How to Talk to a Russian Woman for the First Time


It is essential to know how to talk with a Russian woman for the first time. You should know what to pay attention to and how to respond, as well. The strategy depends on the situation, of course. However, you will easily find some general information on things to talk about with a woman, which will be relevant to your Russian lady as well. The differences come when choosing topics to talk about with a girl and compliments for Russian women. Let’s take a look.

How to Talk to a Russian Woman for the First Time


Start with your appearance. Make sure that your look is appropriate according to Russian traditions. Russian women pay attention to men’s shoes and watches, so make sure these things look new and clean. Old trainers(even if you combine them with new jeans and stylish jacket) is not least of your problems, as a Russian woman is likely to think that you are either too greedy to buy yourself a pair of new shoes or too messy and do not care about your look. The same is about shaving. The one thing is to have a 5 o’clock shadow, which even makes your more sexual, and quite another thing is when the bristle makes you look like an ex-con. Keep in mind that a Russian woman will see you first and then talk to you. This means her first impression will be based on your look.

Besides, if you look fresh and natty, you will feel the same way. This is rather important if you want to approach a Russian woman. The thing is that they want their man to be a gentleman, but not too soft one. A Russian woman is likely to look for a guy who is in good shape (mental shape) so that women don’t wipe their feet on him like a doormat, nut to respect her. This is actually a reason why Russian women are womanly. Your woman will have no reason to be feministic if you will combine your power and respect. Just keep in mind that it is much easier to approach a Russian woman if you feel and look refreshed.

The preparation includes some training, as well. It is important to learn to look confident before you talk to a Russian woman. This means you need to work on your posture and body language. Do not hump your back. A man with a humped back cannot look confident. Thus, mind your posture even while you are heading to a Russian woman. It is not the best idea to hide your eyes, as well. Straighten your back if you do not to look like a shy person. This is essential unless you talk to girls online. Even though they won’t see any of you gestures or wrong posture, your texts should sound confident, although not too confident or self-confident for that matter.


  • Start the talk with simple and natural observations.
  • Russian women enjoy talking to men who start the conversation. The thing is that Russian women get nervous as well. Simply be yourself but do not be too self-confident or too cocky, or your Russian woman will not even talk to you.
  • Show her that you are a kind man and a deep thinker. All your compliments will be useful if she believes that you are a sweet talker. If this is the case she will try to push you away. Positive!
  • Do not start the conversation as if you want to make friends with her. Your aim is different, so start with a compliment. This will keep her sure that you like her and you are interested in her as a woman. Avoid the friend zone.
  • Let your Russian woman know that she means more than other for you.
  • Do not start the talk with the questions on the matter of her relationships with a boyfriend. Do not ask, “How is it going with your boyfriend?” This sound too rough.
  • Some Russian women love to seem unapproachable. Thus, have enough patience and do not give up on her.
  • It happens that an awkward moment helps you start the conversation. Thus, do not make your Russian woman to ignore you, but keep things positive and help her to come out of this awkward situation. Do not laugh at her, unless you see that she is fine with laughing at the awkward situation occurred and feel that this will be appropriate.

There is no need to remind men the importance of humor, especially if they want to talk with a Russian woman. It is an option, by the way, to start the conversation with a joke, although if you are not humorous by nature it may be quite dangerous. The thing is that the beginning is essential; it will plot a vector for the conversation in general. Well, if you are not humorous by nature, you may develop your sense of humor. Everything comes with practice, so do not worry if something goes wrong. Just be ready to reduce the tension if she missed your joke or if it was rough and offensive for her. Note that your cultural differences influence the jokes you both prefer a lot. So, it is better to get to know more about her culture before making laugh off something) This will give you a hint on how to keep a conversation with a girl, as well.


Well, once you are aware of how to start the conversation, you need to make sure that you will be able to make it interesting and fill the moments of silence if needed. Thus, when you talk to girls online you do not feel these pauses that much because it is okay for both of you to leave the desk and come back in a few minutes without saying sorry.


There are a lot of things to talk about with girls, during the date. Usually, the topics come up naturally, but if you are too nervous about the upcoming day you should keep in mind a few topics or facts to discuss with you Russian woman.

Thus, it will be rather interesting and funny for both of you to discuss

  • pets

Imagine your iguana and her cat are hanging together and share your thoughts about it

  • foods

The opportunities are various here. It will be nice for a Russian woman to hear that you really appreciate your grandma cooking. Say that her pies are just delicious. Discuss exotic foods, by the way, you may show her that you are a caring man and ask her if she is allergic to something exotic. Just do not make it sound rough as diseases, in general, is not the best topic to discuss.

  • hobbies

This is a rare thing to talk in reality because there are lots of those who think that they do not have any hobbies. The thing is that most Russian women are quite interesting. The thing is that they do not consider what they do when they have spare time as hobbies. That is why it is better to ask your woman if she is fine with her job. Is it far from what she dreamed in her childhood? This may even give her a hint that she can make some money out of her hobby. So the talk will be both fun and useful.

  • traveling

Can you think of another romantic topic to discuss? This one is also great because you will have a lot to share (you both live in different countries and your cultures are different). Thus, the talk is likely to be natural.

  • bad habits

It is an option, especially if you make fun of your bad habits, like being late… There is even a new app which matches people who hate the same thing. Well, be creative.


  • Do not mention finances during your date. Do not ask a Russian woman about her finances as well.
  • Do not discuss health problems. This one is too negative for the first conversation.

Finally, remember that a casual talk in a casual atmosphere will make both of you more relaxed so that you can keep the conversation going with a Russian woman.