How to understand a Russian girl


It sometimes gets hard to understand how a girl’s brain works. No wonder that people created a concept of female logic – as it was something that may not be decrypted. The situation remains the same with Russian girls in a leading role (even though they are considered less feignedly bizarre). So why is it so hard for men (and for other women, too) to understand what a girl thinks and talks about? Are there any possible ways to fully understand them? Let’s dig into female mind and try to get closer to the truth.


  1. Their peculiarities are normal, not odd. Sadly but true, men often think that their opinions and thoughts are to be called normal, standard, and proper. Likewise, society agrees with that and calls female thoughts odd and weird. This is the main reason for feministic scandals nowadays. The patriarchal tradition of men’s dominant role in social development leads everyone to the misunderstanding of women’s thoughts. The point is – no one is even trying to get to know what girls think about and how they apprehend the world. Russian women are even more sensitive to this inequality. You have to remember that girls are not strange - they are just different. It is basic and obligatory.

  2. Even though they are emotional, they also hide their feelings. Men often think that if girls are comfortable with expressing their emotions, they also have nothing to hide about their moods and states. Men are wrong at this point! You may not even imagine how much is going on inside her that she is not able to express. A Russian girl is frequently quiet, obedient, and very, very polite. Thus, girls might feel that it is awkward to others if they express less-than-cheerful feelings, or say that they are offended by something you did. Do not hesitate to ask her about her emotional state. She will readily answer your question. In addition, it will comfort her.

  3. She also needs some private space. You can often hear a phrase, ‘my relationship (alternatively, my girlfriend) consumes all my space! I have no time left for myself.’ Yeah, for sure – girls can sometimes be annoying with all their cheerful and loud activities. However, have you ever thought about her private space? Russian girls have a higher demand for a private space. It stems from her childhood – people in post-Soviet countries usually live in small apartments and have to share their space with parents or siblings. Therefore, she needs two kinds of a private space – literally a room to stay on her own and a psychological space to feel comfortable enough with you.

  4. Her behavior is not similar to yours. One of the most popular mistakes men make – they perceive female reactions in the same way as they apprehend their own behavior. No, you are not the same. Her discreetness does not mean that she just want to be silent for quite a while; it means that you said something that upset her. Russian girls do not feel comfortable with speaking up when they disagree, so instead they may withdraw. This is especially likely if you are saying something sexist or otherwise impervious, or are insulting something or someone she cares about.

  5. She has the menstrual cycle. The main physiological difference between men and women is her inherent ability to give birth. You must know that the menstrual cycle somehow affects her moods and behavior. The most horrifying stereotype is her hysteria as a cause of the postmenstrual syndrome. Common symptoms include tender breasts, swelling, feeling tired, irritability, and abrupt mood changes. It lasts up to six days and, during this period, she might make you feel absolutely insane. You have to be understanding. She is not satisfied either with her state or with feelings. Help her overcome this, not argue.

  6. She is as smart as you are. Men often underestimate girls’ intelligence. Why does it happen? The patriarchal tradition, again. Russian girls may have a worse reaction if someone insults her intelligence. Such insults are the main reason for a Russian girl to move away from their native country: Russian men take them for granted, never listen to them and totally enslave them. As well, research shows that girls are 2-3 years more mature than men are, so while you may be in a stage where you think burping or telling dirty jokes is hilarious girls do not think so and this will probably freak them out. Therefore, if you want them to stay with you, stop acting as if you were a child.