How to attract a Russian girl


A lot of guys would like to know how to attract a Russian girl, and whether it can be done without special kinds of words and gestures since not everyone has such knowledge and skills. Every man can attract a Russian lady and get her attention if he really wants it. But it’s not enough to just find and read useful information; you also need to know how to apply all the knowledge you obtained in practice and analyze the mistakes by correcting them.

How to attract a Russian girl

In this article, you’ll find out how to make a girl attracted to you. You just need to know a few elementary things, using which will help to get any lady’s attention to you and even make her want to date you.

Pay attention to your appearance

To win the heart of a Russian woman, you need to learn how to look attractive to girls. We all like ladies who look beautiful, as well as they would like to be next to a handsome guy.

You don’t have to become a model or something, just keep an eye on your hygiene and cleanliness. Choose your own individual hairstyle, clothes, and gait. Pick the type of clothes that make you feel more confident with girls.

Also, to attract a Russian girl, you need to keep your shoes clean and not only because women don’t like untidy guys. Make sure that your clothes are not rumpled, and that they smell fresh. Use some perfume if you want.

Dress properly

If you know where you are going and what kind of girl you like, you can achieve a lot. Just dress properly and attractively. What do girls find attractive? A nice outfit. Women pay a lot of attention to how men dress, and successful players already know this, so by doing it right, you can achieve the best result.

If you are looking for a lady in a luxury nightclub, put on the best clothes you have.

Women dress to be attractive in men’s eyes, and, despite the general opinion, it works both ways. Besides, your outfit can become an additional topic to discuss. If you make the right compliment to how the girl is dressed, you’re already halfway to success.

Become bold and confident

Even if you are looking for Russian women online, you need to seem a confident and courageous guy. All Russian girls like only strong men who are able to protect and provide for them. So show your strength to the girl and become confident. She’ll know for sure that you’re the one who can manage long-term relationships.

Kill your fear

That’s exactly what you should do - kill it. If you only knew, how many ladies dream of men making the first step or just hinting about their sympathy. There could be so many happy couples. Forget that a woman is quite capable of making the first step. Take the initiative; it's pretty easy. And you just won’t believe how much your lady will be grateful to you for making this step.

Down with stereotypes

Wondering how to be attractive to girls from Russia? Be original. Forget about the three-day rule. If you already had a date and got her number – call her. This way you make two people happy at once: you and the girl. Well, if only the date was great, and you didn’t invite her to a strip bar to have a good time or something.

Small things are not small at all

What are girls attracted to? Small signs of attention. You can’t even imagine how important they are. Girls can be very observant and even rancorous. To avoid getting into her blacklist, you need to be extremely careful. Although, there is nothing complicated here. If you’re a well-bred person, you can skip this part.

Russian women always analyze the behavior of a man when looking at him. Being polite doesn’t mean being spineless. And for some reason, men often consider these words to be synonymous.

Offer your help if needed

It’s a useful and convenient way to approach a Russian girl that opens a lot of further possibilities to develop relationships. For example, you can start by simply opening the door for the girl.

When you act like a gentleman, a direct approach opens many opportunities, including helping a girl when she is loaded with heavy bags, picking up her purse if she dropped it and many others. Don’t say a word, just help her and immediately get her attention.

Set up an eye contact with her

We’ll make an example here. Let's say you are looking for her attention through certain actions. Maybe you’re picking a shirt in some outlet, and then you notice her. Come a little closer, choose a shirt and look at her as if you’re asking: “How do you think, will it suit me?”

By the way, here you can easily determine her interest in you by her response. If her reaction is definitely positive, you may proceed.

Respect her interests

Yes, it’s pretty important. Even if you don’t share her passion for figure skating, internet programming or oriental cuisine, respect her choice. Never criticize her hobby. Russian women are individuals and proud of every choice they make. And try to treat her friends well too. They were by her side before you and, probably, will be there after you disappear from her life.

Types of men who will never attract a Russian beauty

Sometimes, to get a Russian girl's attention, you must first change for the better. If you want to attract one, you shouldn’t be:


Russian women dating nice and polite guys don’t understand men who swear a lot. Do you think that this looks more manly or stylish? Not at all, you only offend a lady. Try to avoid obscene words even when dating Russian girls online.


Girls are not interested in why you refuse to organize a normal date (endless walks in the park are only for poor students). She will call you a miser and run away.


Often guys confuse brutality and strength with rudeness and cruelty. And then they wonder why they can’t attract a beautiful girl.


In the animal world, the weak die first. The human world lives by the same laws, whether you like it or not. For Russian girls, dating is a test that shows if you’re a strong defender or a weakling that needs care and attention.


Education and self-development haven’t hurt anyone yet. No one needs dull and stupid guys.

These are the main tips on how to attract girls from Russia. Remember that strong relationships are the guarantee of a happy life. Love each other.