Why should you start a family?


We are quite sure you have mat many happy bachelors in your life. Like, too many. These men are satisfied with their state and position. They love their random sex life, their total freedom from responsibilities. No one is waiting for their attention (aside from numerous women they sleep with). A successful bachelor is one of the greatest stereotypes of a modern society. Nevertheless, as time goes by, many of them realize their complete uselessness. By far, men understand that starting a family is the best way to fight a horrifying feeling of otiosity. However, it is not the only reason to start a new family (and, as well, the least fitting). In this article, we are talking about a perfect timing to create a new family and the reasons why you should do it.


By “perfect timing”, we do not involve some particular age or day\year. Such serious occasions as starting a family (marriage plus having children) cannot have a certain date as its approximate beginning. What actually matters is your state and thoughts on this topic. Let’s have a closer look at main signs of your readiness to start a family.

  1. Kids stopped irritating you. Adolescents and youngsters are often annoyed with children basically hanging around, even if their behavior is truly angelic. It stems from modern men’s reluctance of the family concept itself. If you feel you no longer experience sickness when you look at the kids – you might be ready to have your own.

  2. You found the one. Of course, you need a perfect woman to start a happy family. Men often make a terrible mistake – when they realize they want to start a family, they marry the first available woman and suggest it is a great choice. No, it does not work this way. You need to love your woman. She is not just a housekeeper or an incubator for your future children – she is an individuality that will co-star your life movie until death do you part. So take your time and be responsible while choosing your partner.

  3. Your priorities changed insensibly. Do you remember how you used to party every night back in your early twenties? You might feel no longer interested in such amusement. If your main priorities have gradually changed into house, career and love – it is a sign of oncoming maturity. Likewise, it is a perfect time to start a family.

  4. You can afford a baby and a family itself. It might not sound not quite attractive, but it is what you really have to take into consideration. Having a family (especially having a kid) is a great responsibility. As well, it is often financially unaffordable. Take a look at your accounts and incomes. If you are barely able to pay for your bachelor’s life – you need either to overlook your expenses or improve your financial state to start a family. Otherwise, you can put your family in a state of poverty, which will not affect it positively. So think twice before making important decisions.

Now, we can consider some common reasons for a man to start a family. They are rather subjective, but you can find the one that would fit your life requirements, for sure.

  1. You want to settle down. Men usually get entirely exhausted by promiscuous sex life and unstoppable partying. Frankly speaking, it happens much faster than you can imagine. One of the best methods to settle down your life is starting a family. A loving woman and children somehow sooth your reckless character and make you want to come back home as soon as possible. People sometimes suggest that a radical change in your behavior can in some way be equalized to losing yourself. We cannot agree with this idea. We would rather call it a “finding of your new self”.

  2. You need a successor. Well, we are not in the Elizabethan Britain and bearing a successor is not that necessary. Nevertheless, men often feel a tremendous necessity of getting a successor who would take over the father’s legacy – a family name, business, property etc. Men are afraid to be lost in years – they truly need to leave some legacy. But who would carry it? Of course, a child! As well, men often try to fulfill their dreams using their children as an instrument. For example, a certain man always wanted to become an astronaut, but life made him an economist. Therefore, such “unfortunate” man would try to force his kid to become what he dreamt of being. We do not recommend acting like this. Watch Aronofsky’s “Black Swan”. It will answer numerous questions about family.