8 beautiful ways to propose to a Russian girl


Everyone likes Russian girls. They are hot, intelligent, independent, and carrying. If you have one in a role of your girlfriend, then someday you would decide to make an offering. Russian girls love everything to be beautiful and meaningful, which is why you should do your best in organizing a proposal procession. No need to make it pompous and enormous, yet it has to be sophisticated and elegant. In this article, we are going to discuss basic preparations to the proposal and our choice for the most adorable proposal scenarios.

Before you offer your hand, you have to make sure that everything (and everyone) is ready for the proposal and marriage. Here we have a list of common pre-proposal requirements:

  1. A ring. You would need a proper jewelry to accomplish your offering. If you are not aware of your Russian girl’s taste in bijou, find it out surreptitiously or ask her friends and relatives for a piece of advice. In fact, modern tendencies are more creative than ever before, so you can try a sapphire wedding pendant or an engagement brooch. Russian women love men to be inventive.

  2. A speech. It is not necessary to be exclusively eloquent, but few elegant sentences would be appreciated. Prepare a schematic plan of what you are about to say and try to stick to it. However, you can try to express your feelings without pretentious phrases, substituting frippery with an emotionally bursting “will you marry me?”.

  3. Circumstances. Choose a lovely and remarkable place that would later remind her about your beautiful proposal. Girls are sensitive and passionate; therefore, they need a remembrance of how generous you can be if you would ever start arguing. It is a kind of bank deposit for your prosperous family life.

  4. Parental approval. Russians strongly stick to a tradition of parental blessing of a marriage. You would have to ask for it in advance, and once you have it – you can offer her your hand without doubts. She will be truly distressed if you do not ask her parents for the approval. Yes, it is only a part of formalities, but you need to support her traditions.

Now that you have a list of basic arrangements, let’s have a look at the most beautiful proposal scenario.

  1. A candlelit dinner. Can you imagine something simpler than this plan? A fancy restaurant, sophisticated Château Lafitte, tasteful appetizers, and an engagement ring on the top of her chocolate mousse. If you think it is trivial and cheesy, we are ready to prove your wrongness with incalculable cases of success with this type of proposal. A Russian girl always dreams about it, even if she never vocalizes this idea. Remember that complicating such events is a rather inane thought.

  2. A getaway proposal. Take her to a weekend trip. Book a luxurious room in a spa hotel and carry a ring with you. What would be even better is a beach and a sunset. Likewise, you can book an excursion to an old castle and offer your hand in the way a gallant would. She will remember this day as one of the best in her life.

  3. An engagement party. Slightly more complicated in organizing yet a beautiful event. You can make it a surprise or just throw a reasonless party. Invite her friends, colleagues, relatives, and basically everyone she would be happy to see there. Pause the music to make an important announcement. You Russian girl will be pleasantly amazed. As well, everyone important will be automatically informed of your engagement, which is convenient. Nevertheless, this scenario is good in case if you are totally assured that her answer will be “yes”; otherwise, a party turns out to be a massive disaster. Everyone would feel uncomfortable and ashamed, even though nothing shameful happened.

  4. The proposal of a creationist. There are truly numerous ways of offering a hand. Use your imagination to amaze you Russian girl. Why wouldn’t you try to write, "Will you marry me?" on the underside of a kite and take flight on a windy afternoon? As well, you can write your proposal speech on a wall she passes by every day. A proposal banner she would see from her window is a great idea, too. Girls love candies, so you can put a ring in a Kinder Egg. You can create a quest for her; she will seek for a box with a ring in her apartment or search through the city to find it. And, oh God, please someone get the airplane to write “Will you marry me?” in the air, it is every girl’s real life dream.