How to Be Romantic to Your Girlfriend: Tips and Ideas


Nowadays, too many men underestimate the importance of being romantic with their girlfriends, and this is very interesting because both men and women love romantic stuff. However, today, people are becoming less and less romantic, and some of the old school chivalry romantic things are considered redundant or even offensive. Well, there are ways how to be more romantic with your girlfriend, and in this article, you will learn a whole bunch of them.

However, first of all, it is important to change your attitude toward romantic stuff.

Needless to say that being romantic helps a great deal when it comes to seducing a woman, after all, you won't be able to find a woman who doesn't like a romantic man. Surely, quite often, women say that they are not into romantic stuff, but be sure that they all just hide the truth. Deep in their souls, they enjoy being with a romantic man. When you try to meet women online, it is important to know how to be romantic over text because this will significantly increase your chances of finding a good partner.

how to be more romantic to your girlfriend

Why Do Men Hesitate to Be Romantic in Relationships?

As you can see, the one who knows how to be a romantic person has the upper hand in dating, but what about romantic relationships? I do not doubt that you want your girlfriend to be the happiest woman alive, especially when you spend time together, and knowing how to be more romantic with your girlfriend will help you make it real. If it is obvious that romantic men have the upper hand in dating, and their partners are happier, then why there are so many men who hesitate to be romantic in relationships?

You see, to be romantic, you need to be active and have a lot of romantic ideas for her in mind. The second requirement is pretty easy to fulfill. For example, at the end of the article, you will find many interesting ideas for various situations. Unfortunately, things are way more complicated with the first problem because of modern culture that claims to add more freedom for women. But, in fact, it adds more problems and restrictions. Because of it, modern women quite often don't know how to react for romantic gestures from men, and, in turn, men become less romantic.

Plus, frequently, men are simply ashamed of doing something romantic for their women. They fear to look stupid and always doubt whether their women appreciate their attempts or not. Consequently, instead of thinking about how to be more romantic, men tend to drown in doubts. This happens because today, we get the ideas of what romance is from novels, TV series, and Hollywood movies. As you have guessed, this is not the best approach because you get a quite clichéd idea of romance and may even believe that romance is too much trouble.

Reasons to Keep Romance on Each Stage of Relationships

If you still need reasons why it is great to know how to be romantic with your girlfriend, then here is another interesting aspect. You might have already heard that people in relationships quite soon get used to each other. Especially often this happens with those couples that were moving too fast from the very beginning. By learning how to be romantic to your wife, you will make her happier and avoid many problems that other couples may face. According to sociologists, couples in which both partners have managed to keep romance in each stage of relationships tend to have fewer arguments.

You stay close to each other

Surely you understand how important it is to be close with your romantic partner if you want to have a long-term relationship. Not without a good reason, couples in which both partners know how to be more romantic in bed are much stronger than others. You see, by doing something romantic for your girlfriend or wife, you not only make her happy but you, by your actions, tell her how important she is for you. Therefore, your romantic relationship becomes more intimate and solid. Note, romance has its place at any stage of your romantic relationship.

You investigate new likes and dislikes of your partner

Want to know how to be more romantic with your wife? Try to do something romantic for her and pay attention to her reaction. Was her reaction positive? Good! Now, you know something that she likes. What if her reaction was negative? Great! Now, you know what she doesn't like. This is called a closed cycle of romance. The more romantic stuff you try to do for your girlfriend or wife, the more you learn about her, the better you will be at romantic, and again, the more you will learn about her. This works both sides.

You always have a source of warmth and pleasure

What do people want to get when they fall in love with others, become couples, and decide to have relationships? They look for pleasure, warmth, and many other things, but, generally, these two are the most important things that we all expect to have in romantic relationships. Needless to say that knowing some romantic things to do for your wife will help you not only provide her with your warmth and comfort but also receive these two from her. Both warmth and pleasure appear only when two people are happy and enjoy each other.

You never get bored

What about boredom? Did you know that, according to modern sociological studies, more than 53% of couples break up because they feel bored with each other? Boredom is the worst enemy of happy relationships. When you feel bored together with your partner, even if every other aspect of your life seems to be great, you still will never be happy. Plus, it is very hard to deal with boredom if you don't know how to be more romantic in a relationship. Romantic people are less likely to break up because they can easily deal with boredom.

How to Fight the Lack of Romance in Relationships?

Surely if everything was so easy, then we wouldn't have had this problem at all. But, apparently, even those who understand the necessity and appreciate the positive influence of romantic behavior in relationships have problems with it. Surely, to make a romantic surprise for your girlfriend, you will have to pay a huge amount of effort and time. Furthermore, you need to have some ideas of what to present and how to act to make your average date very romantic. But you have nothing to worry about because we have collected some ideas on how to be a romantic husband, but, first of all, we want to help you deal with to be romantic person

Remember that romantic things are not necessarily daring and reckless

As we have said, nowadays people learn things from TV series, movies, anime, and manga. Clearly, those are a very bad source of ideas for real life, especially the two last ones. Learning from those sources creates a misconception that romantic actions must be daring and reckless, or they won't be impressive. In the real world, even the simplest actions under special circumstances can become romantic. For example, sharing one blanket in a tent when it rains outside doesn't take too much effort and definitely is not reckless, but this is a pretty romantic thing to do.

Think about what your girlfriend loves the most

Are you still searching for some romantic gestures for her? As we have already mentioned, there is no better way of finding what your girlfriend likes than trying. But it doesn't mean that you should immediately skip to the action. Try to think about things that she likes, maybe there are some hobbies or dreams that she has shared with you. All those bits of information are precious when it comes to planning something romantic for her. And again, the more you try, the more you will know about her, the more experienced and successful in romantic stuff you will be.

Keep in mind that you will get even more in return

Here is another very interesting fact. No matter how many efforts and time you put in your romantic plans if your partner truly loves you, you will always get way more in return. You see, by your romantic deeds, you will inspire your partner to do something for you in return. This is another cycle because your partner, with his or her response, will inspire you for another romantic action. However, it is very important not to lose this romantic drive and passion when exchanging romantic actions and deeds with your partner.

Awesome Ideas on How to Be More Romantic to Your Girlfriend Or Wife

Finally, we have come to the most interesting part of this article! Quite often, people understand how it is important to be romantic and desperately want to impress their partners with their romantic gifts and deeds, but they don't know what to do. Here, we are going to share with you our best ideas on how to be romantic to your girlfriend or wife. Therefore, we hope that at least in the beginning of your romantic way, you won't be short on ideas for your romantic evenings, deeds and presents.

Cute romantic gestures for her

Some say that romantic gestures are unnecessary. However, girls often want their boyfriends not only to be gentle, carrying, and reliable but also spontaneous and romantic. Here, we have collected some ideas that will help you impress your girlfriend or wife. Of course, not all of those ideas are suitable for you, if, for example, you don't live with your girlfriend, but being a romantic person is about being able to turn and adapt even the commonest things into something interesting and pleasant for both of you. So, we are sure that you will be able to adapt our ideas to your needs.

  1. Hug her unexpectedly in public right in front of the other people. Let her feel your warmth.
  2. Buy the ingredients for her favorite cocktails and make them on the weekend.
  3. Arrange un unexpected holiday by taking sick leaves together with your girlfriend.
  4. In a restaurant order taste food for her that she has dreamed about instead of her standard salad. Help her forget about her diet at least for one evening.
  5. Protect her, but don't control her. For example, if you have seen in a weather forecast that tomorrow it will rain, make sure that she has an umbrella if she decides or needs to go outside.
  6. Prepare for her a nice lunch that she will eat at work. Write her name on the container or a towel inside.
  7. Ask her whether you can help her with her makeup. This one is great for your funny photoset, especially if you are a complete layman.
  8. Tell her that you've forgotten to plan something for your anniversary or birthday, and calmly accept her reaction. After that, at the very last moment tell her that you both need to hurry if you want to get to some special place in time.
  9. Give her an unexpected kiss in her cheek or head.
  10. Make a rule of never watching TV series alone.
  11. Make up a bed after sleeping with her.
  12. Bring a coffee to her workplace for her.
  13. Send a letter with the love confession to her workplace.
  14. Compliment her at least two times during the day.
  15. Tell her that you would like her parents to pay you a visit (only if you live together).
  16. Invite her to see the shooting stars with you.
  17. Create a list of interesting events that will take place in your city and send it to her on Friday morning. Let her choose what she wants.

How to be romantic over text

Online dating is not new, after all, some dating websites are almost 20 years old, but this is one of the most fast-changing industries in the world. Today, via online dating, you can meet people not only from your city or town but also from different countries. Also, we should never forget that modern couples often use various messengers to maintain contact during the day. If you master the skill of being romantic over text, you will make your life much easier and make your girlfriend one of the happiest women alive. So, here are some examples of what you can send to your significant to be romantic to your girlfriend

  1. You make me feel safe when I'm with you.
  2. You are the only person I love more than I love this life.
  3. You are the best person in the world.
  4. This message is meant to make you smile.
  5. I am practically addicted to you. There is always not enough you in my life.
  6. It feels nice to be texting you.
  7. You are the best woman on Earth.
  8. I just can't stop imagining your face.
  9. I am so proud to be mutually in love with you.
  10. I can't even describe how happy I am that you are coming home so soon.
  11. It is so cold here without you.
  12. If I could, I would kiss you through the smartphone.
  13. You make me feel great.
  14. Having you on my side always feels awesome. Thank you for your support.
  15. You are my inspiration.
  16. It is pretty cold outside. Be ready, because your coffee is on its way.

How to be more romantic in bed

Of course, in our article about romantic deeds, we definitely should talk about how to be romantic in bed. Those who say that beds are only for sleeping and active nights are terribly wrong because for a girl, there is nothing better than sharing some romantic moments with her partner after the abovementioned "active nights." So, get ready for our list of tips and examples of how to be romantic in bed with your girlfriend or wife.

  1. Forget about rouses in bed. They look good but have proven to be very annoying during the active phase.
  2. Tell your girlfriend that she is the only one for you.
  3. Don't forget to compliment her.
  4. Pay attention to her comfort and things that she wants to share with you.
  5. Share your blanket with her when she is cold.
  6. Hug her the next time you will be watching some TV series together.
  7. Be spontaneous. This will help you overcome boredom.
  8. Bring her coffee in bed.
  9. Be creative when it comes to kissing.
  10. Be honest and open. Lies have no place in the bedroom.
  11. Make her feel comfortable and good about herself.
  12. It is better to avoid candles in bed. Instead, buy a night-light.
  13. Use body paints to explore each other's bodies.
  14. Don't hide your physical affection.
  15. Use flirty notes to make her feel special and desired.
  16. Bring in her favorite music.
  17. Try different forms of foreplay.

Finally, we want to tell you that you should never fear to be romantic with your partner. Even if you do something stupid or all your attempts fail, your partner will still appreciate it for trying. So, as you can see, there is nothing to fear, just focus on your actions and plans. Happy and healthy relationships are not about two perfect and flawless personalities, but about normal people who, due to their love, decided to be together and want to make each other happy.