the brutal nature of the male. However, on February 13, almost all of them forget about their words and go shopping, looking for “anything non-trivial.” Isn’t it better to prepare a Valentine's Day gift for her in advance? Here are a few Valentine's Day gift ideas for her.

1. Beauty Box

Most girls love cosmetics and are always happy to get it even if they don't have a spare place in their cosmetic bags. Take a beautiful transparent jar or a box and decorate it in the style of the Valentine's Day (hearts, pink ribbons, sequins and so on). Fill it with Korean cosmetics, for example, scrubs, eye patches, facial masks, hand cream, lip balm, essential oil, and other useful things. A cosmetic store consultant will help you choose the best brands and products. Don’t buy makeup foundation and other products, which are always selected individually, depending on the type and color of the skin. As an option, you can buy a beauty-box, which is offered by a popular makeup artist.

2. Jewelry

Diamonds are always a good idea. However, if you are not going to spend such a big amount of money, you can pay attention to cheaper but still great gifts. For example, a stylish silver or gold geometric pendant, as well as earrings and cuffs, are in vogue this season. All girls love jewelry and accessories, so choose something that will suit her style, and your girlfriend will surely appreciate such attention. Your gift will indicate that you are not indifferent to her style, and you are a very attentive man with good taste.

3. Stylish Diary

If your girlfriend is a dreamer, who adores planning everything to achieve her goals, then a stylish diary will become a perfect choice. However, don’t look at boring office options. Today’s market offers a huge number of wonderful diaries to different tastes. Choose a fancy or bright girlish diary, illustrated with watercolor pictures. Motivating quotes, original dating, and exquisite design will inspire your soulmate.

4. Original Pajamas

A good way to show care and present a stylish gift on Valentine's Day is to give something unusual with a touch of romance and tenderness! Therefore, forget about a cute plush set with children's prints. Just visit Victoria’s secret store or a website and choose a posh silk or cotton pajamas that will look insanely elegant and tempting. All the girls like this brand for its quality and beauty, so you will never go wrong, choosing it.

5. A Gift Card for Courses or a Master Class

Such Valentine's Day gifts will be appreciated by an active girl who is not limited to work or home chores. It can be both a foreign language course and a master class for chocolatier, floristry, design, photography or botanic illustrations. However, perhaps makeup and yoga courses have become the most popular options in recent years. Of course, not every girl will be interested in the sphere of beauty, therefore you should find out about the preferences of your sweetheart.

valentine's day ideas 6. Original Bouquet

According to statistics, 85% of women prefer to receive Valentine's Day flowers. Why not make such a gift on February 14? However, the main thing is to show creativity and not buy just a bunch of red roses. Show your fantasy and the ability to use the Internet, where you can find a huge number of professional florists who will create an unusual composition that will show your feelings better than a thousand words.

7. Yoga Set

If your girl watches her body and health, and she regularly visits the gym or dreams of visiting yoga classes, then a set for yoga will be a good gift for February 14. Such a set will allow her to do exercises at home or in the open air when it gets warmer. Typically, such yoga kits include a mat, foam blocks, and a belt for a secure fit. In addition, you can buy a beautiful sports uniform and a bottle for water.

Phrases to Say on Valentine's Day

To please your girlfriend, it is not necessary to present the top-of-the-line mobile telephone, go to the poshest restaurant or give 101 roses. It is much more important to show genuine interest to your chosen one, respect her interests and share views on life. All this will allow you to make a girl fall in love with you and be sincerely happy to hear the following phrases.

1. Phrases of Approval with a Touch of Sincere Admiration

For example, you can tell her at the appropriate moment something like, "You are so smart!" or "I would never have thought of this!" However, do not overdo with enthusiasm, otherwise, it will look like hypocrisy, and you can spoil her mood.

2. Phrases, Demonstrating Exceptional Trust

“You are the only person I can always share my thoughts with” or “I couldn’t trust anyone before you.” Full openness in the relationship speaks of a strong and serious feeling. Everyone would like to hear the words of support, “If you want to discuss something, I will always listen to you,” “I will always support you,” or “I am always on your side.”

3. Phrases, Showing the Exclusivity of Your Woman

“You are the first person who could make me happy” or “I didn’t have anything like this before you.” Such heartfelt words can help you make a woman fall in love with you even more. They will make your partner feel in seventh heaven with happiness.

4. Phrases About How You Need Your Girlfriend

Everyone in this world wants to be needed by someone. “You are so important for me,” “I need you,” “I need you more than anything in this world.” Do not be afraid to appear weak and vulnerable on this day. After all, love addiction is so pleasant!

5. Phrases – Compliments

All the women love compliments and, of course, they expect to get them on this wonderful day. “You so beautiful,” “This dress suits you very much,” “The green color suits your eyes perfectly.” The list can be endless. After all, if you like your girlfriend, you like even the most insignificant detail in her appearance.

6. Phrases About How You Feel When You Are Not Together

Undoubtedly, any girl is pleased to hear, “I missed you.” It doesn't matter if you haven’t been together for two days or two hours. Tell her that you miss her all the time when you are apart. She will never get tired of listening to something like that.

7. Phrases About Your Deep Feelings

Don’t hesitate to tell her about your feelings and say words of love. Let them sound like the music for your beloved girl, especially if you don’t show your deep feelings daily. Anyway, Valentine’s Day has been specifically created for these words. Tell such phrases to your beloved girlfriend, and you will see that these magic words will pave the way for her heart and will help you charm her even if you have been together for many years.