10 Romantic Tourist Destinations that a Russian Girl Would Love


All the girls dream of a romantic vacation in a paradise corner, where one can fall in love again, feel happy, and relax. And Russian ladies are no exception. Despite your nationality and home-country, when you’re in love, you get a strong desire to share this love with the whole world. Fortunately, there are dozens of romantic destinations created just for this purpose. In this article, we put together a list of ten most popular places in the world any Russian girl would love to visit.


Romance in the Maldives

A real tropical paradise for two! Maldives is a country in the Indian Ocean, consisting of twenty-six atolls. Your Russian girlfriend will be charmed by snow-white beaches stretching beyond the horizon, bordered by palm trees, ocean shimmering with all shades of azure, amazing coral caves, underwater reefs, and turquoise lagoons. These islands are the embodiment of paradise on Earth. Dozens of small coral atolls hardly rise above sea water, and the beautiful reefs around became home for various species of fish. Some kinds of leisure, like scuba diving, for example, will help diversify the romantic journey. Isolated and quiet, Maldives is a great place to travel with a Russian woman.

St. Thomas

St. Thomas is located in the Virgin Islands and famous for its shops and beaches. One can find dozens of small and cheap hotels around the island, which is perfect for couples in love. Although the size of the island is only a few tens of miles, St. Thomas offers a million ways to have a good time. Take a shopping tour, order a trip on the yacht, dive, go sightseeing, or order a romantic dinner in the restaurant. For Russian girls dating foreigners, the opportunity to enjoy exciting nightlife of St. Thomas is something they will never forget. There are a lot of places here where you can find peace and quiet, enjoying your loved one in a relaxed atmosphere.


beachLocated on the north-eastern coast of Central America, Belize is a popular resort and tourist destination for couples in love. Reef islands allow lovers to relax on private beaches and explore underwater life in the purest waters of the Caribbean Sea. Couples can even try a special fishing tour with all the fish they catch cooked and served them later during a romantic dinner. You can simply enjoy the beaches and palm trees. The territory of Belize, which is bordered by Guatemala and Mexico, is about 180 miles long and 68 miles wide, so you won’t need much time to explore it completely. A perfect destination if you plan to travel with a Russian girl.


Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation destinations and the dream of any Russian girl. In Russia, girls hear so much about these islands on TV that seeing them with their own eyes at least once becomes their number one wish. No matter what island you choose, Hawaii offers a variety of activities for couples in love. Here, you’ll find anything: tropical beaches, jungles, luxury suites, surfing, and abundance of wildlife, you name it. Be sure to visit the national park of Haleakala Volcano, the Iao Valley, and the Khan Coast. Looking for exotic entertainment? Try scuba diving, whale watching, sailing on a submarine, and helicopter flights above the western slope of Mauna Kahalavai volcano.


Seychelles is a country consisting of 115 islands, united in the archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It’s located about 930 miles east of Africa and northeast of another beautiful island - Madagascar. It’s on the Seychelles that the richest and successful people spend their holidays. This place is romantic and exotic; what else do you need to spend time in paradise with your loved one? You can sign up for golf courses, spas, or find a lot more different kinds of entertainment. After spending a couple of weeks here when dating a Russian girl, you’ll want to stay in Seychelles forever.

Romantic Tuscany

Tuscany is a part of central Italy, occupying an area of about 8,900 square miles. Tuscany is famous for its traditions, beautiful landscapes, history, and invaluable influence on culture. This cradle of the Italian Renaissance was also a birthplace of many influential and famous people of science and art. Villas, historical cities, and traditional vineyards - the whole Tuscany is a huge museum of history and romance. Visit old villas, try local food, drink the best wine in the world, and take sightseeing tours across the most popular spots. Soon you’ll understand that special atmosphere of this place. You won’t find anything as romantic as Tuscany in Italy.


The island of Tahiti is another great and exotic vacation destination for those, who seek an unforgettable adventure for two. Tahiti is famous for its beach bungalows. Some of them are built on stilts right in the ocean and allow you to plunge into warm waters right after you get out of bed. It’s impossible not to relax on local beaches with pure white sand and swaying palms, and the colorful sunsets create a romantic and unforgettable atmosphere. Tahiti is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world. If you want to impress a Russian girl, the island of Bora Bora on Tahiti is what you’re looking for. This island has a lot of secluded places to be alone with your loved one. And the magical local landscapes will conquer your heart: clear water, beaches with white sand, surrounded by coconut palms, as well as the remains of an ancient volcano in the center of the island leave no one indifferent.


An Italian pearl, Venice is known for the beauty of its architecture and works of art. Narrow streets, the rustle of water, canals, bridges, bridges, bridges... And every corner whispers about love, every building is filled with tenderness and romance. This city will make you fall in love with your significant someone again and again. A gondola trip across Venice perfectly symbolizes the city’s romantic atmosphere. Take a ride along the narrow canals together with your second half enjoying beautiful architecture. Check out the beautiful view of the city from the Rialto Bridge and feed the pigeons in Piazza San Marco. Dine in unusual Italian restaurants and get lost in the ancient cobbled lanes, admiring the Italian churches and squares. Venice isn’t called the “City of Lovers” for no reason. Taking a trip here when dating a Russian woman will be simply unforgettable.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a world-famous white marble architectural masterpiece located in Agra, India. This symbol of endless love speaks for itself. This is indeed the most romantic monument ever created. It was built as a mausoleum in memory of Mumtaz Mahal, a wife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. This architectural miracle is known for being a real treasure of the world's historical heritage and a bright representative of Muslim art. If your Russian lady is one of those travel girls, she will never forget a trip to this place for sure.


For Russian women, dating and Paris are synonyms. Paris is a city of love, with its wine, fine food, and atmosphere, no wonder who every girl dreams of coming here at least once in her life. Take a ride along the Seine in Bateaux Parisien, making a wish every time the boat sails under the most beautiful Parisian bridges. Take a stroll through the Luxembourg Gardens and admire the panorama of the city of lovers from the height of the Grande Arche, the Montparnasse Tower, or the Sacré-Coeur Cathedral. A visit to the Museum of Erotica in Montmartre will add some variety to your feelings. Paris has been fascinating people for many centuries. No doubt, this is the number one place on our list of the top romantic vacation destinations.

Some Russian ladies may choose a vacation on sandy beaches, and someone may want to climb up the highest mountain or visit the ancient city. Everyone has their own notions of a romantic vacation. Travel with pleasure, love and be loved!