Why Exactly Are Russian Girls Willing to Marry Foreigners?


Gorgeous Russian women are certainly the most desired marriage materials for foreign men. Fortunately, there is the abundance of online dating sites where you can meet single Russian ladies. And that’s not only their beauty making them special – they also possess numerous merits and skills. Probably, the greatest perk of marrying Russian girls is that they make wonderful spouses and mothers. But there are numerous stereotypes about these ladies circulating all over the Western world. Many people doubt about the purity of their intentions. So we decided to tell you about the real reasons why Russian ladies prefer marrying foreign gentlemen.

Russian Women Look For a Husband Abroad

1. They wish to find partners

Surprising as it may sound, Russia, the largest country in the world, isn’t so populated because not all the lands there are suitable for living. And when it comes to demography, the situation gets even trickier. Due to certain socio-political events happened in the previous century, the male population of Russia is decreased. This means every 12th woman might end up being single. Surely, there’s no a woman who’d choose such a fate so proactive Russian girls attempt to find potential matches outside their homeland.

2. They search for the better life quality

As you might know, Russia belongs to countries where the economy is rather unstable. The dissolution of the Soviet Union took place quite a long ago yet Russians are still going through the state modernization. Some of the aspects of life in their country are so disappointing that young women (as well as men) try to move abroad. First, they hope to find good life conditions and profitable jobs overseas. Second, they dream about meeting compatible partners there.

3. They don’t want to deal with vodka

This element of Russian culture is definitely known to every foreigner. Numerous films and books portray Russians as hard drinkers capable of consuming a bottle of vodka per person. In fact, those figures are exaggerated. Although many male Russians indeed have certain problems with alcohol, it doesn’t mean their whole nation suffers from this abuse. Since a young Russian lady typically knows many sad examples of alcoholism, she wishes to avoid marrying a man who’d love hard liquors more than her. In Western Europe and the USA, there aren’t so many issues with the male population and alcohol abuse.

4. Flat question is really bothersome

In Russian, “the flat question” is the housing question. During the Soviet Union time, all the real estate was public and people obtained separate flats from the government. Obviously, not everyone was so lucky – millions of people lived in communal flats. As a consequence, it’s still common in Russia that several generations of a family share the same residence. Not to mention that modern real estate in Russia is often unaffordable. So young Russians are mad about getting their own place for living. Outside their country, it seems much easier to get one.

5. They seek the proper treatment

The Russian view of gender roles may seem obsolete to a westerner. Local women are far less emancipated than their sisters in Europe and the USA. Despite the fact they have equal rights with men on paper, the male population is more “privileged”. For a woman here, it’s harder to get a good job and build her life in the way she wants. However, Russian girls wanna be with men who’d respect their personal space and treat them as partners. And they believe western guys are capable of giving this all to them.

6. They are in need of courtesy

From Russian girls’ view, Westerners are more gentlemanlike that their fellow countrymen. And we have to admit they’re right to a certain degree. As a result of the demographical imbalance, Russian guys can choose their future wives from a large number of candidates. As there are always the plenty of beautiful and smart females around them, these guys are somewhat carefree and don’t bother to sharpen their wooing skills. Russian women, in their turn, seek romance so they try to obtain it overseas, if not at home.

7. They struggle to get a good family

In spite of being self-sufficient and hardworking, Russian girls know: the key value of a woman’s life is a family. They just grow up getting used to this conviction. Even though they understand the importance of making a good career, they likely choose their husbands and children over their professional ambitions. That’s actually the reason why many foreigners prefer dating Russian singles rather than their fellow countrywomen. Considering what we have already told you about the demographical and economic situations in Russia, it’s not a surprise Russian girls do their best to prepare the solid ground for their future families.