Cute Summer Date Ideas Your Girlfriend Is Guaranteed to Like


Summer is coming soon, and while we still enjoy last spring weeks, breathing fresh air and bathing in blossom, the best days are ahead. What are you planning to do this summer? Do you have a vacation booked? Do you want to visit your relatives, hang out with your friends? Maybe you see summer as a chance to get closer to your girlfriend and bond with her even better. Summer days are the best because you can go to the beach, site outside the whole day, throw yourselves a picnic, walk in the park, ride bikes, rollerskate, go to festivals and other events. What's more romantic than a summer date night? The nights are so warm, the air is so clear and the atmosphere is just incredible. We are here to present you the best summer date ideas for couples.

summer date night

What makes a great summer date?

Summer dates are a broad concept. What do you do with your partner? Do you just go outside for a drink? Have a chill walk in the dark? Kiss under the tree? Play hide and seek? Sometimes things don't go as planned at all. What makes a good summer date? We think that these components are the most important:


It all depends on what you opt for. If you want a cozy blanket type of moment, than a sunny weather is not your friend. You can expect a windy, rainy weather that will only bring you and your lady closer. The same thing is when you root for a spooky movies night, then a cloudy night would be the best. If you want to go stargazing, wait till the sky will be clear. But if you want to go on a picnic, wait for a dry sunny day. This will be perfect.

Comfy clothes

Summer date outfits are crucial if you want to look presentable yet comfortable during the date. It would be cute if you showed a matching clothes realness, like a comfy jeans jumpsuit and a colorful tee while you are riding bikes. It's necessary to bring all the needed products and accessories like a sun hat and a pair of sunglasses. Also, bring your sunscreen because you don't need any harm and nasty burns during your summer date.

Good food

Food is by far the most fulfilling item on our list. I mean, what do you need besides a good companion, decent pasta and a glass of first-class wine? Actually, any food will do if you like it. If you don't drink, just switch to something non -alcohol. It's necessary to involve all the receptors during the date. Combine a good view (visual effects), pleasant music (sound), your partner's embrace (tactile component) and food that involve your taste buds. Also, you can cook food together as a way to get closer to each other and know each other's tastes on food even better.

Great conversations

What you talk about is also important. When you have a pleasant conversation about ups in your lives, when you discuss good music, nice films and share funny quirky stories from childhood, what could possibly go wrong?

Summer date outfit ideas

Some of the ideas are so easy, you literally don't have to prepare and buy extra clothes. Let's just keep it simple and imagine a bunch of situations where you can incorporate your summer day outfits.

cheap summer date ideasBIKE ROUTE

Let’s imagine you’re having a great day. The sun is shining brightly, the weather is slightly windy. It’s cool, and both of you want some outdoor activity. So what are you going to wear? Let’s divide this information for you and for your lovely girlfriend.

For you

Having an a bike ride outside means you have to be very comfortable during the ride. The best thing you can wear is a breathable cotton T-shirt, a pair of light breathable trousers or Capri shirts. You can pair it up with some sneakers, Vans, or just loafers, with socks, of course, because you don’t want to have any bruises while you are riding a bike. Sometimes long rides require additional accessories, such as a hat, obviously, a pair of groovy glasses, and a bottle of water. You can always carry those things in your backpack, or a little bag that you’re supposed to hang onto your hips with the belt. It’s very convenient to put something little into your bag if you don’t have any pockets, like cash or an IPhone.

What if it’s a little bit windy outside? Then you’ll have to opt for some cozier and obviously warmer options, like a sweater, a pair of jeans, or a shirt. If you are a fan of fashion, that means you can be sure that most of the streetwear is a perfect choice for such a weather. Here is a very easy rule – if it’s hot outside, wear lighter fabrics, but if we’re talking about cooler weather, root for darker and heavier fabrics.

For a girl

If you want to impress your boyfriend, the best thing you can do is not causing any trouble. Yes, there are some girls who like to be all dressed up during their first date, but here is not the case.You should opt for more comfortable versions of your outfit. Leggings can be very sexy when paired with a light Adidas-esque vest. And certainly you don’t have to wear lots of make up as you definitely won’t impress your boyfriend with a melted foundation base. And you are going to sweat a lot. Wear a pair of comfy sneakers or Skechers.

If you are a brave thing and you want to impress your boyfriend, you can wear a cotton sundress which is very flattering. Men find these types of dresses extremely flattering and sexy. But when both of you want to have a marathon, dress as comfortable as possible.


Well, if you are not in a mood for activity, let's think about another option. It's a sin to stay at home when the weather is so good. What about a picnic in a park or in the woods? It's such a romantic getaway, so you need to think about fun summer date ideas. These options will be perfect for a romantic walk in a park!

For you

Sometimes less is more. For this occasion, find a linen or a cotton shirt, a pair of shorts or jeans and cool snickers. If you are stylish, try street fashion black outfits. Actually, any style would be great, from casual to sportstyle.

For a girl

Everything would be great: any dress, skirt, flannel shirt, tee, jeans – whatever you want. Similarly to your man, choose any style. Here is where you can feel free. The main rule is not to be overdressed. Feel at ease.


What are summer dates without sexy nights? Imagine you are going to a hot date with your girlfriend after a productive day. You need to look your best and dress accordingly to social code. Here are some summer date night outfits ideas:

For you

It's your time to shine! You can show your extravagant side by wearing a dark suit, but not a tuxedo or something too fancy. Watch a couple of runways, select the coolest outfit in the store and let yourself become a king for a day (or for a night).

For a girl

Everything depends on the occasion. If it's a party, wear a cocktail dress. If it's a real red carpet, wear an evening gown. As much as you want to imagine the latter occasion, don't mix them up. A gown is too much for just a restaurant. Everything else should be alright.

Summer date ideas: 2019

Let's review a list of the best options for a date, and also cheap summer date ideas for two of you:

  • Go to a restaurant. The best option would be in the outdoors. A terrace on the rooftop would be terrific.
  • Go the woods and have a picnic where nobody would find you. It's also one of the best cheap date ideas for summer.
  • Visit an open-air cinema. So classy and old-fashioned.
  • Snatch your cars and go to a road trip.
  • Hitchhike and ask strangers to get you back home. It's such an adrenaline rush!
  • Sign up for a wine tasting open workshop. Combine something pleasant with something pleasant!
  • Go to the beach and swim in the sea.
  • Go to the club and get wild together.
  • Visit the waterpark if you don't live by the sea.
  • Go to the cinema and kiss on the last row.
  • Go horse riding. It's so fun and adventurous.
  • Climb a mountain together.
  • Live in a tent for a week.
  • Rent a hotel with a pool for a day if you can't afford a full-time vacation.
  • Watch the sunset.
  • Go stargazing with your lover.
  • Have sex in the unexpected place (please, find a legal one!)
  • Climb on the rooftop together and have a picnic together (but be careful).
  • summer date night outfitsUse a pottery class coupon. Pottery is very sensual.
  • Meditate together in a hidden place.
  • Go to a spa center for a deep massage.
  • Visit your relatives together.
  • Walk a dog together. If you don't have one, borrow one from your friends. You can also go pet sitting.
  • Go to charity together and donate money for a good cause.
  • Visit a painting or a sculpture class.
  • Splurge and go shopping together if you both like it.
  • Go on a food tour.
  • Visit Europe on weekends.
  • Go bowling.
  • Visit a family theme park to ride the rollercoaster.
  • Visit an exotic restaurant, for example, where the lights are off and you sense the cuisine better.
  • Go to a cool concert or a music festival.
  • Be fancy and visit a theatre.
  • Go to the exposition of modern comedy.
  • Go and visit abandoned places that have mysterious history.
  • Take a cooking class together.
  • Commute in the hot-air balloon.
  • Go to a football match.
  • Play a sports game.
  • Try karting - fast little cars.
  • Get a makeover together.
  • Play the guitar on the outside.
  • Play computer games and order a pizza in.
  • Watch a spooky movie together.
  • Throw a presents party for each other.
  • Act out a play and film it.

In fact, there are hundreds and thousands of more ideas. As they say, sky's the limit. You can go wherever you want and do whatever you want. As long as you love each other, nothing matters – the budget, your outfits, the place. These are a mere idea and some inspiration you can use, but it's obviously up to you how to plan it. You can do it by careful planning or just make your better half a cute surprise. Feel the intimacy of the moment and never forget that nothing should distract you from this stage of romance, where your commitment is so strong, nothing else matters.