How to Flirt Over Text: Tips for Guys


Do you know how to flirt over text? Were there situations in your life when, after receiving flirty texts from a person you like, you silently looked at the phone, not knowing what to say in response? Flirtation by correspondence can cause difficulties and embarrassment if you are new to this space. It takes practice! However, flirt over text is a very exciting thing if you know how to do it right.

Moreover, in the modern world, people often write messages to people they like rather than meet them personally. If you want to learn how to flirt with a girl over text, you should fit playfulness, wit, and charm in just one or two sentences. Today, we are going to tell you how to do this well to win the heart of a girl you like.

cute ways to flirt over text

Dos and Don'ts

When you communicate with a girl by correspondence without seeing her eyes and reaction, it is important to learn how to build a conversation correctly to spark her interest and draw attention to your personality. Therefore, there are some Dos and Don'ts that you should take into account when flirting over text.


1. Do everything on time

One of the famous thinkers once said, "It is better to slightly undercook an event on the fire of time than to serve it overcooked." A long wait always spoils the impression. Therefore, before you start a correspondence with a girl you like, study her tastes, habits, daily routine, and attitude to life. This information is simply necessary if you want a virtual flirt to grow into a real relationship.

2. Call her name as often as possible

Sometimes text messages seem impersonal, so try to communicate on a first-name basis. It is a good tip on how to flirt with a girl over text without being obvious. In addition, it will help you create some kind of relationship between you two. Girls thrill with joy when they see their name in the message. There is something intimate about it. Moreover, use the pronoun “we” in your messages – it creates the feeling “you and I are together against the whole world.” Girls love this so much.

3. Shower compliments

One of the cute ways to flirt over text is compliments towards each other. Focus on the appearance of a girl you like, on her character and personal qualities. Women love when men admire them. The main thing is not to overdo it! Remember that compliments are a tool for manipulation. Also, a compliment must be sincere. Girls feel false for a mile. Girls see a phony a mile away.

4. Write short cute messages

Write short and expressive messages. In flirting over text, there is a rule: the shorter, the better. Long messages are boring and show your impatience. In addition, girls do not like to read essays and write poems in response. So, your messages should be short, nice, and substantial. Try to make every SMS funny. The conversation should never be related to the discussion of the weather.

5. Maintain the authorial correspondence

Make every message yours! Maintain correspondence in your own style. It doesn't matter what message you write – romantic, unexpected, or serious... there should be a part of you. A girl will definitely appreciate such sincerity!

how to flirt over text6. Be a little mysterious

There is nothing terrible if you add some mystery to your communication. For example, if a girl asks about how your day was, you should not go into boring details. Answer something like, “The day was incredible. People will never cease to amaze me.” She will be intrigued and may ask to tell a more detailed story in the next message.

In case the girl asks about your plans for the weekend, you should not be too frank (as long as you do not have an attractive plan of activities). If you tell her that you are just going to work on the dissertation all weekend, it will hardly interest her. Say that you are going to fight the dragon, steal a white horse to make an entrance in front of her eyes or something like that. It does not have to be true if only it sounds interesting.

But be careful, you should use such a “weapon” very moderately because the girl may decide that you are trying to hide something.

7. Send the same number of messages

You should not send more messages than you receive. Too many messages indicate that you are very impatient and accessible. In addition, a girl might think that you are too persistent. She can either get scared or lose interest. On the other hand, too short messages are also bad. The girl may assume that you are not interested in her or that you correspond with many girls at the same time and decide to interrupt communication with you. Therefore, you should strike a happy medium.

8. Show a good sense of humor

What do women like most about talking to men? Of course, a good sense of humor. A girl will never ignore you if you say something funny. The main thing is that it is something really funny. Although it is important not to overdo it – if you try too hard to look cheerful, then, most likely, the girl will understand it. Besides, this may seem ridiculous.

9. Show interest

It is important not only to talk about yourself but to make sure that a girl wants to tell you something about herself. Ask her questions and try to be original – let the girl feel that she is really interesting to you. Ask unusual and unhacked questions, let them be unexpected for her.

10. Use the Internet to the fullest

Enjoy all the benefits that the world wide web gives you. You can provide your messages with funny pictures, interesting musical compositions, humorous stories, and funny videos found on the web. Thus, you can make your conversation with a girl quite diverse and interesting.

11. Pay attention to grammar and spelling

You should leave the impression of a clever and competent interlocutor. Try to write correctly. However, there is no need to search for complex words in the dictionary to seem smart. Just reread the text of your messages before sending them. Also, do not overdo it with exclamation marks, emoticons, etc. – they are effective only if used in place.

12. Stop communication if it gets boring

The ability to end a conversation beautifully is a very important and useful skill when flirting over text. If you are chatting with a girl for a long time, then your conversation gradually fades away and becomes boring. You should learn to end the conversation beautifully.

13. Pay attention to signals

Some guys are so immersed in their thoughts about how successful their flirtation is that they simply stop noticing that they can already “reap the benefits” of their efforts and move on to a new level of relationships.


1. Do not use clichéd SMS templates

If you really want to learn how to flirt with your girlfriend over text and spark her interest, do not use the "genius masterpieces" of the Internet. All SMS collections have long been overused. In addition, how can you know that the previous admirer did not send the same message to your lady? Be simple and sincere. She will surely feel all the moving nature of your heart!

2. Do not start the message with boring, “Hi! How are you?”

This is completely uninteresting and tedious. She probably gets similar messages from every guy she knows, so do something that makes you different. Try something unique, something that will make her answer immediately.

3. Do not be too intrusive

Do not take a long absence of a response as a cause for frustration or even worse – for a scandal. Perhaps the girl is considering what to write to you or just busy. Therefore, having written something beautiful, do not send messages like, “Why do not you answer?”, “Are you silent because you do not like me?” etc. Wait a while because time is your best ally in text flirting with a girl.

4. Do not be too serious

Maintain a relaxed and light atmosphere in communication with a girl you like. It is not necessary to ask too personal or excessively serious questions at the initial stages of communication over text.

5. Do not pretend to be another person

There is no need to turn to the help of slang that you do not use in real life. Also, you should not play too fancy, using abstruse words if, in fact, you never use them. Simply said, be yourself and write just like you speak in real life.

6. Do not create yourself a too positive image

Some men think that to attract a girl they like, they should show themselves in the best light. Of course, it is important to demonstrate your strengths, but excessive “ideality” is often associated with tediousness.

text flirting with a girl7. Do not be vulgar

Many guys believe that to excite a girl, they need to joke as vulgar as possible. Such an approach can impress only young girls for whom the topic of intimacy is new and interesting. For more experienced girls, this behavior can be offensive and even alienate them. The girl may decide that you do not want a serious relationship but a one-night stand. In addition, many women think that men who talk a lot about sex are really strong only in theory but not in practice.

8. Do not delay in flirt over text

Do not use text flirtation instead of the real ones. Correspondence should serve just as an addition to the flirtation in real life. Despite the fact that flirt over text is great and comfortable (after all, you can write something that you are afraid to tell a girl in person), but there is nothing more fascinating than face to face flirtation. Make an appointment using text messages. Thus, both of you will be in anticipation of the upcoming meeting. Remember that long-term eye contact, charming smile, and gentle touch are much better than words on the monitor.

Examples of Good Phrases for Flirt Over Text

"It would be great if you were here"

You delicately make it clear that you want to spend more time with a girl. Moreover, this phrase can be used both in the sense of, "It was great and I would like you to be here now," and in the sense, "It is very boring here, but if you were here, I would immediately become more cheerful."

A photo from an interesting event + a message, "Is there a chance that you will join me?" It is one of the best ways of how to subtly flirt with a girl over text. It seems like you just show how great it is there and offer the girl to have a good time together. But in fact, the whole thing is not in the place, but in the company, isn’t it?

"We had such a great time. Let's do it again sometime!"

The meaning of this flirting text for her is approximately the following, "I don’t stop thinking about you, and I want to see you more often and spend more time together." Saying "Let’s" instead of "Do you want," you eliminate some awkwardness and establish friendly relations between you two.

"How do you manage ... so well" (and further compliment)

Well, everything is simple here – women are very susceptible to compliments!

"Your smile is the best thing I've seen today" – a good and non-vulgar compliment that a girl will definitely like. You should say such things more often if you want to learn how to flirt over text with a girl.


Flirtation is a weapon with the help of which men can significantly increase their chances of getting the attention of a girl. Flirt over text is not so difficult! Although it is not as interesting as communication in real life. We hope this article will help you learn how to flirt with your crush over text. Practice communicating with the opposite sex and do not be afraid to take the first step towards meeting true love. Good luck!