How to Meet Girls Online Apart from Facebook or Dating Sites


Dating has always been a huge part of our relationships, and everybody likes dating, starting with young teens to elderly people. We just love meeting new individuals, link up with them and get to know each other. Dating is always beyond the borders. It unites lovers all over the world, brings cultures together and makes everybody understand that nothing’s impossible. Cyberdating has contributed to that idea since it allowed us to unite with no fuss and worries within a millisecond.

best place to meet girls online

Where to Meet a Girl Online Apart from Facebook?

Okay, there might be a lot of people who ask themselves every day, “Where can I meet girls online?” They don’t like dating for some reason - maybe the price of services throws them off, or they just want to try to meet another category of people. So what are the number 1 best places to meet girls online?

Dating sites

Dating sites are a classic way to meet people online. Everything is designed to unite people, from the interface to some extensive features. You can message them, call them, text a stranger and get a warranty that the person you are talking to is all right. However, because of the high quality of the service, you have to pay a fee. There are a lot of young women seeking men who upload their photos to the portal, looking for a possibility to talk to a foreigner.

Dating apps

A dating app is a more advanced version of a dating site. You can download an app and use your phone everywhere if you have access to the Internet. Dating apps are easy to use, mostly free, quick to adjust to. They are arguably the best place to meet girls online.


A lot of people share stories where they, ironically, met their spouses via a gaming chat in, say, CS: GO, LOL, or other MMO games. Are online games a good place to meet girls? Yes, it’s a weird way to fall in love, because those characters rarely look like their creators, but there are indeed some games, designed for people to meet and date, like IMVU. It’s fun and fresh. Also, there are capacitive crowds of people who are down to talk just for fun.


Instagram is a modern gallery where you can meet single ladies. Girls on Instagram are beautiful, they share only the best moments of their lives, that’s for sure. But how to know whether this girl is just a display of a perfect life? Text her, of course! That’s how a lot of people meet.

what to say to a girl you meet onlineForums

Forums are an old school way to talk to a woman. Users usually comment on a thread, speak on the topic, and maybe even share contacts. The good impact of it, on the contrary to Instagram, is the ability to base on a person’s thoughts, smartness, and ideas instead of photoshopped selfies.

Online Dating Culture

Basically, the Internet has allowed dating to be a fully-fledged culture. It has made online dating a thing. Now almost every young fellow knows how to meet girls online. They all know some techniques, online etiquette and ways to pick up women. And women, what’s best about this situation, love this type of conversation, they don't mind some flirt and pick up as well.

Why Online Dating Is So Popular Right Now?

It saves us so much time! Dating used to be a lengthy process where you had to win a girl’s heart, buy her tons of flowers, pull up to her place, buy some more presents, think through the scenario of your date, book a place for the meetup, contact her to ask out on the next date. With online dating, you can skip so many steps from the start. And what’s crazy, now we start valuing words more than actions, so you can make a girl fall in love with you as effectively as if you were to ask her out on a date.

It unites people from all over the world. It doesn’t require knowing places to meet girls online anymore. You can reach any point in the world in no time, talk to a certain ethnic group or marry a girl whom you never dared to see in real life.

It brings variety to the world. It’s amazing how easy we can unite with people of different skin tones, complexions, races, religions, outlooks and so on. You have the most exquisite wine cart with expensive beverages all over the world. You can choose any or turn the page.

Main features that are pushing people towards online dating

1. Busyness. Nowadays people don’t want to waste time. We order fast food because it’s easy. We shop online because it’s convenient and less annoying. We search for people on the Internet because it saves us so much time. You can talk to a favorite person of yours at a workplace, discreet as a ninja, without calling them at your work time and making any sound. Our parents would die for multitasking like this.

2. Not having enough candidates in your area. Have you ever wondered where all the nice girls have gone? Do they go to anonymous nice girl reunions every Saturday, so that your town feels empty, and you think they all hide in one secret place? Well, this place is called the Internet, and they spend time there for the same reason you do.

3. Being a member of a specific group makes it difficult for you to find a date in real life. If you are in a group of persons with physical or mental disabilities, a part of an elderly group of citizens, you may feel lonely at times. For this purpose, the Internet is the best place because there are so many people with the same experience, mindset, and outlooks, they are just scattered all over the world, you just have to find them.

4. You have a specific hobby, interest or belief that contradicts societal norm. Human species are really weird in that sense. They set a list of norms, based on the popularity of those rules. But it doesn’t mean that if you can’t confirm, you don’t count. By practicing online dating you’ll understand that there are more people with your interests than you can ever imagine.

How to Attract a Girl Online?

It’s not enough to meet a person, willing to chat with you. You need to capture and captivate them somehow. That’s where the downhill of modern dating is. Remember? We don’t have much time. So the quicker you learn how to hold the attention of an interlocutor, the more successful you will be in this competitive field.

Learn to hold a woman's attention even through text

What to say to a girl you meet online? Let’s consider the following steps on how to capture a woman’s mind. But first, we need to understand why it’s important. The same way you want to skip to another portion of text instead of reading this introduction. Start with a basic idea, the main reason why you want to chat with this girl. Don’t be a scatterbrain, omit excessive politeness and greetings.

How to Meet a Girl Online: Main Tips

If you want to find out the best way to find a girl online, just be as short and constructive as possible. Be your boss. Let them understand that time is money, but you are willing to spend it on such a wonderful lady. How to ask a girl to meet online? Be direct and don’t stutter.

meet girls online1. Be polite and sincere from the start. Yes, it’s possible that you could’ve met your future wife on a political or gaming forum, starting your relationship with just a little bit of bickering. But no relationships end well when you start a negative note. Don’t show how cool you are. Show that you’re an adequate person because all we want is to meet a sane individual online. That should be your starting point. Make sure you start as a proper person who obeys societal rules.

2. Make sure to express who you are. Give yourself a character. It’s very important to have a distinctive feature that will differ you from a thousand other strangers. Get a good photo, enhance it a little bit (with good lighting and angle, not Photoshop). Stay true to yourself. Talk about your hobbies. Make sure you come off as a fun person, not a creepy stranger. To make this conversation beautiful, make it two-way. Ask about her hobbies, discuss your thoughts on it, be open about your opinions and desires.

3. Be active online. You can’t just sign up for any service and wait for people to flood you with their messages. You always need to make a feeling of presence for whatever social media you use. Always share new photos, don’t disappear for a long period. Answer your inbox mail, share comments with users, flirt and be active. The more effort you make, the quicker you will get the girl of your dreams.

4. Find women on multiple sites. If you want to find a girl of your dreams, triple the effort. Seek for them on Instagram, dating apps and dating sites. Make this search a substantial part of your day (apart from your usual world). Don’t be scared to compare. Find who’s best for you.

5. Be initiative, but not pushy. Be the first person to message if somebody likes your photos. Chances are, they may be waiting for you to text because they are shy. Yes, it can be pretty annoying that you have to call all the time, but when you gain their trust, they probably will have no problem with texting you first. But if you see that a girl is passive and uninterested, don’t be pushy. Just thank her for a conversation and move on. Don’t waste your time on people who are not interested in you.

As you see, dating is a whole procedure. But thanks to modern technology, we can reach out to anyone anywhere. Just be sure you are taking the right steps to find a girl of your dreams. Be independent, goal-oriented, eager to talk, but calm, assertive and confident. No girl would dare to lose a guy like that.