Stereotypes about Russian women


The rising popularity of Russian women on the marriage market makes a lot of us interested why so many men find these ladies attractive. And with the curiosity, we suddenly start remembering all the myths about women from this beautiful and severe country we have ever heard. People just keep stereotyping women on the basis of one or two disappointing acquaintance. Let’s dig dipper to decide which of them are true.

Stereotypes about Russian women

What is so peculiar about Russian women?

A mysterious Russian girl – who is she and why is it so difficult to understand her inexplicable attractiveness? No one has a clear answer. These women combine a cocktail of seemingly incompatible features. For some people, a Russian girl appears to have a straightforward yet sensitive nature. For others, she is a femme fatale with an explosive temper. But everyone shares the opinion that Russian girls are unique. They have a strong will and the ability to overcome difficulties. Besides of their natural beauty, Russian girls are very intelligent and have a spacious mind. That’s why you’ll never be bored in their company. They have their own point of view on virtually anything. Generosity and hospitality are the main part of every Russian soul. These girls are full of surprises. Many of them have a quick temper and frequent mood swings, but this only makes them more intriguing. Their view of life is quite rational, but at the same time, they are very romantic and positive about the future. Russian girls believe in true love and in miracles which they think will happen to them in next to no time. All these qualities make them so attractive and desirable for men around the world.

Stereotypes about Russian women that are true

A lot of Russian ladies stereotypes are fictional, but some of them are actually not far from the truth.

Russian women are superstitious. It may sound ridiculous, but the power of superstition in Russia is still going strong. Just like in times when paganism was the main religion, you can find the numerous traces of old traditions in modern life. In particular, this applies to Russian women. In fact, it would be a good practice to get acquainted with the most common superstitions before you start communicating with Russian people. For example, if you don’t want to offend them, think twice before whistle indoors, giving mirrors and empty wallets as gifts, and flowers in even numbers.

The family is their priority. Indeed, almost every Russian girl thinks that her life goal is to get married and start a family. Interestingly enough, at the same time, they study in universities, work and build their careers. But no matter how demanding their jobs or studies are, Russian women still find time to maintain the household, take care of their husband and children. Emancipation hasn’t yet reached women’s minds in Russia, and men are still considered as the main earner in the family. So yes, basically Russian women are great housewives and domestic goddesses.

Russian women are fashion-mongers. This one is partially true. An average Russian girl spends at least half of her income on clothes. They dress up any time of the day regardless of the occasion. You can easily see a girl on high heels and in a fancy dress doing shopping in a mall. Some explain this love for dressing up by simple competition in order to find a better husband; others put it down to culture and historically developed traditions. In general, however, Russian women express themselves through their clothes. They want to look good because it makes them feel confident and happy, and not because they strive for extra attention from men.

They are very intelligent. First of all, they love to read. As you probably know, Russian culture has created some of the richest literature in the world. Also, they often visit the theatre, especially in school years, like traveling and broaden their mind in every possible way. Secondly, they have to be well-educated because of the high competition in the job market, where employers still prefer to hire men instead of women.

Russian women pay great attention to their looks. That’s why every self-respecting woman never goes out without make-up and a decent hair. Russian girls spend a fortune on cosmetic products and love watching beauty blogs to immediately implement the new ideas.

Dissolving myths about Russian women

Some of the Russian girls’ stereotypes are not only far-fetched but also sometimes offensive. Here’s the list of women stereotypes that prevails among Westerners.

  • Russian women drink a lot of alcohol. It’s funny to read articles in which they claim that Russians spend the whole day clutching to a bottle of vodka. These kinds of Russian women stereotypes are so not true. It’s not a secret that one of the national problems in Russia is alcoholism. But mostly it concerns the men population of the country. Russian women prefer to drink wine and only on special occasions, which include parties and someone’s birthdays.
  • All Russian women are good cooks. Maybe this was the deal some ten years ago, but not so much these days. With the increasing pace of life, Russian girls more often prefer to eat out rather than cooking the meal themselves. Of course, when they start a family they cook a lot, but who said that all of them are excellent cook experts?
  • They are ill-mannered. This stereotype takes its origins from numerous examples of misbehavior of Russians while they spend vacation abroad. Well, there are rude people everywhere. And unfortunately, a lot of them are wealthier than the average more educated and polite people in Russia, who can’t afford to travel. There is one more thing to consider. Russian women are very self-sufficient and from early days they learn to fight for what they want in life if they want to survive. That’s why sometimes their hot temper is misinterpreted as ill manners, but in fact, it’s only a defensive reaction.
  • Russian women are gold-diggers. If you consider one of the Russian women for dating purpose you must have heard that they are cunning and greedy. There is an opinion that Russian women are mercantile and desperate to marry a rich man from another country no matter who he is. Unfortunately, there are species like that in Russia, but correct me if I am wrong –you can find a lot of people like that around the globe. There are so many wonderful women in Russia, and you need to be a fool to think that all of them are the same.
  • They are cold and hostile. The fact that Russian women don’t smile every second of the day doesn’t mean that they are stone-hearted. Their sense of humor is slightly different than those of Western cultures. These men and women stereotypes are connected with Russian mentality. They smile only when they think something is funny, and almost never use a fake smile to be polite. Once you get to know a Russian girl better and become her friend you’ll receive a lot of positive attitude from her, and it will be genuine.

There is absolutely no point in believing everything you hear. Until you meet one of the gorgeous Russian girls, you can’t really be sure whether these numerous stereotypes about women are true or not. Especially it is important if you decided to choose one of the Russian girls for dating purposes.