Top 15 Inspiring and Fascinating Group Date Ideas


When two people spend in their relationships quite some time, sooner or later, they will want to share their fun with their friends. This is how the first group dates appeared. In fact, double dates are very useful to bring something new into your relationship. Quite often, people search for double date ideas because they want to spend time with their close relatives and friends. For example, you have a close friend, and you both have romantic partners. In this case, you won't be able to spend as much time together with your friends as you used to. This is when various group date ideas will come in handy.

Note, even the best fun group date ideas will never substitute standard dates with your partner, especially if you have just found a single woman for dating. Group rates are good only when both partners have adjusted to each other and have spent some decent amount of time together. Only in this case, you both will have positive impressions from group dates. Generally, fun group dates have a huge potential, but you need to prepare everything well. Otherwise, instead of having fun, you will have problems and quarrels. Surely, this is not what you expect from quality time with your romantic partner and a friend.

things to do on a double date

Main Stereotypes About Group Dates

If you don't know how to ask a girl out on a group date, maybe you are moving too fast. Group dates can be very cute and funny, but you will need to pay many efforts to make everything right. Also, for some reason, some people see group dates as some swinger parties. Of course, this is nonsense. However, even those who understand that group dates are not about perverted forms of sex but about spending time with your loved ones and friends still have some stereotypes. Here we would like to discuss the main stereotypes about group dating.

Someone will definitely start a quarrel

When you arrange a group date, you just want to find a new way to have fun with a girl. Why on earth your friends will want something else? Without a doubt, you may face problems, and someone may start a quarrel. But this may happen only if you haven't prepared well or have hidden problems. For example, you haven't consulted with your friend about the entertaining program. Or maybe your and your friend's partners don't get along well. If so, it is better to avoid group dates. In every other case, the chances that someone will start a quarrel are incredibly low.

They are expensive

Also, quite often, people believe that there are some special group date cafes. And that they are more expensive than normal ones. Well, first of all, there are no special cafes for group dates. Secondly, when having a group date, you still have to pay only for yourself and your partner. Plus, no one pushes you to choose only expensive places. For example, you may choose places where you have already been with your partner. Therefore, double dating is not cheaper or more expensive than normal dating. Because everything depends on your choice of activity and location.

It's hard to provide fun for each person

It is clear why people believe in this myth. We all have our own interests, for this very reason, people, in big companies, tend to divide into small groups. But this is not your case. After all, you don't have a big company. Obviously, you and your romantic partner have approximately the same interests. In turn, your friend shares the same interests with his or her romantic partner. And finally, you have common interests with your friends. Consequently, you won't have problems finding fun double date ideas that can be interesting for everyone in your company.

Top 15 Fun Double Date Ideas Everyone Can Like

When people agree to have a group date, they face another problem. Quite often, they have no idea how to spend it with pleasure. So, is there any special thing to do on a double date? Of course, but first of all, you need to find some cute double date ideas. Thus, you will have approximate plans for your evening. After all, to make the group date feel really wonderful and good, you will have to find the most suitable for you and your friend's ideas of a group date. But don't worry, here we are going to share with you the best 15 inspiring and fascinating group date ideas.

fun group dates1. Go on hike

If you like outdoor activities, then you will definitely enjoy going on a hike. If you know that your friends are not as well-prepared as you are, then there is no point in planning something very intense. For example, even a short walk through your local forest with your friends may be very interesting and entertaining. Just don't forget about water and snacks.

2. Visit your local amusement park

Visiting your local amusement part is a very good idea for your first group date. There you will have to split into pairs sometimes. So, you can use this time to discuss how each of you feels and whether you like this activity or not. Also, this may be very useful if you suddenly feel a desire to get time alone with your lover.

3. Ice skating

This can be a very funny and entertaining group date. However, this one is only for the bravest, or for those why to know how to ice skate. If you don't have such skills, then it is better to have a practice alone with your partner before you go on a group date there. Also, it is very nice if you end this evening with a cup of coffee in a nearby coffee shop.

4. Visit a cinema

Here is another simple group dating idea suitable for those who have never been on group dates. As you have guessed, you won't have to maintain conversations with your friends there. And, after a movie, you will have plenty of topics to discuss on your way home or local cafe.

5. Attend a concert

If you all like approximately the same music genre, then you will easily choose a nice band. At a concert, you will enjoy listening to nice music. Plus, you will get to know better both your significant other and friends. Concerts are one of the best group date night ideas for everyone.

6. Try something new

When planning a double date, choose some activity that none of you have tried before. It can be a lesson in a cooking school where you learn how to make sushi and cook curry according to an Indian recipe, or maybe, say, a fitness lesson. The trick here is that your small team will have new common interests.

7. Host a game night

If you don't feel like spending too much money on your group date, then you can invite your friends for a game night to your place. I promise you, this is going to be very funny. Furthermore, you will have plenty of opportunities to spend time alone with your partner. Just don't forget to download cooperative games and buy a second controller.

8. Beach hang and bonfire

If you are searching for group date ideas for adults, you may try this one. Take blankets, speakers, some vegetables and meat for BBQ and go to the closest beach with your friends. This will be one of the most romantic things that you have ever done in your life. I can assure you.

9. Go play some sports

Playing sport is always fun, especially when you do it with your friends. For example, you can play tennis or soccer. Also, there is no point in becoming a health nut. Thus, you can end your date with a nice and tasty Shawarma to restore your energy. Plus, playing sports will help you get to know your friends better.

10. Bowling date

Some people like bowling, while others don't. You will never know which one are you until you try. And the best way to try bowling is to do it in the loud company of your friends. Don't expect that, in bowling, there will be much romance. But still, you will have many pleasant and funny moments.

fun double date ideas11. Laser tag

While paintball and strike ball are for those who don't fear to get dirty, you may try laser tag. There you are going to have a wonderful time shooting your friends with lasers and running from them. Just don't turn a friendly game into a competition. Altogether, you all will have a whole bunch of funny and pleasant moments.

12. Mini golf

Who said that golf is only for the rich? For example, you may grab your girlfriend, your friends, and head to your local mini-golf field. The mini-golf experience is very intense and entertaining. You can be sure that no one is going to feel bored in a mini-golf field.

13. Pool party

Rent a pool for an afternoon to let your girlfriend show off her new best bikini. There are plenty of things you can do in the pool. But, remember, alcohol and water never match. Thus, it is better to have an alcohol-free dance party there.

14. Host a board-game night

If you, your crush, and your friends love fantasy, then you may consider hosting a Dungeons and Dragons game night or any other board game. The principle is pretty the same as it was with a gaming night. You will need coffee, snacks, and many different board games. Rest assured, you will want to repeat this experience over and over.

15. Visit an escape room

You may have already heard that escape rooms are very widespread now. Such places have become so popular not without a good reason. There, you will have to solve various puzzles. Your main task is to escape a game room. This will be a real challenge for your brains and intuition but a very pleasant one.

Even though there are still many myths, group dates become more and more popular. Surely sometimes it is very hard to find a really nice idea for your group date. But the same can be said about ideas for normal dates. Besides, group dates have one major advantage over standard ones. You see, sometimes the appearance of romantic partners destroys friendships. I know at least two examples of such a situation. This happens because you solely won't have enough time for your crush and friends. In turn, group dates provide you with the opportunity to spend time both with your significant other and a friend at the same time. It is a very easy solution to a pretty serious problem.