Online Dating with a Russian Girl: a Complete Guide


Slavic ladies, especially Russian ones, have long been conquering hearts and minds of foreigners all over the world. Russian women look gorgeous, always dress stylishly, and know how to love a man. Their unique sense of humor and wit will never let you get bored. If you’re interested in finding a Russian girlfriend online, we may have an online dating advice, so you could see why there’s so much fuss about girls from Russia for yourself.

Alright, let’s find out where to start and what to do to make your dating experience with Russian ladies painless and increase the chances of success. And here come our online dating tips. We hope that it will come in handy.

Take your time when picking a dating website

The first step is to choose the right website to start looking for your soul mate. Russian brides are so popular nowadays that there’s huge variety of online dating services, with new ones appearing almost every week. No wonder that some dating websites full of Slavic beauties are simply unreliable. You can find hundreds of posts on Facebook where deceived guys tell about chatting with fake Russian girls.

A lot of women are paid for dating foreigners online, and sometimes there are professional scammers hiding behind ladies’ profiles and cute photos. They are great psychologists, having no problems with making men interested in them, gradually persuading them to start long-distance relationships. Then they simply take as much money from them as they can and disappear.

That’s why, before you start looking for Russian women online, do some research and find a trustworthy dating service that checks women’s ID’s before allowing them to create a profile and chat with men.

Watch what you write in your profile

Make sure to fill out every field in your profile, adding as much information as you can. Choose a cute photo, but it must be recent, don’t post a 10-year-old pic. I bet you wouldn’t appreciate if a lady from a dating website did the same. The main thing in online communication is honesty.

There’s no need to hide your real age if you’re over 40 or 50. In Russian culture, it’s acceptable for women to date guys who are 10 or 20 years older than them. So don’t be shy to write a 25-year-old girl.

man-online-datingWriting your first message

Once you found a reliable dating service and created a profile, start looking for ladies you like and contacting them. At this point, you should focus on more than one potential candidate. It’s impossible to predict how things may work out, so having a couple of backup variants would be great. When you text a Russian girl, the first message should be neutral and informative. Don’t write a long letter and try to make your language as simple as possible.

Keep in mind that you may stumble upon language barrier. Despite that in their profiles, most Russian ladies mention that they speak English well enough to keep a sophisticated conversation going, it’s not always true. So try to avoid sayings, quotes, idioms, and jokes your potential girlfriend may have never heard of.

Dealing with language barrier

This tip may be really useful if you wish to meet Russian women online. Usually, decent dating services offer their users such feature as a translation of messages. If the website you chose doesn’t have one, you’re probably gonna have to turn to services of professional translators, as standard tools you may find online can’t provide high-quality translation from Russian to English. Fortunately, there are dozens of websites where you can find a freelancer to help you.

Some girls may even ask you to sponsor their English classes. Frankly speaking, it’s not a good idea, as you can’t predict whether your relationships will last long or end in a couple of weeks. So, if you’re really interested in chatting with a lady who doesn’t speak English well, just find a good translator.

Ask for a video chat

Three or four messages is more than enough to understand if you want to get a bit closer with your new companion. Besides, it’s a great way to find out if she’s real. Ask her for a Skype call; if she’s not happy with your request, you’re may be chatting with a scammer. We live in 21 century; it’s not that hard to give someone a video call or borrow a web camera if you don’t have one. Besides, today, Skype offers a live translation of video calls, which is definitely a plus if your companion doesn’t speak English well. Anyway, you need to see if she’s not a fake.

What to discuss

Alright, now you know that your first message should be short and simple, but what to text a Russian woman after? Well, speaking to a Slavic lady is not so different from speaking to their European and American counterparts. As you don’t talk in person, you have the opportunity to think your conversation over, choosing topics carefully. Talk about her life, hobbies, family. Most Russian girls are well educated, so if you’re interested in literature, don’t hesitate to ask about your companion’s favorite authors. Try to stay polite. Make compliments, but don’t mention sex and topics like that. You’re not ready for such talks yet.

Going further

After a few video calls and a couple of dozens of emails to each other, it’s time to take things to the next level. If you’re really into your companion, why not offer her to start dating online? If you no longer keep in touch with other girls (if you wrote to more than one lady), it doesn’t mean that your online partner is not currently chatting with other guys. She may even have two or three more companions.

If both of you are interested in each other, why waste your time on others? Start dating and forget about people you kept in touch with just in case. After this step, you may start making serious plans, like a trip to Russia to finally see each other in person. If you don’t show that your intentions are beyond simple chatting, your Russian beauty may lose interest in you.


Long-distance relationships are not an excuse not to please your companion with a gift. Look through your website’s list of features: maybe it allows you to do that. A lot of dating services offer a delivery of a variety of flowers and presents, including your own ones. If not, you may still use a delivery service in her city (if it’s a big one). Just email them and order a gift delivery. Or send something from your home country via mail, but it may take months.

There’s no need in giving something expensive for the first time, though women in Russia do love men who spend money on them. So it’s better to send something more than a simple souvenir. It may be a piece of clothing, like shoes or a purse; in Russia, they cost a lot more than in Europe or the US. Buying a couple of small gifts for her family (or kids, if she has them) would be a great idea.

Sure, how expensive a present can be is for you to decide, but you should avoid sending your online companion money, at least before you meet each other. If your lady whines too much about how hard her life is, she might be a scammer. That’s why send only gifts, and if you can’t decide what present to choose, try a gift certificate.

Making a trip to Russia

If everything goes well, come and see her as soon as possible. For Russian women, online dating means a chance to build strong relationships, not to find a pen pal. So, don’t hesitate to show her that your intentions are serious.