Peculiarities of a Russian Dating Model


Interpersonal relationships always remain a problematic sphere of human life. Simultaneously, communication is an integrant part of everyday life – avoiding it is nearly impossible! But the hardest part comes alongside dating. We all want love but it is not that simple as we describe it in books and movies.

One of the most significant issues arouses when it comes to cultural differences. It means that every nation in every part of the globe sees human relationships (love relationships, in particular) in a totally different way. Therefore, you should consider these peculiarities to build a strong relationship with the representative of another culture.


Russian culture is a buffer between the Western and the Eastern worlds. As a result, it absorbs differential characteristics and models from both “sides” and accomplishes them with exclusive Russian particularities. And there you go – a barely describable Russian relationship model. But don’t be afraid – we will do our best to explain it to you. We really hope it will help you build truly strong and long-term relationship with a Russian girl.

First of all, you need to understand that Russian culture is quite traditionalistic. That is, people in Russia are, in general, religious and highly appreciate family values. Therefore, the entire dating thing in Russian is approached from a position of a family-oriented person. Even if a Russian is not interested in starting a family and getting pregnant at the moment, she will have to cover her love interests under the mask of prospective family building – or she will be heavily criticized by other people. The society in Russia is quite ruthless when it comes to female behavior.

Keeping that in mind, it will be much easier to understand why Russian girls want to marry foreigners. They don’t want to leave the country or run away from poverty and harsh life conditions. Russian women hate Russian society – and for a good reason. Emancipation and the sexual revolution, which took place in the 1960s, haven’t really affected the Slavic world as it has been covered by the “metal dome” of the Soviet Union. Russian girls still seek respect and equal rights. And even though women in Slavic cultures have always been treated with a reasonable amount of respect, the nearest future won’t bring them the equality of rights (mainly in a mental and social way; legally, women are 99% equal to men). Russian women are trying to get away from… other Russian women. They are themselves their biggest nemesis.

Now let’s get back to dating itself. With Russian girls, you need to forget you have ever read about women on Western sources. Bear in mind that these girls have only lightly been touched by emancipation. They somehow manage to combine old-fashioned mindsets, family-oriented mindsets, intelligent, and sexuality. It might sound a bit odd yet they do recreate something you might have read in books by Dostoevsky or Tolstoy. But the main point is that these girls are really old-fashioned. You should keep this in mind when you approach them.

In Russia, men are the first to approach and initiate the entire thing. You should be the initiator. If you think that letting her be in charge of your developing relationship is a great idea, you are terribly wrong. Russian girls prefer to be led. Russian girls often say that women should love a little less than men do. However, it literally means that women should never demonstrate their feelings until they are 100% assured that the man of their choice is committed and ready to start a relationship.

Likewise, you should not make a Russian girl wait. The rule of four days, which says that you should wait four days before calling a girl after the first date to make her interested, makes no sense with Russian girls. They love their men to be straightforward and assertive. Flirting and coquette behavior is a prerogative of girls.

Speaking about straightforwardness. It’s really important for you to reveal your intentions as soon as possible. Not all the Russian girls are into marriage and you both might be interested now in traveling and romance only. HOWEVER, she should be aware of your aims and intentions. Otherwise, a Russian girl will feel insecure and uncomfortable.

Families play an important role in relationship development. Russian girls are commonly very close with their mothers so you need to make sure your future mother-in-law (as well as father-in-law) likes you – or else your marriage becomes nearly impossible. Likewise, you should never limit your prospective girlfriend’s communication with her family. Always keep in mind that family is the most important thing for a Russian girl – and we are not talking exclusively about her new family (you and children) but also about her parents, siblings, and other relatives.