Nice Pick Up Lines that Can Help Seduce Any Woman


The first impression plays an important role at the very beginning of communication. You approach a girl and are like a white sheet for her. If you come up with boring phrases, then you will seem a boring person in general. Joke and flirt are the only way out of this situation. In this case, the girl will feel that it’s easy with you, and she will join the “game.” By the way, ease of communication is one of the things why women seeking younger men. They don’t want to be burdened with the problems that they face in relationships with mature men. So, if you are young, you have many chances to interest not only girls but also women older than you. In fact, when single women seeking single men or vice versa, communication between them becomes a whole art, consisting of words, gestures, intonation, facial expressions, eyes, and smiles. Having understood all the main principles and recommendations, any man will be able to master the skills and abilities to communicate, seduce, and conquer female hearts.

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Ways to Make Pick-Up Lines More Natural

How to start a conversation with a girl? This seemingly simple question arises in the heads of many men, especially when it comes to not very self-confident guys. So, how to overcome your own shyness, make pick-up lines natural, and win the woman’s heart?

Add something personal

First, you need to learn that there will be never a second chance to create a first impression! Therefore, it is necessary to begin a conversation with a girl with simple pick-up lines. Just introduce yourself and say “hello” to her. After all, courtesy is free, but the effect of it is simply amazing. In communication with girls, you can’t use pre-prepared phrases. It looks unnatural. Before you start talking to a girl, you need to make sure that there is an attraction between you. And if you feel that you like each other, communication will begin by itself.

Don’t be nervous

flirty pick up linesYou get nervous being with women because you’re human, and you’re attracted to the opposite sex. You’re also nervous because you’re playing out all sorts of unlikely scenarios in your mind – scenarios in which you’re bound to fail. You are nervous and afraid of failure. How would you like it to happen? If you want to be more relaxed when approaching a woman, don’t focus on your thoughts about what will happen – it is better to concentrate on your desires and come up with a couple of clever pick-up lines in advance.

Smile to her

If a girl attracts your attention, then smile to her, and say “hello” first. This usually doesn’t require much effort. The first pickup line should be just friendly and courageous. Be prepared to continue the conversation. Smile is the main thing in the process of communication. Not a single woman can reject a man who is smiling. A conversation needs to be started with a polite, friendly smile. Your smile and cute pick-up lines will help keep the girl interesting. But the greeting is only a preliminary stage. Then you need to have a dialogue and make sure that the girl has a good impression about you.

The Main Components of Really Bad Pick-Up Lines

At the first stages, you can’t hug a woman, kiss her, and have sex until she agrees. And this will not happen if the guy uses really bad pickup lines. How to understand that you say something inappropriate and behave wrong?

Disrespect to her personal space

Personal space is an absolutely real thing that should be respected. There are various topics for talking with girls that should be discussed at the first meeting, and there are those about which it is better to remain silent. Don’t talk about religion, sex, health, ex-boyfriends of a girl, politics, and money. You can’t impose your thoughts on a girl, condemn her. You need to feel the line between discussion and fierce debate. There is no need to be overly annoying and assertive, intrusively inviting her to the next date or calling the girl home.


For example, a girl and a guy are talking about studying, and he asks, “And how many lessons do you have per day?” And after the received answer, he is silent, doesn’t know what to say next. Communication can end if you use such horrible pick-up lines. So, it is better to leave banal, boring, non-talking questions to other people. Communication with the girl should be easy and fun. It should be interesting to both partners. A guy shouldn’t be banal talking to a girl, even if you have to avoid “forbidden” topics.


It is one thing to talk about how you achieved something, managed to get what you wanted, and did something good, which made you proud of yourself, and it is another thing to tell the girl directly about this so that she praises you. Don’t think that a girl will do it; don’t wait to be patted on the head and told how cool you are; don’t seek to exalt yourself and show how great you are; don’t try to seem better than you are. If you don’t adhere to these rules, then you will start to brag. And boasting is repulsive.

Stereotypes and sexism

This is another unpleasant topic for a girl. It is awful when the guy complains about the girls, calling them various unpleasant words, arguing their words with stories from life. Perhaps the girl will be pleased to know that she is the best in comparison with others, but soon she will understand that you also have such an unpleasant opinion about her. And the girl doesn’t want to look foolish. A guy who speaks badly about girls and women will say the same about his current passion when he starts to have problems with her.

Great Pick-Up Lines to Help You Meet a Girl

Many men are afraid to approach girls and get acquainted in random places. As statistics and practice show, men fear in vain. The best strategy is to use flirty pickup lines. Some phrases work especially well in a cafe, bar or club where the atmosphere is appropriate. If a girl is free and you like her, then the most important thing is not to screw up when you meet. So, how to correctly attract a girl and what pick-up lines for guys to use?

  1. cute pick up linesHey! What will you do tomorrow night after our date?
  2. Girl, only you can save me. I absolutely don’t know how to cook dumplings, and I’ll go to dine with you if you don’t tell me.
  3. Today is such a wonderful day that I can’t leave you without a good mood.
  4. One glance was enough for me to understand that we simply must get to know each other better. – This is how one of the best pick-up lines look like.
  5. You look like a wonderful person. I always dreamed of meeting such a girl.
  6. I am surprised that such a beautiful girl does in our city, and not in Hollywood.
  7. I saw a star fall from heaven yesterday. And I met you today. I don’t think this is a coincidence!
  8. I re-read a ton of tips on how to start a conversation with girls, but one look at you and I don’t remember anything. Let’s just get to know each other better?
  9. Good afternoon. Don’t you mind getting to know each other better, watching a movie or having a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe?
  10. You have the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen. – This is one of the examples of sweet pick-up lines you can use when approaching a girl.
  11. Don’t you want to go to some quiet place where we can drink coffee and talk?
  12. I like your eyes and if you smile, I’ll surely like your smile too!
  13. Call an ambulance soon. Cupid has just shot me. – Isn’t it one of the most romantic pick-up lines?
  14. Girl, your appearance made my morning good.
  15. You are so beautiful. Please, give me your number. Let’s meet in a more convenient place for communication?
  16. I see you for a few seconds, but I really like you. Let’s take a little walk. I will take you to where you are going.
  17. I don’t get acquainted just like that and I really want to spend at least 15 minutes with you. Can I buy you a drink and let’s spend some time together?
  18. I am not guided in this part of the city, and it would be very nice if you had been my guide.
  19. You are so charming that all the words that I wanted to say flew out of my head.
  20. Will we talk, or will we continue to wink at each other?
  21. I think you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met!

Fears in the head often make us put off the decisive steps. Constraint or self-doubt is the main enemy of men. But now you know the methods, schemes of actions, and great pick-up lines for starting communication to conquer girls. Indeed, in communication, the main thing is to take the first step, and then everything will go much easier.

Of course, there is always a certain percentage of failures. You can’t get away from this, but you must initially set yourself up for a positive wave and drive stupid fears out of your head. If you just sit still, doing nothing, you will never get the desired result!