Best Gifts for a Russian Girl


Do not want to bother yourself with the present? That’s absolutely fine if you are going on a first date. However, you should keep in mind that serious relationships with a Russian woman will hardly work out without presents. Especially when it comes to meeting her Russian relative, who tend to wait for you at the door in order to finally see what did you bring them. Just keep in mind that gifts for her relatives are important - consider them as a kind of test. =)

If you are sure about giving your Russian lady a present but are lost in a great variety of ones, we will give you some interesting gift ideas for women, according to their types: a Miss Naivety type and a Miss I-need-proofs-of-your-feelings.

Best Gifts for a Russian Girl


Positive! It may be something small, even a souvenir. Of course, it is not obligatory to bring a gift for the first date. However, you will appreciate a small gift if she comes to visit you, won’t you? So will she! This is about ethics and traditions: it is better not come empty handed, especially if she invites you to her place. In this case, by the way, the present or gift can be more expensive than a simple souvenir.

It is not a secret that women love presents. The same is about Russian girls. Don’t you want to see your girl smiling and being happy like a kid? I doubt you don’t. Besides, it will be a pleasure for you to choose gifts for women. What I cannot say about all the relatives. Yeah, there is a tradition in Russia, according to which you should bring something to each family member. If the family includes small children than a toy will do. As for other family members, Russians adore fancy and branded stuff. The thing is that the vast majority of Russians consider it fine to buy fake branded stuff, so it will be a great thing if you bring them something real from Duty-Free, for example. You may take a perfume for her mother and a bottle of a good, branded whiskey for the father.


It is fine to come without a present for the first date with a Russian woman, as well. This is true, especially if the one was brought up in modern Russian traditions. If you are not planning to meet her relatives, you may also skip choosing gifts for them. However, you may bring her flowers. Russian women like both fancy roses or orchids and simple wild flowers. Believe me, she will appreciate the gesture. Another option is to bring flowers even before you ask you Russian woman out on a date. The only thing you need is to know where she is working. It is a piece of cake to have them delivered to her office, for example. She will be thrilled.

Again even flowers are not obligatory. It is a nice gesture but sometimes it may be a little too much. A Russian girl may consider the gesture a little cheesy. So leave flowers for further relationships but not as a tool of wooing a Russian girl.

Besides, giving presents and flowers is a little bit out-dated. Thus, if you are planning to take a young Russian woman do not bother yourself with presents. It will be nothing but an over-top gesture for her.


I would say that there are two main types of Russian women when it comes to presents. The first type is a so-called “Miss Naivety”, while the second type is more like “Miss I-need-proofs-of-your-feeling”.

Miss Naivety

Well, how to choose gifts for girls, naive Russian girls to be exact. First of all, it is better to avoid luxury present, because you do not want to make her feel awkward. These women will hardly perceive such present as a diamond ring. Besides, they do not need them. What they need is your attention. This means your words can be even more valuable than your presents. Naive Russian women are likely to appreciate 5 or 7 wild camomiles rather than 101 red roses. Give something cute and meaningful and she’ll be thrilled.

These ladies are really crazy about meaningful gifts for a girlfriend: they may remind your first date or it may be a hint on how serious your intentions are, or may be a material compliment to her beautiful smile, etc.

However, you should be attentive while choosing such kind of presents for a girlfriend, because the fact that they like meaningful gifts also means that they take it all serious. It may be really offensive for your Russian woman to receive a cute kitten in case if she has mentioned that she is allergic to cats. This would look like you were not listening to her at all on your first date.

The same is about gift certificates. Well, just exclude this one from your list of gift ideas for a girl. This type of Russian women wants you to choose the present with care. Thus, the gift certificate may look like you do not want to spend your precious time on choosing a unique present for her.

Here are some gift ideas for girls, who are interested more in emotions rather than in the cost of the present:

  • a cute teddy bear
  • an exclusive perfume
  • a portrait
  • a small plant in a hand-made pot
  • a short tour around her country
  • a GPS-navigator
  • a scarf and gloves (to feel warm in winter)
  • a wooden accessory with a cute animal, she once mentioned you look like
  • tickets to see her favorite band

Miss I-need-proofs-of-your-feelings

These women do not need your sweet and cute but cheap gestures. They are proud and confident. They want you to proof both your feelings and your serious intentions by giving her expensive presents.

Here you do not need to be so attentive while choosing the present. The main criterion – it should be expensive or even luxury. However, keep in mind that it is not the best idea to give such ladies something tasteless. If you are hesitating, consult with an assistant in the store. Say that you need something expensive and sophisticated for your Russian lady. They will be glad to help you (especially if you mention that you want to spend an obscene amount of money in their store.

Furthermore, these women are likely to experience a constant attention from you. So it will be great if you send a courier with a present or flowers right to her office. By the way, if this is not your first date you may ask an advice from her friends if you know the ones.

Here are some present ideas for your proud Russian woman:

  • a golden necklace or a chain
  • a diamond ring
  • a car
  • a trip to an exotic island
  • a fur coat
  • rent a lux apartments in a hotel, for the period you are planning to stay in her country

Dating Russian women is a great experience, especially if you are smart enough to get to know all the peculiarities in advance. Thus, it will be a piece of cake to win the heart when dating a Russian girl.