10 tips to make your girlfriend happy


Relationships are hard but totally worth it. Sometimes your girlfriend turns out to be unhappy with you. Why does it happen? How can you fight it and make her satisfied? Women are complex creatures and their feelings are quite a mess (even for themselves). In this article, we are going to discuss basic pieces of advice that can improve your relationships and, therefore, make your girl happy!


  1. Make a good listener – and a good talker. Girls sometimes terribly need to express their emotions. They are more sensitive and susceptible than you are. Thus, you have to become a good listener. She understands that you cannot listen to her all the time, but from time to time she will need your attention (we will talk about it later). As well, a girl wants you to talk to her, too. Make her feel appreciated.

  2. Pay attention to her feelings. Men are not fond of expressing their emotions. Fortunately, you date a girl! And you will have to learn how to focus on her feelings and treat her emotions. No need to be overreacting, sometimes a girl needs an arguer to recognize her own feelings. Do not ever support her hysteria; help her calm down – she will need those nerves further in life.

  3. Become a gentleman. Do not ever make her feel out of place. She is not just a girl. Even though times had changed, every woman still knows that she is a lady. That is why you should treat her like a gentleman. Walk on the outside of the sidewalk; sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door. These two courteous gestures are all about protection — positioning yourself in between harm and your lady.

  4. Learn her from the inside. You obviously know how your girl looks. The time has come for you to learn her likes and dislikes. Which ice-cream flavor is her favorite? Does she like Tarantino? Where would she want to grow old? It all looks like smallest details and seem quite unnecessary. Frankly speaking, small details of your relationships is the thing that makes her truly happy. We told your girls are complicated, so do not act as if you were surprised.

  5. Take care of yourself. Again, do not be shocked. Girls love everyone around to be envious. Her main point of pride are you and her career (later one, it will transform into her family and her children – the type of career she wants deep down in her heart). So make sure that you look good – keep your body in shape, shave every day (if she likes bearded guys – trim your beard regularly). Your girlfriend will be thankful for that.

  6. Give her some private space. Do you remember first weeks of your relationships? The time when you were kind of attached to each other? Luckily, that time has passed away. Now you can have some private space for your things. If you act importunately – your girl feels enslaved and tied up in the relationships. Give her some space, let her have fun with friends; do not act like an officious daddy.

  7. Do not take her for granted. Just never do that, seriously. You might not even understand that you do so. A girl highly (reasonably) values herself and anticipates you to act in an appropriate way. Celebrate her individuality; compliment her housekeeping skills. Let her sometimes be lazy. Likewise, do not compliment her feminine assets as much as the things that are truly unique about her. Make her feel special and appreciated.

  8. Be good in bed. Oh yes, you got it right. You thought you were keen on sex? No. You were not. It is much harder to achieve proper sexual arousal for a woman. As well, it is a complicated assignment for her to reach orgasm. A sexually satisfied girl is a happy girl. However, do not forget that for girls, it is not about the sex itself, but somewhat about the intimacy or closeness that she shares with you.

  9. Be her partner – also in life. Aside from your relationships and bed, you have to support her in life (as well as she has to support you). If you are going to make her your wife, show her that she can rely on you – because you are truly responsible and devoted. Help her with a project; pick her up after yoga classes. It is simpler to be a lover than to become a beloved one.

  10. Let her be feminine, but do not force her to. Girls often make such confessions – “He wanted me to be cute girlish, but I have master’s degree in engineering! Why should I?” Men sometimes do not understand that girls are not submissive and stupid. They also can and want to earn money. She hates to be financially dependent (it tears her personal space in pieces and makes her feel dominated). Of course, you can find a clueless girl that wants to use your financial prosperity for her own good. But is she worth it?