Why Do Russian Women Look For a Husband Abroad?


Looking at those gorgeous women you may wonder why they decide to register on online dating sites in searches of a foreign husband. They have their reasons and there are several of them. Being aware of them, you’ll understand why Russian women resort to international dating and marriages.


Demographical situation. The first reason lies in the statistical data. Russia is one of those countries where the female population outnumbers the male population. The men-to-women ratio is approximately 88 to 100. That is why those 12 women have to look for a man somewhere outside Russia. Another statistical fact says that men in Russia die earlier that is why for many women in their late 30s or 40s it can be pretty difficult to find an available man. For the same reason, the divorced and widowed women often stay single even if they want to start again.

Early marriages. Another reason why beautiful young ladies in their late 20s and early 30s have to look for a husband abroad is a tendency towards early marriages in Russia. Most couples tie the knot before they turn 25. Due to this, those girls who wanted to become successful in their professional lives first are often left without a partner when they decide to settle down.

No perfect matches. It’s very important for a Russian woman to have a husband who is totally compatible with her. Unfortunately, life priorities and goals of Russian men and women often differ much. Men tend to be more passive and lazy while women are ambitious and hard-working. Most Russian girls are highly educated and they want their future spouse to be a match for them. In their opinion, Western men are persistent and industrious; they know what they want from this life and this confidence attracts Russian women.

Immaturity of Russian men. Being spoiled by women’s attention, Russian men tend to be passive and childish. Young guys are not interested in marriage and possible commitment scares them. When married, they think it’s enough just to have the status of husband and father. That’s why they don’t take an active part in the family life and upbringing of the children becomes a woman’s duty.

Alcohol abuse. According to the official reports, Russians are often rated as one of the heaviest drinkers in the world. Alcohol abuse is the main cause of low life expectancy and a high divorce rate in Russia. Generally, Russian men don’t pay enough attention to their health. The reasons for such negligence are mainly a low standard of living and high unemployment rates. In other countries, where the economic situation is much better, men are healthier, so Russian girls decide in their favor.

Secure future. The standard of living in Russia leaves much to be desired. At the same time, every Russian woman wants a better future for her children. Since a man is considered to be a bread-winner in the family and a woman is expected to be a loving and caring wife and mother, Russian girls look for the man who will provide for the family. There isn’t a woman who wouldn’t wish a better life for her future children.

Respect for women. Unlike Russians, Western men are generally more respectful towards women. Many Russian men tend to be harsh and they don’t want to express their tenderness being afraid of coming across as weak. It can be partially explained by their patriarchal view on women that they can’t get rid of. Also, one of their main problems is a lack of manners. Men from other countries behave more gentlemanly when they are with women and this is what attracts Russian women in them. It’s always honorable for a woman to have a real gentleman by her side.