Essential Tips on How to Treat a Russian Woman in a Relationship


The question how to treat ladies seems to never be fully answered. Our world is populated with different female beings and each culture has its own standards. In this article, I’m gonna focus on Russian ladies and disclose everything you’ve ever wanted to know about their preferences.

How to Treat a Russian Woman

How to properly approach Russian women

Prior to learning how to treat a girl, you should become aware of how Russian ladies want to be approached. Here are the key recommendations.

Be first. Take the initiative, I mean. As Russians support the traditional division of gender roles, their women want to be wooed by men. Not that they are dependent yet they are obviously less emancipated than their sisters in Western Europe or the USA. So I bet a girl from this country will expect you to behave straightforwardly. A typical Russian woman won’t demonstrate her affection merely because she will be waiting for you to accept her signals and be decisive.

Act classy. Treat a Russian lady like you are a real gentleman! Any woman wants to be courted, especially if she originates from Russia. There is a widespread myth that Slavic girls are into tough guys who radiate dominance. But I must warn you this is a false affirmation. These ladies, in fact, have strong characters and even play the key role in their couples. And simultaneously, Russian girls tend to behave classy so they want their boyfriends to act similarly.

Tell compliments. Those are needed by any human being regardless of sex, age, or culture. The process of wooing a girl is unimaginable without compliments. Yet this isn’t as simple as you might think – you should develop the ability to choose appropriate words to describe your feelings towards her. Avoid sticking on her physical beauty: although Russian women are recognised as stunningly gorgeous all over the world, they have many other merits and they want to notice it.

Look nice. Russian culture is actually centred on the concept of “soul”, which means these people get keen on your intellect and moral qualities first of all. On the other hand, Russian ladies can’t keep themselves away from evaluating your handsomeness. And it is completely natural: people determine if someone fits them or not as a potential lover by examining this person visually within just 7 seconds!

Choose the place. To make a successful romantic acquaintance, you will need to not only use your inborn charms but also pick the right time and venue. Times, when you could freely approach a girl in the street, are gone. It is a rare thing nowadays. Instead, there are numerous places when singles (even from different cultures) can meet one another in a relaxing atmosphere. Russians borrow this trend as well so I doubt you succeed by trying to flirt with random girls at a supermarket.

Don’t be intrusive. Although Russian girls are into determined men, they wish to keep it all light. A serious relationship isn’t something that could be built within a week or a month. As a result, they like to get to know strangers gradually. I’d even say it is obligatory to treat women with respect. Don’t push her to discuss intimate subjects nor call her every day for any minor reason. Make your communication valuable!

Now, it’s time for me to tell you about how to treat women.

How to treat a real Russian woman

Show her you are a man. To treat a Russian girl as it should be, I advise you to perform a traditional man’s role: she wants you to be her protector and her guide. It would be a huge mistake to think Russian ladies can’t make their own decisions and live their lives independently. But they nevertheless want to get adoration and backing.

Get inventive. A very important thing to consider: Russian women fall in love with witty men rather than with pretty men. To sustain your girlfriend’s interest, you really need to demonstrate your mind capabilities. Likewise, it would be great to unleash your natural creativity to organise unforgettable dates and surprises for her. Be sure, she will pay you with the same!

Present her small gifts. Whether you like it or not, it’s impossible to properly treat a Russian woman without stuff like this. A man should express his feelings not only via words or deeds (which is compulsory, so to speak). Her native culture is built on this principle. Here, guys typically bring flowers on dates to show the favour their girls. I don’t mean it should be something lavish – let it be simple but match her enthusiasms.

Become her helper. Prove she can trust you in real life; this is also an ingredient of manliness. Russian girls really appreciate when their partners get keen on what’s going on in their lives. To make her notice your affection, offer your assistance in something like going to a grocery or driving her to the airport. Little routine things can charm her as effectively as feats.

Just communicate and be sincere. Communication may be the very first thing boys should know about how to treat a girl to keep her in high spirits. For Russians, it is not enough to politely discuss the weather or summer trips. No, they wish to talk about their problems, to tackle philosophy, and share their deepest emotions. So prepare your girlfriend will long for intimacy (not in its physical sense for the beginning).

Seems like I gave you the main tips on how to treat a girl right; finally, I want you to know what are the most common mistakes guys make while wooing Russian ladies.

What to avoid in relationships with a Russian woman

Treating her as a housekeeper. The household skills of Eastern Slavic girls are great but this isn’t a role they would like to play for their lifetime. Contemporary Russian girls want to develop personally and professionally. In particular, they believe foreign husbands will accept their true essence.

Dwelling on her sexuality. I bet almost any Russian woman can make a model. Most of these girls are gifted by nature. But if guys show interest only in their physical attractiveness, it rather offends them. Russian dating should be about the emotional bond between partners first of all.

Being too obedient. The other side of the coin. A man should be a man, which means he is supposed to be morally strong, self-assured, and determined. If you fawn around a girl and read into every word she says, she may think you lack manliness. In Russia, they say a man shouldn’t be henpecked by his woman: they’d better play their unique roles.

Trying to substitute your attention with material values. I told you about the importance of gifts. Yet men often take this advice wrong a bit and start feeding their lovers with jewellery or fancy dinners. A Russian girl primarily needs your emotional feedback – bear it in mind if you don’t want to make her sad. Gifts come second even though it is not right to economise on your beloved one.

I hope you now have a basic knowledge of how to treat girls from Russia. As you can see, there’s nothing that complicated about this sort of women – take the adventure and the success will follow!