Why Russian Women May Reject You


You should know that Russian girls are picky and hard to please. You can hear “no” from a Russian beauty for a number of reasons ranging from your trivial or rude pickup line to your untidy clothes. Although there is a saying in Russia that a man should be a bit more attractive than an ape, still Russian women pay much attention to the way men dress and take care of their appearance. A torn T-shirt and dirty shoes will work on a Russian girl as a great turnoff no matter whether she looks at your photo online or you meet her in real life on the street.


Those Russian women who had dates with American men complain about their careless attitude to their clothes. In the US, people tend to wear casual clothes without paying much attention to their state. That means that you can see a lot of guys wearing well-worn and sometimes even stained jackets or shirts. It’s really shocking for Russian women because they put on their old shabby clothes only at home or when they go to their dachas and work in their gardens. Going out in the clothes with holes or dirty sneakers is inconceivable for Russian women. That is why if you approach a Russian lady on the street wearing your old jumper and dusty shoes, she’ll think you are a tramp and will try to escape you as quickly as possible. Or if a man shows up in stained clothes on the first date, it can be his last date.

The truth is that women all over the world are attracted to the men who dress sharp. Since Russian ladies are more clothes-conscious than Western women, they pay greater attention to the way they look and they are more demanding in terms of men’s ability to dress. You should take that into account before uploading your profile photo on an online dating site as well as personally coming to Russia to meet your date in real life.

When you send your introduction letter to a particular woman, make sure your profile photo is of good quality and depicts you in the best way. Avoid those pictures with your naked torso or six pack. Of course, that’s very sexy and it shows that you work out but a Russian woman may think that you are not very serious; she might feel embarrassed and ignore your letter. You need to make a good impression on a woman. Be ready that the first thing she will pay attention to is the way you are dressed. While a business suit may seem too formal to Western women, it will work with Russian girls. They will feel comfortable and even exalted walking in the park with a man dressed in a long-sleeved shirt, trousers of a normal length, and a jacket or blazer. By dressing sharp you’ll look compatible your Russian date because she will be dressed up to the nines, that’s for sure.

If you are going to Russia, make sure you packed up your attire both for formal occasions and for more relaxed ones. It’s clear that going to a fancy restaurant you’ll need to wear a suit and tie and fashion shoes or boots. For a day date or a walk, designer shirt and jeans will do. Avoid wearing T-shirts, especially those ones with “witty” prints. As to the footwear, you can wear even sneakers if they are nice and clean. Also, you can do without a suit and tie if you have a blazer in your wardrobe that goes both with jeans and formal trousers.

Another important constituent of a man’s image is his smell. Russian women appreciate it very much when men wear some cologne or perfume. You must know that to smell good, perfumes are not enough. Personal grooming is essential before applying some fragrance. Unwashed hair or beard is another serious turnoff for Russian women. Choose fresh scents and use your cologne mildly.

Remember that the way you dress and take care of your looks says much about you. Sloppy looks will make a Russian girl think that you are not serious and take her for granted. That is why dress to impress and win her heart.