How to Spice up Your Sex Life with a Russian Girl


Guides to international dating raise numerous problems but the topic of what Russian women like in bed seems to be less popular than more “neutral” and “safe” ones. Yet to succeed in your undertaking, you need to know how to approach this delicate matter right.

During the honeymoon stage of a romantic relationship, everything is allegedly splendid. But the fewer butterflies remain in your stomach, the more issues you start noticing. If there are too many problems, your entire compatibility might be ruined.

It is normal that people have different tastes but as a member of a couple, you need to sacrifice something to reach the mutual pleasure. Here is the strategy to use if to spice up sex with a Russian girlfriend.


How to spice up your sex life in 5 steps

Strictly speaking, any man should be aware of these general ways to make his lovemaking better – it works with women from any European countries.

Get absorbed with education. Sexual education, I mean. Information is the main treasure of today. The more you get, the more ideas to spice up sex life you find. Read, watch erotic films or even porn, attend some training – this is just exciting, isn’t it? I personally would suggest you doing it all with your partner to deepen your connection.

Change the ambience. Among the common ways to spice up your sex is to pick new locations. A night in some theme motel may be more efficient than reading one hundred books. Or you may do it at your own house – there are probably many places outside your bedroom to make out. Do not forget about decorations too!

Search for inspiration. Collect non-conventional poses or techniques to spice up your sex life. Not just by learning but by noticing those in routine life. There are pieces of art depicting sex, creative advertisements, audio guides, or erotic board games. Choose what suits you most of all and try it out! 

Diversify your foreplay. Pre-sex activities are an integral part of good sex with Russian girls. In fact, qualitative foreplay sometimes matters more than a further sexual act because you can satisfy your woman even without making her climax.

Shop for accessories. Sex toys and clothes may help you take your love life to a newer level without making too radical changes to it. Again, this is what you two should do together. Yet if you are aware of your lover’s preferences, you can also buy her a gift for a special occasion.

What Russian girls like in bed: items to considersex

Let’s see what essential facts you should know about Russian ladies prior to actually building relationships with them.

They see sex as something bigger than just physical contact. Men who are keen on dating Russian girls should take into an account that feelings come first. An average lady from that country will barely allow you go any further than mere kisses until she gets to know you quite well. These women are more oriented on serious dating.

Male leadership. Just like the entire process of wooing, sex with Russian women requires you to make the first move first. As a rule, such a girl wants a man to take her – in the beginning of a relationship at least. Simultaneously, female Russians tend to be passionate and bold in bed. 

Respective attitude. Regardless of how strong your urge is, you mustn’t pressure on your girlfriend. Sex is only a component of a harmonious connection between a man and a woman and there are definitely other important aspects of your existence. 

Communication. For example, this is a way more significant part of dating with Russian women. Due to their post-Soviet upbringing, most of them don’t feel so free about discussing their own desires and preferred stuff. Give her some time to adjust to you and learn how to talk about sex.    

Tenderness. This may not be the key to how to spice up your sex life but it is necessary to make your Russian girlfriend happy and relaxed. Don’t do anything without asking her opinion, note down what she would like to try in the bedroom and say how you like being with her. A Russian woman usually does her best in order to sustain her man’s feelings and excitement so you should do the same to her.