How the first year changes your relationships


Love relationships have many phases. It takes more time and work than you think it takes to move on from acquaintances to fiancés. Nevertheless, modern dating consultants often entitle the first of relationships “the point of no return”, and in most cases, it works properly. Do not think of it in a negative way; it actually means that your relationships met a new level of development and you can now think of building a family. In this article, we are going to look closer at the changes in your relationships that take place during the first year. As well, we will comment on how it affects you and your partner.

  1. You become committed to each other. In the beginning of your relationships, you might see other people and it is rather normal. As the time flows, you become more and more into your partner and, in the end, stop thinking about anyone else. It is a rather credible result of your mutual appreciation. No need to get engaged and marry instantly, you can make a verbal pledge if that suits you both. Devotion and respect are the main features of successful relationships, and they usually come during the first year of your relations.

  2. You are no longer obsessed with each other. Again, you should not think about it in a negative way. Do you remember first days of your relationships? You could not spend even an hour without her, and she was always hanging around. Since then much had changed. Your mutual obsession has subsided to a rational attachment. As well, both of you have lives aside from dating: jobs, friends, relatives. You need some spare time to deal with all necessary things. However, you are not estranged. Your meetings are more desired than ever before.

  3. You know everything about each other. Well, probably not everything. It would be honest to say “everything you want your girl to know about you”. A year is a quite long period, and you obviously had many conversations. Some of them were intimate and gave you chances to understand your partner better. Why is it so important to tell each other about yourself? People often choose partners basing on the appearance. When a year passed by, you are still attracted to her, but, in fact, you are more attracted to her personality. As well, she needs to know more about you to fall in love with your individuality.

  4. You get used to habits. In the beginning of your relationships, habits (even the worst ones) look adorable. Later on, when you start developing feelings for your girl, some of her behavioral peculiarities can irritate you and become a massive turnoff. When the first year ends, you get used to her habits and perceive them as an integrant part of her character. Nevertheless, if you can’t stand her habits and can’t get used to them – you should possibly overlook your feelings. As well, if she does not want to change for you – she should overlook her feelings, too.

  5. You stopped picking fights about unimportant things. Relationships cannot exist without arguments and disputes. Especially if you live together. Especially if you both have strong characters. Sometimes, when you simply discuss some usual and everyday thing, you pick up a large ado about nothing. After the first year of your relationships, you understand which things matter, and which make no sense at all. Your argument grew into reasonable discussions and, as a result, you have a comfortable life together. Just as F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “Very few things matter and nothing matters very much.”

  6. Your feelings experience a metamorphosis. After the initial excitement of falling in love begins to wind down, the whirlwind feeling is likely to subside. If you are still as into your partner as you were when the two of you met, the two of you will begin to develop an attachment or close bond. During this time, you will start sharing deep thoughts and feelings as well as learning to trust one another. For example, you might reveal how you have always felt that you were meant to travel the world and help unfortunate people or that you are afraid of losing love because your dad left your family when you were younger.

  7. You have met most of her relatives and friends. A year is quite enough to get acquainted with every important person in her life. Even if that seem exciting, overwhelming, or just terrible, you do not have to put pressure on yourself to get to know everyone super quickly. Likewise, let her meet your parents and friends. Couples can exist without general approval. However, relationships tend to get stronger if are oiled by positive reviews.