7 Things a Russian Woman Would Never Forgive


The relationship between men and women are never easy. It takes a great effort to build sustainable partnership – even if the chemistry between you is electric. Even though men and women are representatives of the same species, it sometimes really hard for them to understand each other, especially in terms of emotions and feelings. Therefore, we often find ourselves trying hard to enliven an already dead relationship and make it work despite the smell of decay. When it comes to Russian girls, things get simpler – they are both sincere and straightforward, so you won’t spend months trying to build an emotional bond by yourself.

Women are not that complicated. We are here not to dispel myths about girls; our main aim is to demonstrate intolerable behavior that you should better avoid with them. Here are seven things that Russian girls would never forgive (or even if they do, they would surreptitiously remain offended for an unknown amount of time). Keep on reading!


1. Cheating

Well, obviously – cheating is the great example of an intolerable behavior. Let’s pass by the explanations why this should rarely be forgiven – you know exactly why women (and men) indeed will not forget it. Russian girls are brought up in the atmosphere of piousness and family warmth; sexual infidelity is considered as one of the most outrageous acts of rudeness. As well, Russian traditionalistic religiousness dictates that cheating is a great sin. Polyamorous relationships are not really popular in the Russian Federation. The entire concept contradicts Russian family-oriented mindset. Overall, cheating is an act depicting your lack of self-respect. That is, you disrespect your own choice and devaluate your partnership.

2. Limiting communication with her family

As we have already mentioned, family values are highly appreciated in Russia. Even if you take your Russian bride away from her country, she will still prefer to be close with her relatives, especially her mother and siblings. Mothers in Russian families are considered the main persona (even though this country is believed to be patriarchal). Likewise, children are often 100% brought up by mothers while fathers devote their lives to providing a family with everything it needs. It determines the strong emotional bond between Russian girls and their mothers. That is why you should never forbid or even limit your Russian wife’s communication with her family.

3. Bros over girls

Russian girls are understanding and easy-going. They know that men cannot spend all time just working and staying home with their wives and children. She won’t mind you here and then spending some time with your friends playing poker, drinking beer, or doing whatever you find amusing. However, she wouldn’t be happy to find herself relentlessly lonesome just because you always prefer your friends to her. Your aim is to find time for both your personal interests and your family – that’s it.

4. Emotional betrayals

You might admit that it’s a made-up concept that women use to manipulate their boyfriends. But look at it closer – there are numerous visibly innocent things that, in fact, offend women – and Russian girls are no exception. For instance, your communication with other women might be okay if they are your colleagues or old friends. However, if you intentionally find female friends – your Russian girls will feel threatened and offended.

5. Disrespecting her culture

Russian people are very proud of their native culture – and for a good reason. Slavic people do their best to maintain cultural self-identity. Therefore, you should treat her roots with respect and piety. She won’t force you to learn the Russian language to communicate with her. Nevertheless, she will be happy to see you exploring and learning her culture. In the end, Russian cuisine is just amazing and totally worth trying!

6. Substituting love with presents

People on the Internet often claim that Russian girls are gold-diggers and look for foreigners to spend their fortune and escape the Russian Federation. Even though such individuals sometimes occur, the vast majority have nothing to do with this. Russian girls look for love and respect. They are eager to start a family with a decent man – and when you substitute your care and attention with presents and online communications, they feel desperate.

7. Limiting her freedom

Despite their attention is focused on starting a family, Russian girls usually have strong career ambition and multiple hobbies. If you limit her activities and want her to stay home all the time, cleaning and watching after children, she will eventually find herself endlessly unhappy. Provide her with some spare time, respect her interests, and give her a chance to embody the woman she really wants to become.