How to Love a Russian woman


Russian women have already gained so much popularity among men around the globe that it is hard to shy away from this topic. Let’s put aside the question of why they attract so much attention. I’m sure there are a lot of opinions on this matter. If you’re reading this article, then you’re interested in creating a successful relationship with a Russian girl. So let’s focus on how to love and to be loved by these beautiful women.

How to Love a Russian woman

What Russian girls look for in relationships?

Every girl has her own standards when it comes to relationships. It’s no wonder men are often so puzzled with how to make these beautiful creatures happy. The task becomes even more difficult when the issue concerns Russian ladies, who are known to be the most mysterious of them all.

But not to worry: we’re going to unravel the secrets of these girls’ hearts and minds. Keep on reading if you want to know how to love Russian women.

  • Romance

Russian girls are very romantically oriented. It’s their dreamy nature that makes them seek someone who knows how to treat a woman right. It doesn’t mean though that these girls are out of synch with reality. They don’t look for a prince charming to accompany them. But sometimes they, like all other women, want to feel that they are cared for and loved. You see, Russian girls are very feminine and not yet emancipated to such extent as the western women. They want courtship when dating someone.

  • Commitment

When in relationships, Russian women open their hearts to their partners and want to receive the same attitude. If they decided that you are worth their time, be ready to experience the warmest and the most selfless relationships you’ve ever had. Because Russian women more than anyone else can be devoted to their partner. And from your part, they expect to put efforts too.

  • Honesty

Russian ladies have this sixth feeling for lies, and they absolutely hate to be fooled. Don’t even think to start your relationship with the smallest lies. Russian girl will find out sooner or later, and the trust will be broken. Funny enough, these girls can forgive a lot of things including a misdemeanor, but they can’t stand when someone lies to them.

  • Love

In their minds, love is the key factor when choosing a life partner. A lot of people may argue that Russian women are after money and they don’t care about love. It’s not true. Of course, you have to understand, that a Russian girl won’t marry a poor beggar if she has a choice. She needs a man who has a decent job to support the family financially.

How to show your love to a Russian woman?

As a rule, Russian women expect their partner to make certain gestures that are common in their social environment. These gestures are almost the same as everywhere.

Let’s begin our journey to discover how to love Russian ladies the way they deserve.

It’s no secret to anyone that every girl craves for attention. Always remember to ask about her day, maybe even in details – women love to chat. Call her at least once per two days and send her a couple of messages. Especially she’ll be glad to receive a warm message with good night wishes. Be careful to not overdo this part. Excessive attention can be very annoying.

How else can a man show his love rather than giving his loved one a precious gift? Don’t forget about flowers, especially on the first stage of your relationship. If you’re at a loss over what to buy as a present, don’t worry. Generally, women like chocolate, perfumes, and jewelry. And no matter what you give your Russian girlfriend, she’ll definitely appreciate your attention.

Make her compliments. Russian girls like to be praised even if they say they don’t. Try to stay away from the boring clichés though. You won’t surprise her with complimenting her eyes and hair. Russian girls are especially proud of their intelligence and imagination. If you want to compliment her appearance, better say a few words about her style – she probably believes she has a great sense of fashion.

Russian girls can be sometimes a bit capricious. You need to be patient and keep your cool. Sometimes it’s better to turn the blind eye on the little shortcomings. The union of two people always implies the willingness to make concessions. So be the first one to show that you’re ready to build serious relationships.

Russian girls in dating: behavioral peculiarities.

Dating rules in Russia are slightly different from what you’re used to. Study some of the peculiarities below to find out how to love Russian girls and make them happy.

  • They can be late, you can’t. Russian girls spend so many hours preparing for the date that it’s virtually impossible for them to be there on time. It doesn’t mean though that you can come 10-15 minutes later because if you do, and somehow your girlfriend manages to come earlier, you’ll get in trouble. So better don’t press your luck and be punctual.
  • They are always right. You’re already aware that Russian ladies are very intelligent. And for some reason, they think that they know better no matter what situation you’re in. Don’t waste your time trying to persuade them, none of your compelling arguments will work. It’s all because Russian girls have their own logic, and truth to be told, most of the time they are right. So if it’s nothing really significant that you want to quarrel about, just leave it and accept her point of view.
  • They are annoyingly superstitious. You have probably heard about giving flowers only in odd numbers because even numbers are used for funerals. If a black cat crossed your way down the restaurant, you’ll need to go round, no matter how far it would be. There are actually hundreds of such superstitions. It’s in your best interest to learn at least some of them.
  • They never pay the bill. With a Russian woman as your date companion don’t count on sharing the bill at the restaurant. It is considered that a man has to pay for both. Lucky for you, the amount of money is usually small, because the prices in Russia are much lower than in Europe or the USA. Don’t take it personally, no one is trying to rob you – it’s how things work around there.
  • They like to be entertained. The majority of Russian girls like to have a good time on a date. You have to be able to carry on a proper and fun conversation. She expects to hear a couple of jokes from you, so be humorous and enthusiastic. Remember to track her mood. Sometimes all that’s required from you is to listen attentively, occasionally nod your head, and ask questions to help her continue her monolog.

Let’s hope some of these tips shed the light on the matter of Russian mysterious women. Now you’re fully armed with the knowledge on how to treat a woman you love. Good luck!