How to Keep a Long-Distance Relationship Alive


Online dating often results in a long-distance relationship. It is a bit different from a regular LDR where the partners used to live together but temporarily have to live far away from each other. However, the main challenge is the same – to keep romance and love alive until they finally reunite or start living together. These days technology facilitates long-distance communication, so it’s much easier to stay in touch with your loved one than it was several decades ago. Any long-distance relationship can survive provided there are enough trust and communication between the partners. Here are some tips on how to stand the test of being geographically separated.


Establish rules. It is vitally important to negotiate some aspects of your LDR and set certain rules. You should agree not to date others, determine the frequency of your calls and Skype sessions, promise to come to visit each other every two or three months, etc. Your established rules will guide you through the whole period of being away.

Communicate on a daily basis. Communication is an essential part of any relationship. Since in a regular relationship partners communicate every single day face-to-face after a working day or even during the day by calling or texting, in an LDR it’s still possible to communicate extensively, though not directly. There are a lot of ways to stay in touch today so you should each opportunity the technology offers to hear or talk to each other every day.

Be positive. Of course, you’ll miss each other. It’s a norm to express your feelings but don’t turn it into the constant moans about how hard it is to be apart. Focus on some positive moments instead. For example, text your date or partner about some funny trivial things that happened to your during lunch or while commuting to your office. Couples who live together do it all the time in the evening after they come home and tell each other how their day was.

Never argue via messages. If you had a bad day and you are not in a mood of talking, don’t send short laconic messages that only lead to misunderstanding. Exchanging messages you can’t see each other’s body language and can’t hear the tone of voice. In order to avoid a fight, call your partner or even better – get in touch via Skype so that you can listen and figure everything out.

Do something simultaneously. Living together is about doing things together. Just being currently apart doesn’t mean you can’t do something together. For example, couples usually watch movies together. That may work for you. Start watching one and the same film and share your impressions by texting your comments to each other. That may sound weird but it will give you the feel that your sweetheart is next to you.

Have a romantic dinner. Think it’s impossible? Don’t jump to conclusions. Here is the recipe. Get in touch through Skype and start preparing your meals. Talk to make your cooking process more exciting. It’s a good idea to cook the same meals. When everything is ready, set the table, sit in front of your computer screens, and try to imagine that you’re at arm’s length from each other.

Surprise your sweetheart. Unexpected gifts work best. Although shipping is not cheap, your date’s or partner’s emotions are definitely worth it. Pick something associated with your relationship, perhaps some symbolic item. Also, it can be something useful and relevant such as a care package containing some vitamins, herbal tea, and a book for entertainment in case your partner caught a cold. Yet, the best surprise ever is to come to visit your loved one personally and enjoy a real company of each other.