How Much Is Too Much Sex?


Many men and women are worried about the question: can their sexual life be considered full? How much is too much sex? After all, if you believe modern mass art, you should have sex every minute of your life. The film industry is propagating the cult of sex - and this has a very logical, pragmatic explanation. The fact is that sex is the ideal trigger for sales. Marketers have long identified this pattern and are using it 100%. We know that mass culture falls under the influence of the market. Its main task is to sell the product. It does not matter which one: cinema, music, literature or TV shows. Therefore it is quite logical that specialists in the field of sales use such a universal tool as sex. But no one thinks about the traumatic consequences of it.

How Much Is Too Much Sex?

Many people begin to complex because their sex life does not correspond to the sexual life, which they see on the screen. The desire to follow these ideals has the opposite effect - because of the feeling of inferiority, the sexual activity of the population is declining. But we suggest you be smarter - scientists and other experts in the field of romantic and sexual relations have their own opinion about how much is too much sex, and how much is too little. Let's get acquainted with their opinion more closely.

How Much Sex Does the Average Couple Have

So how often do married couples have sex?

Sometimes family relationships can be destroyed not only because of domestic disagreements. Sex in the family is very important. In each family, there are periods of decline in the sexual activity of the spouses to each other, and there may be a lot of reasons for this. The arising problems must be discussed together; you should speak openly, sincerely, and directly. Sexual satisfaction depends on the quality of sex, and not on its quantity. It seems that this is understandable even to the newlyweds because, after the wedding, sex in the family ceases to be something forbidden or inaccessible. It is convenient if the young family lives in a separate apartment. Then the sexual desire of young spouses can be satisfied any number of times, at any time and in any place. And you don’t even need to think how much sex is normal.

You have your own opinion.

But there can be one more extreme. Instead of getting pleasure from intimacy and trying to make it better, a couple, and more often a guy, starts to think about how many times in a certain period of time they have sex. Spouses are worried about the question, whether it is normal, and how many times should this be done in a normal family. Because of this, there can be different problems - from trivial quarrels to dysfunctions and frigidity. At the same time quarrels can arise on the most different occasions and at first sight seem not at all connected with the sexual life of the spouses. But the good weather in the family depends on sex. It is sex that can both destroy the family and strengthen it.

How Much Is Too Much Sex?

If we talk about the amount of sex in an ordinary family, you can refer to the statistics. Statistics say that couples under 40 years of age have sex 2 to 3 times a week. Older couples can have sex rarely - up to two-three times a month. People younger than 25 can perform sexual intercourse up to four times a night. Of course, those who are older cannot keep up with the young in quantity, but they can surpass them in quality.

On the other hand, sexologists often talk about the difference in temperaments. There are more passionate people, but there are also those who have little interest in sex. Sexual intercourse gives them pleasure, but they do not experience cravings for frequent sex. This is also important to consider when discussing sex in the family. The most common are people with moderate temperament. They tend to have sex more often than they need, focusing on sex not more than temperamental couples. And it is they who make up the bulk of the respondents.

So how much sex should you be having? No matter how many times a week there is sex in the family, it is not worth keeping counts to it. It kills all romance of relationships, destroys spirituality, turns fascinating occupation into routine and duty. When sex is perceived as a regular household affair, it is difficult to get satisfaction from mutual desire. After all, where there is a duty, creativity, sincerity, and joy disappear. So, there are problems when a husband or a wife complains that their spouses prefer one position and are monotonous in caresses. Those who still have a bad habit of counting the number of sexual acts, we can give a few tips. It is better to count how many chocolates were eaten this week, how many pleasant surprises are made to your better half. Perhaps then there will be new aspirations and desires. You will forget about such questions as how much sex should you have.

How Much Sex is Normal

Scientists have long established that men and women are at the peak of sexual desire at the same time: in the morning it is 8.00, in the evening - 20.00. It turns out that, so successfully coinciding, we can have sex at least twice a day and for as long as we want. But no, in fact, everything turns out differently.

Too much or too little?

The human temperament determines how much to have sex, how often and with whom. This is natural and there is nothing terrible in that this temperament can be low. Sincere love is not measured by the length or periodicity of the sexual act. An interesting fact: Specialists have their own opinion about how often do couples have sex. Scientists consider 2-3 times a week the optimal number of sexual acts for a person.

In ordinary life, on television, in the media, in the cinema, if it comes to how much to have sex, people make fun of those who do it quickly, reaching orgasm in a few minutes. In fact, experts say that a 5-minute sexual intercourse is a human norm. This is due to human nature: the process of reproduction is meant to be short-lived, since the male, being very vulnerable at that moment, runs a lot of risks, so it's dangerous to prolong the pleasure.

Female and male look

How Much Is Too Much Sex?

Men are more interested in the duration of intercourse than women. They are worried if they think that they can’t do sex for “enough” time. Although polls showed that the average woman does not need an hour of sexual comfort, they basically have 10 minutes of sex (without counting foreplay). If you look at the statistics, the figures say:

Only 19% of couples have an overactive sexual life, having sex 3 times a week and more often;

35% of couples have the average sexual temperament and they have sex 1-2 times a week; It may seem a little strange, but 25% of couples feel great and love each other, having sex only 2-3 times a month;

And 21% of the respondents have sex less than once a month.

Everything is individual, so only you decide how much to have sex. The main thing that you feel comfortable. If you and your partner find harmony in sex, then the opinion of others is secondary. You are the only person that has a proper answer to the “how much sex is enough?” question.

How Much Sex is too Much

The doctors’ opinion about how often there should be sex is almost unambiguous. The comparison can be made with any active physical training: the norm is 2-3 times a week, the maximum rate is 5-6 times a week, while the body is young, and such a pace is maintained without difficulty and additional supporting agents, for example, tablets for erections. In principle, there is no strictly defined frequency of sex and clear answer to the “how much sex is healthy in a marriage” question, everyone lives in his own rhythm. Young couples, who have barely begun to date, can have sex dozens of times per day. Spouses with experience have sex two times a week and it’s enough for them.

In the most standard format, it turns out just 3 times a week, every other day. And this is absolutely physiological. However, you do not need to keep diaries, record duty days and do other calculations, sex is not cleaning in an apartment that you do not want but need to do. There is a mood - you’re welcome. No - say good night and have sweet dreams.

Is it possible to have sex often?

Our answer is: you can. The main thing is that this is a mutual desire. Unfortunately, it happens that after the wedding, young people fall down a whole bunch of problems, and most of all household chores, messing around with the kids and diapers fall on women, so frequent sex is even out of the question. They try to find the time just to take a nap in a few hours of quiet ... Men at such a moment begin to wag to the left and look for adventures on the side because they simply do not have enough attention. This practice does not save the relationship, but completely destroys it because the man leaves responsibility, throwing all the burdens of domestic cares on his wife, and she comes into a state of even more irritation from the fact that she is not helped at all.

Therefore, it is better if the couple will pay attention to frequent, albeit short-timed sex. Even if it's not the sexual act itself, but just a few tender kisses, embraces in the kitchen, a couple of intimate caresses done in just a minute. It is impossible to forget about each other, about feelings and the physical side of the question, even if it seems that the everyday routines are tightening like a marshy swamp. The more you resist this addictive effect, the more chances to get out into a rhythmic existence, in which time will safely settle down on the shelves, and there will be an opportunity for normal marital sex you have.

However, if one of the partners has a stronger temperament, and he needs sex as often as the other partner cannot provide, the question can be solved without the help of lovers. All you need are caresses, oral sex, toys - an adequate partner must understand such things.

How Much Is Too Much Sex?

The Biggest Misconceptions about Sex

A whole galaxy of myths developed around sex. Everyone has his own stereotypes and delusions, which greatly hinder the enjoyment of sex. Traditionally, the mass media are to blame for this - they are the ones who cultivate the unnatural, plastic image of sex. And we will be happy to debunk the main of these myths.

Everyone is having sex every second

It seems that most people have a certain limit on sex. Everyone plans at least 10 sexual acts a day and strictly follows this plan. Now we shock you with incredible information: the frequency of sex depends not only on you! You just need to have a partner whose plans for sex coincide with yours. Sexual dysfunction is a purely male problem

Yes of course. Men are always the reason for sexual problems! And women want sex every second if only there is a candidate to satisfy their desires. It is not right. Women can also suffer from sexual dysfunction. This is due to stress and an incorrect lifestyle.

Sex should always be like in a movie

Champagne, flowers, candles, romantic atmosphere - some people think that these are mandatory attributes of good sex, but it is not. You will quickly get tired of all this tinsel and you will desperately want rough, animal sex. Find the golden mean and stick to it.