Problems and Real Tips for Over 30 Dating


Today we will talk about everything that has to do with over 30 dating. We will list some of the main myths about single over 30 dating, answer the questions, "Why is dating so hard in your 30s? What is dating in your 30 with a kid like?" and find out whether it is normal to be 30-year-old not interested in dating and list some tips on how to start dating in your 30s. Before we find out why dating in your 30s is hard, let’s get a few things out of the way.

why is dating so hard in your 30

Is 30 the Turning Point in the Dating Scene for Men?

Before we jump right into tips on dating in your 30s, first off, let’s answer this seemingly hard question, "Is 30 the turning point in the dating scene for men?"

I say “no” that this question, I don’t think that there is such a thing as “the turning point” when it comes to dating and, at that, anything that has to do with relationships and love in general. Love knows no bounds, and we all need it in our lives, no matter how old we are, whether we are young and energetic, or old and wise.

Sure, there are some differences to remember that our body and needs change over time, and this is normal, but the essence of dating, the desire to find someone good in this world and share your life with them, is unchangeable depending on your age, race, culture, religion, etc.

Myths to Break When Dating After 30

With that out of the way, let’s break some other myths about dating after the age of 30.

Young women don't date 30-something men

This is just false, very much false, lots of young women like adult men and what they represent. There are a lot of pros to a relationship with a man over 30, and you should be aware of that.

You can get only a certain type of women

It isn't true as well, all types of women are attracted to adult men, especially if the latter present themselves as confident and wise.

You are too old to date

This one is dumb. Like we said a minute or two ago, there is no such thing as being too old for a relationship, and if you are a man over 30 – then you should just ignore such comments, they are not worth your time. You are neither too old for anything, nor too old to date, nor too old to feel love, nor too old to have sex, nor too old to flirt over text, etc.

dating after 30 is likeHow to Start Dating in Your 30s As a Man And Be Successful at It

And here are some tips on how to start dating in your 30s and be successful at it.

Remember who you are and what you want

Do you want to find a single woman? This is the thing you have to remember. The main difference between dating 20 and 30 is self-confidence. At age 20, I doubted myself and did not know what I wanted. It was a time of research and experimentation. By the age of 30, I've formed as a personality: my strengths and weaknesses, my moods are unchanged. I know myself, and it helps me choose women. I know what I need from a partner.

Get out of your comfort zone

After about 25 years, work completely absorbed me. I was very busy, it seemed to me that all the women around were married. After work, I went in for sports in a group of men, or I met married friends. On top of that, I was an introvert. No wonder I didn't have a woman. Spending time alone with yourself is wonderful, but it does not help your personal life.

Do not get hung up on dates

Do you think certain criteria are important? This is not true. I began dating a vegetarian introvert. We are not looking for a woman to present them at a dinner party. I was looking for a woman I want to see every day. Since then, my view of the dating process has radically changed. My advice: promise yourself to make an effort. You set the conditions, the main thing is to move in the right direction. Decide how many dates you visit over some time, stick to the schedule. You may be going on a date a week or once every two weeks. Respect your time and teach your partner to do the same. Let them know that you have other activities. You need time to meet friends, sports, enjoy some relaxation and recovery. Do not get hung up on dates, pay attention to other aspects of your life.

Get out of the game on time

I will not date a woman who has children. I already went through this and do not want to repeat it anymore. I spent a year putting my soul into communication with my woman’s daughter. But then we parted, and I could no longer see her. It was hard for me to survive this. Now, before I go on a date, I ask about the children. Some women lied about it.

Recently, I directly asked a new partner if she had children, she replied that she didn’t. But on the first date during dinner, she admitted that she, in fact, does. She insisted that this “doesn’t count” since they are no longer babies. Inside, I was seething. I lost my appetite, I wanted to immediately get up and leave. I can’t stand it when they lie, especially about such an important aspect as children. After dinner, when we left the restaurant, I refused a walk and said that I needed to go home. She was surprised, but she let me go. A few minutes later I received a message from her. She apologized for having offended me and admitted that she should tell the truth from the very beginning. I agreed with her and wished her luck. My advice: do not stay on a date if you do not want to. This is not rude, this is honest.

Being single is fine

If you are losing interest in dating at 30 – this is fine. When you are over 30, you feel tremendous pressure. At 20, I went on a date to have fun. After 30 I realized that I needed to find a reliable partner. Women I meet also feel this pressure. We discuss important issues right on the first date. I don’t have much time to waste it. But there is danger in this approach. It's easy to fall in love with the wrong woman if she promises the right things. At the age of 20, I would not pay attention to someone who is too concerned about finding a partner.

But I'm so focused on finding what I want that I can succumb to the deceptive promises of the wrong person. Sometimes it seems to me that I am the last lonely person. Recently, at the wedding of my friends, there were only two people without a couple: me and the widowed grandmother of the bride. I often spend weekends with families of friends and feel like a "fifth wheel." losing interest in dating at 30Since this year, I have decided to make efforts to find a partner. Nothing to brag about yet. At least I realized that the world is full of good people. It’s difficult to find a partner after 30, everyone around them leads a family life. Dating after 30 is like being late to the party. Dating after 30 sucks sometimes. Sometimes I have breakdowns. I have to convince myself that being single is normal. But in general, I am glad that I did not hurry with marriage. At 20, I was not ready to choose a suitable partner. I needed to learn a lot about myself. Now I'm sure that I can find a suitable woman.

Do not settle for an acceptable option

After so many years of trying and failing, I learned this: don't settle for less. If you know what you want, go for it. Do not waste time with someone who plays with you or lives on a completely different wave. If you are both over 30, this does not mean that you are suited to each other. I made this mistake many times. Do not be afraid to trust your intuition if it says that you are on different roads. And if the woman you like disappears, don’t worry. She has lost a lot, but you have a lot to find.

Online Dating Tips for Over 30 Dating

And here is some dating over 30 advice that has to do with online dating.

Always be yourself

Let’s say you are back in the dating scene at 30, what should you do? This is by far the most important tip for the online dating world. This is the only way to truly find the right person for yourself, and it makes dating 10 times more fun, when you both genuinely get along, you just have to be yourself to find your personality, aren't these effective dating tips for dating on the Internet. This is the only way to truly find the right person for yourself, and it makes dating 10 times more fun, when you both genuinely get along, you just have to be yourself to find your personality, aren't these effective dating tips on the Internet.

No need to play online dating

Do not play games when it comes to love, this applies to both men and women. If you are interested in a potential online love affair, be honest and do not make a person wait for no reason, try to be an adult.

Have a few recent, clear photos of yourself

We all have heard stories about people coming out on dates that are completely different from who they are today, the big advice is not to be that kind of person. Online dating is already quite a nervous event, do not make it a surprise for your opponent, immediately show yourself as you really are. Be honest, be truthful and save yourself from harming someone, you are a person, so present yourself in natural light.

Be clear about what you want

Decide whether you want something serious or just one night of entertainment. Therefore, indicate your intention in your dating profile. There is nothing wrong with wanting love or having fun; whether it’s a man or a woman, you just need to indicate this.

how to start dating in your 30sBe careful with the information you share online

Unfortunately, there are Internet trolls, and some of them get to dating sites. This Internet has disadvantages for dating:

  1. A person’s profile can actually be far from the original, photos, age, gender can be a simple fake.
  2. There is no possibility of real communication or meeting, as a rule, real meetings rarely occur after online dating.
  3. The risk of becoming objects for criminal acts. Users leave a lot of information about themselves during registration, which dishonest people can easily use.

Be careful when providing information such as your parents' birthdays, your favorite pet’s names, your mother’s maiden name, etc. These are usually used as passwords for social networks, bank accounts, and other personal information that you don’t want it was hacked.

Do not be a jealous type

In online dating, often the opponent can start a conversation or friendship with several people at once at the same time, there is no need to create jealousy scandals, wishing that the conversation was conducted only with you, this can, on the contrary, harm relationships. Do not be tenacious, domineering, jealous because this is a stranger whom you have never met.

Do not be afraid to take the first step

This is typical for men, you should be a locomotive in a relationship, although effective tips for dating on the Internet suggest equality on the net, nevertheless, the strong sex should take the initiative. In general, online dating can be extremely fun, intrinsically interesting dating. You will learn a lot and meet many new people, however, adhere to the given knowledge of how to behave in this environment, all of which can lead to success in finding what you are looking for.

We have given the most effective dating tips on the Internet that can help create a family or have a great time in conversations, create a light, high spirits, so don’t be afraid and get to know each other with pleasure.