How to Pick Up Single Russian Moms


People through centuries have been trying to determine what the sexiest feature of women is. Some suggest their bodies are the main attraction. Others insist on intelligence being the biggest attraction. We should not forget about those, who assume women have some secret charms that allure men. We are not going to argue with any of these opinions. Our mission today is to tell you about another characteristic that makes women eye-catching. It’s their experience and maturity. No, these features have nothing to do with age. This article is devoted to single moms, no matter if they are in their mid-40s or have just become adolescents. The power of motherhood and inner sexuality that only Russian mothers may possess make them unbelievably attractive.

We are going to discuss best approaches towards single moms, common turnoffs, and some pickup tips for single moms. But for the start, let us explain why you should not be afraid of them and why you will get the best out of relationships with a single mother.

Men are often frightened by the fact that a woman has children. It looks more like a threat or a burden. That is why it’s sometimes so hard for a woman to find a husband or a boyfriend after a divorce. You should understand that modern women are not alike their predecessors. They are autonomous and self-confident. Upbringing children alone is no longer a tragedy; some women intentionally get out of relationships because they know they can give much more to their children by themselves. Bear in mind that they DO NOT look for providers. Of course, some of them might be happy to get some extra financial support. However, that’s not their main aim. Single mothers often look for a friends-with-benefits type of relationships, mainly because they don’t have much time for all the romantic stuff but still need to get their dose of sexual endorphins.

As it’s been already mentioned, we encourage you to seek single mothers for a good reason – they are mature and experienced. You will not have to deal with childish and pretentious behavior. You will get a full pack – a confident and intelligent woman that knows that she wants from life. Children are a great responsibility and single mothers know how to deal with it. If you have not understood it yet, we shall explain it. A single mom will not force you to start a long-haul relationship. Weddings are not obligatory either. Most of them have already been beneath the altar and, for some good reason, they got divorced.

The aforementioned fact raises the most important part of your pickup process. You need to figure out what was wrong with her previous relationships and don’t fall into the same pattern. Or she will dump you momentarily. She is single, and in most cases, it means something was terribly wrong with her family life. That is what we will start with.

1. Define her desires and your intentions

She’s not a little girl. And you are not a frat boy. As you are both mature and knowingly start dating, you need to clear out your intentions. She might not be into serious relationships or marriage at this moment of life. Or she might not be inclined to have sex without emotional attachments. That is what differs teenagers from adults – grownups DO know what they are doing and WHY they are doing it. Consider discussing your and her priorities in advance.

2. Act confidently and manly

A single woman has one sphere of life she cannot fulfill regardless of her efforts. She needs a stronghold – a real man. She obviously can live without it and her life will be complete. But only a strong man can make her 100% happy. It’s not about us being sexists. It is just the wat nature designed humanity. A single mother would gladly fall for an assertive and self-confident man. Unfortunately, such individuals are rare nowadays. Make it your advantage!

3. Make her feel sexy again

You are wrong if you think that women like cheesy verbal compliments and trivial pickup lines. Even the most desperate girls do not always fall for that. You need to be creative to show how sexually attractive a single mother is. Shift your attention to her collarbones, her lips, and her intelligence! You should praise these ‘parts’ of her to make her feel sexy. Some women experience sexual frustration after giving birth. If you become the one who cures this frustration, your success with this woman is guaranteed.

4. Respect her motherhood

As we are talking about single mothers, we should not forget about children. Obviously, kids are not the only interest these women have. Nevertheless, they will not date a man who disrespects their children. Your aim is to demonstrate your concern and curiosity. Children are a flourishing topic to discuss, so give her a chance to talk about it for a while. It will raise an emotional attachment between you two and will enhance her perception of your personality.

How to Impress a Single Mom

A lonely mommy has a lot of worries, she has no time to think about love. She dismisses thoughts about men, ignores date invitations. Like any woman, she wants warmth, attention, happiness. Agreeing to the meeting, there are certain difficulties. A single mom's date is somewhat different from a simple dating.

There is an opinion that it is better for a woman to tell about children, so as not to frighten off the partner. Psychologists advise reporting this earlier. Do not hide important information.

emotional support for single mother Dating Place

Usually, the choice of where to meet for the first time is given to the woman. Choose a restaurant, park, cinema near the house.

What to talk about on the first date

There are many topics for discussion. Tell about hobbies, life interests. Listen carefully to the woman. Talk carefully about the child.

If both have children, then in the process of communication common themes will arise.

How to make a good first impression on a single mom

The first impression depends on the following factors:

  • The ability to control the body - gestures, gaze, gait, posture, facial expressions.
  • Voice and intonation - timbre, confidence in the voice or excitement.
  • The meaning of the spoken words. This factor does not matter in the first minutes of dating, but after a while.
  • There are several rules to follow.

Be yourself

Hypocrisy is noticed by people instantly, even if they cannot explain it with words. A single mom will feel embarrassed if your words diverge from your behavior or when your sad mood is combined with a chilly smile.

Learn to enjoy communication

If you get sincere pleasure from communication, everything will be adjusted by itself. You will no longer need to try to make a good impression artificially, it will be formed without your participation. However, this requires a lot of work on yourself.

Habits that aren’t kid-friendly

1. Bad habits

It is difficult to hide vicious habits. You cannot hide an eel in a sack. A truth will come out. They come to light very quickly, almost from the first meeting. When a man orders a few glasses of beer one by one , it is is a bad sign. Just break away from him. You do not need to re-educate him and “treat with love,” no matter how good he is, it will not work. Let him cope with his problems himself.

2. A Married Man

A married man is not your man. To be a lover is humiliating. A married man lives poorly with his wife or she is “sick”. He says that he will surely divorce ... then, someday, when the children grow up. Do you believe him? In vain. If you already have an affair with a married man, please do not count on him as a husband. He is already married and does not belong to you.This relationship can be considered as entertainment, a vent among everyday life. It is obvious that something serious is unlikely to succeed.

3. A Poor Man

The reason is that money is an indicator of relationships in all spheres of life and, in particular, in a couple, in a family, and often as a catalyst for parting, quarreling, adultery and other passions.

Emotional support for single mother

It is very important for single women to work on their self-esteem. Under the influence of public opinion and a difficult life situation, they often suffer. The need to feel like a complete person, worthy of happiness, is impossible to be denied. Therefore, it is important to try to find in life something besides past failures, difficulties with children and the daily routine. It is enough to try to find something that helps maintain spiritual comfort in order to get rid of guilt and other negative emotions.

A woman is not always ready for a serious relationship, as it is psychologically difficult for her to believe another man. In addition, mothers are worried about how the future relationship between their children and their stepfather will develop, because in any conflict they will feel guilty. Some women are lucky, they meet a man who becomes a real father for their children and support for themselves, but this does not always happen.

How to find a connection with her children

1. Treat the child as an ordinary person

Please note that those people who are most successful in establishing contact with children communicate with them calmly, in a balanced, normal manner, explaining difficult things to them. These people, from the very beginning, perceive the child as a full-fledged person, only making allowances for the fact that children are still small. And this approach is captivating children. Hold a full dialogue with them. Note that children are always easy to find a common language with each other. This means that there is no need to doubt openly if you hear such statements. Instead, develop the conversation: “Really? Do you want to tell me about it? ”.

2. Do not praise the child directly

If at the meeting you want to make a compliment to the child, focus attention on his clothes or on the object he holds in his hands. When strangers touch something personal, they risk making the child even shyer. All that is required at the first meeting is to relieve the tension that occurs in the child when in contact with a stranger.

3. Express the emotions of the child on your face

You can often find situations when people laugh, when a child cries, in attempts to cheer him up. What has really happened? When you meet the child in the upset feelings, try to make a sad face and sympathize. In most cases, it helps, and the baby is easier to contact.

How to make perfect dates with a single mom

Meet her children only if you are sure that you want to be with this person for a long time. When you meet and build relationships with children, it will be much more difficult to leave! This will also affect the child adversely.

  • Don't try too hard to be a dad. Respect will come with time.
  • Try to attract her and the children to activities that you like. This will help them better understand you as a person.
  • Do not be jealous of the former or the father of children. It is difficult, but jealousy will only lead to unnecessary stress for you, her and the children.
  • Try not to have sex when children are around. This is very inconvenient. Meeting with a single mother is difficult. It is under the power of a mature man who is reliable and confident. Do not do this if you are not the same.
  • Do not hurry! Children need time to get used to. Act slowly, and in due time everything will fall into place.
  • Do not play with a single mother. This is not gentlemanly! A single mother is in a difficult position. She has children whom she cares for. When she is in emotional distress, it affects her children.

Features of character single mom likes in You

1. Intelligence

Women fall in love with the smart. It's natural. Mind for them is almost one of the most important criteria. It’s not a long time to think about which men women like, because the answer is quite simple. She really wants to be proud of you, so do everything in your power. When she sees that you know much more than her, and this knowledge from different spheres of life, she is almost yours!

How to Impress a Single Mom2. Care

Women like attentive and caring men who give the opportunity to feel protected. Although now most women strive for independence,but in the depths of their hearts almost everyone still dreams of being with a man, who is as safe as houses.

3. Responsibility

A man becomes a truly mature person only when he takes responsibility: for his woman, then for his children. All life before this is only a preparation. Responsibility does not mean just to live under one roof, it means to be a support for the family, to be responsible for the family financially, to protect from problems and experiences.

What to talk about with a single russian mom

1. About hobbies

Tell about your hobbies heartily. This is a vast topic. You can tell your interlocutor not only about your favorite authors of books, paintings, engravings, but about everything that you plan to do in the near future. You can talk about your favorite activity for a long time and without stopping, so you should follow the reaction of your interlocutor: if you feel that the person is bored, change the subject gradually.

2. About work. If it is extremely interesting

You probably want to know as much as possible about each other, to make a complete portrait. Profession and career plans play a significant role in the life of each of us. It will be useful to find out how ambitious your chosen one is, what she aspires in life or does not aspire,or just content herself with a stable position.

Pros and cons of russian single moms

For example, in Moscow, the following payments are made from the moment of birth, in addition to payments related to birth:

  • Nursly benefit - 1500 rubles;
  • Monthly compensatory payment for reimbursement of expenses in connection with the rising cost of living for children of certain categories of citizens - 750 rubles;

The monthly compensatory payment for reimbursement of the growth in the cost of food products to certain categories of families with children under three years old is 675 rubles.

But with the entry into force of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the legislator canceled the privileges that existed in this category of the population. Moreover, the Housing Code deprived any protection of the interests of children in the institution of property. When making transactions with owners, children and their mothers, at times, are simply thrown out onto the street, while the legislator comes up with new ways to deprive the parents of their parental rights.

Things to avoid with a single mom

1.Without mentioning about the past

There are people who have a desire to talk about their previous relationships or, conversely, to ask a loved one about his connections. This is explained both by a too literal understanding of the word “trust”, and by attempts to hurt a partner or to get a cause for insult. What can be achieved by shaking up personal memories? We all are subjected to human weaknesses. And such directness is a provocation for anyone, even the most tolerant partner.

2. Child ignore

Emotional neglect can look, for example, as follows: a parent or other significant adult ignores a child when he is upset or understates the importance of the child’s experiences. When a parent fails to set boundaries that provide security, always giving priority to the needs of another child or their own. Or when the parent is absorbed in other things and he does not have time to let the child feel the importance of emotional experiences.

Stereotypes about single Russian moms

She will only need money

Another false belief: all "single mothers" are looking only for sponsors for themselves and their children. Reality: the presence and absence of a child does not affect the mercantile spirit of a person. Yes, there are such "ladies" who are not averse to hanging themselves on any well-turned neck. But if you treat all women with such prejudice, it is easy to miss the one, the only one that will be interested not only in the contents of the wallet. In addition, to find out the intentions of the chosen one is quite simple, and in most cases, self-interest becomes visible from the first dates.

The woman is to be blamed for divorce

Some men can not be convinced: they are sure that in parting is always the woman's fault. This is an absolute childishness to hang all the blame only on the opposite sex and look at things only from one side.