Top 10 Romantic Getaways in the USA


The USA is a huge country with beautiful cities, parks, and bridges. Many people fall in love with this country at first sight. In our article, we have collected the most interesting and beautiful places in America, which, having seen them once, you will remember for a lifetime.

most romantic getaways in the US​

Romantic Beach Getaways in the USA

The best reward for the seeker of peace is a place where they can be left alone with their thoughts. Since there are practically no "hidden" beaches in the United States, several of the following ones will facilitate your search for a secluded place on the seashore. We present you a list of the best beach getaways in the US where you can enjoy the rest in the romantic privacy.

Kiveidin Island Beach

You can only reach it by boat, this barrier island of a small size, so this is truly one f the most romantic getaways in the US located southwest of Marco Island in Florida. This beach is a kind of hidden refuge, so do not be surprised to see turtles, sea cows or egrets and herons frolicking nearby the island. At the weekend you will always find dozens of boats moored to the shore as well as people sunbathing on the beach and swimming in warm water. You can also make a ten-minute descent downstream (the water flow is very strong) and go back to the beach, enjoying the beauty of the wild nature.

If you do not have a boat, visit Tiger Tail Beach, the park to the north of Marco Island. After just two miles of road, you will find yourself on a silver sandy spit, where there is nothing but the endless expanse of bay and azure breeze.

Anna Beach

Although the Florida Keys are famous for their soft waves, there are not so many public beaches. Don't worry, one of them is hidden under the overpass, about halfway between Key Largo and Key West. And this is one of the Florida beaches. Named after environmentalist Anna Iten, Anna’s beach has two small but free car parks, a shallow water area, picnic tables and, in fact, a swimming area. And most importantly, this family beach allows drivers with children to take a break and relax during a trip from Miami to Key West.

Blowing Rock Preserve

Blowing Rock Preserve, located in southeastern Florida on Jupiter Island, is stretching for a mile. This next one of romantic getaways in the USA is a limestone stone beach. When a strong east wind blows and catches up high waves, jerking them up, you might think that a geyser opens up to your eyes. And in those moments when the sea is calm, you can take a walk through four biomes: sand dunes, the coastline, marshlands and areas of the subtropical forest, called “hammock." Entrance fee to the preserve will cost you $ 8 per person.

Hanalei Beach

best beach getaways in the US

A white crescent-shaped beach with a kilometer-long sea line. This is Hawaii’s most popular beach. It is called Hanalei Beach. The beach is almost wild, without any infrastructure (there are neither clubs nor restaurants). But it's just a paradise for a relaxing holiday: the water is crystal clear, white sand, palm trees, waterfalls, and mountain peaks on the background. Moreover, this example of cheap romantic getaways in the USA is not only for those who love to swim and sunbathe. People come here to surf. Want to escape from the hustle and bustle? You should definitely visit this place with your beloved one.

Cannon Beach

This is an amazing place for a beach holiday located on the Pacific coast in Clatsop County. The length of Cannon Beach is more than 12 kilometers, therefore, there is always enough space for travelers. And there are a lot of tourists coming here, believe us. The seventy-meter high rock Haystack Rock makes this beach very colorful and famous. Extremals visit these places quite often, they swim in the ocean and climb rocks here. If you are itching for adventures, romantic getaways in the US like this are definitely for you.

Best Weekend Getaways in the USA

Pacific Grove

This small picturesque beach town, located between Monterey and Pebble Beach, has some unique features. From the middle of October and until the middle of February, thousands of monarch butterflies fly to the Pacific Ocean to spend the winter here. Because of the gentle climate of the Pacific Grove, it is usual for this place to give shelter to all these beautiful insects every year. The warm comfort of the town combined with the seashore views and best weather and stunning victorious houses makes this place one of the best options for affordable romantic getaways in the USA. If you are planning a trip to Pacific Grove, be sure to see the aquarium in Monterey Bay. It is located on the border between Pacific Grove and Monterey and is considered one of the best aquaria of the country.


It is located in the heart of the wine province Sonoma. Healdsburg is full of quiet atmosphere and absolute uniqueness of a small town. It is famous for its restaurants, pictures galleries, and wonderful boutiques. And, of course, when visiting Healdsburg, be sure to visit all winemaking and tasting halls (there is more than 100 of them here).

Borrego Springs

romantic getaways in the US

Borrego Springs is a unique and special desert city. First of all, this is the only village in California to be located, in fact, at the state part Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. In addition to this, the village is a perfect place to enjoy the night sky view. This town, what is more, is a member of the International Dark Sky Community.

Please, don’t be scared if you run over dinosaur or any other bizarre animal, passing by Borrego Spring’s Galleta Meadows. In general, there more than 130 metallic sculptures installed along the road. Another big sightseeing of this place is a beautiful route Fonts Point. It is especially spectacular during the sunrise or sunset.


If you happen to visit Solvang, you can be fooled into thinking you are in the Danish village. And you will be partially right. However, this small town is situated in Californian valley Santa Ynez, it was initially built in 1911 by a group of Dutch. So, do not feel surprised at how beautiful some affordable getaways in the USA can be. Windmills scattered around the city and traditional Dutch facades in the rustic style are typical for Solvang. Be sure to taste the authentic Dutch bakery products and buy a few unusual souvenirs, for example, small wooden shoes or a windmill made out of porcelain.

You can get here from Los Angeles just in few hours. The best road lies through the mountains along the sea line.

Nevada City

Not long after in 1848 the gold was discovered in California, thousands of settlers rushed to the country. One of the most developed cities in this period was Nevada, situated 60 miles away from Sacramento to the north-east. The streets of Nevada are full of entertainment, inns, bars and, of course, casinos. Some of the buildings have been still preserved in their initial form, including the Nevada Theatre of 1865. And this is, by the way, the oldest theatrical building on the Western Coast of California.

You can stay in the cute inn called The Madison House B&B, with hospitable owners and tidy rooms. Or in the family hotel under the name Broad Street Inn. And to eat the best cranberry toasts for breakfast at South Pine Cafe.


Julian is an old Californian village, located in the Cuyamaca mountains, just in a few hours from San-Diego. It is still full of the special atmosphere of the Old West. There is even a local mine here. It is called Eagle and High Peak Mine, and you can enjoy an interesting excursion here and try to wash the gold with your own hands. However, only those who do not suffer from claustrophobia should set out for conquering the mine.

In autumn the gardens of Julian attract various visitors who come here to try the USA-famous cinnamon apple buns from the popular Julian Apple Pie Company. During harvesting, different apple and cider festivals and other events related to the reproduction of historical events take place here. Those who like to eat tasty organic meals and enjoy the real spirit of an American village should definitely come here. In addition, you can go horse riding in Julian, go hiking or raft on the nearest Cuyamaca lake, supposed you are adrenaline seekers. So, visiting Julian will make one of the best ideas for weekend getaways in the USA.

Warm Winter Getaways in the USA


weekend getaways in USA

This marvelous city warm makes one of the best getaways in the USA as it is warm here both in summer and winter. Avalon located on the Santa-Catalina island. It is just in one hour reach from Los Angeles if you travel by boat, or in the fifteen-minute distance by air. But this charming little town is behaving like a real lively and noisy separate continent far away from busy LA. First of all, the number of cars on the island is limited by the local laws, so tourists, as a rule, walk a lot and travel to the needed destinations on foot. But you can always ride a bike, use public transport or hire a golf-car. In Avalon, you can go diving, go in the mountains, hire a boat ride or walk along the main streets of this magic sunny Italian-like city.


If you are looking for peaceful, sweet and absolutely best getaways in the USA, think about a trip to Mendocino. This beautiful hospitable town is situated just in three and a half hours to the north of San Francisco. Mendocino is located off the cliff with a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean in the region famous for its spectacular seashore. It is a settlement of artists and creative people where you should see all the shops, galleries, and boutiques with the artworks of local painters.

Mendocino is also by right called one of the best weekend getaways in the US thanks to its romantic atmosphere, relaxed rest spots, and open-air entertainments, for example, bicycle riding or backpacking. This is the home for the largest trees in the world – the giant sequoias. That is why this magic and calm place would be the perfect spot for your winter holidays, especially if you visit it with the whole family for Christmas.


Sausalito is another town with an unforgettable atmosphere. This is a combination of fashionable tourists, unconstrained beaches and sophisticated rest. Here you will find the biggest accumulation of street art artists (near the San-Francisco bay), perfect boutiques and restaurant for every taste and preferences. In addition, Sausalito can boast of the beautiful seashore and the weather that is noticeably warmer than in San-Francisco. By the way, to get from it to other places, you need to drive through the Golden Gate or if you want to spend more time, less money and see more of the surrounding beauty – use the ship. The first floor of streets is located near the dock. As every square centimeter is full of new cafes and their visitors.

What can be better in January if you want to escape from the endless shone of white snow? Of course, best plan a warm trip to one of the winter getaways in the US. As this one is included in our list, you can be sure you will spend a wonderful time while visiting it.