10 Sings of a Great Relationship


Every relationship always seems perfect at the very beginning. Only after a few months, when a “blind love” is gone, you can see the shortcomings. In fact, there is really no relationship without some nuances with which we have to face. When there are doubts about whether your relationship is perfect, you need to analyze it. Then you can understand how successful the future will be. In order to make sure that you have a perfect relationship, we share 10 signs that help understand whether everything goes right or no.

signs of a good relationship

Signs of a working relationship: a checklist for couples

In order to have a successful relationship and feel happy and beautiful, relations should be almost perfect. But is it possible? After all, it is very difficult to meet your ideal partner since sometimes the requirements to them are really overstated. Therefore, it is so important to know what kind of relationship can be called perfect in order to understand what to strive for and what to do in order to create exactly what you need. So, here are the signs of a healthy relationship:

1. You understand each other

You understand and know what fantastic and harmonious relations you have and there is no doubt about it. This is one of the healthy relationship signs. You will not prove that everything is perfect to your relatives and friends only because it makes no sense and attempts to prove to other people what you already know and are confident in your relations.

2. You have regular sex

American sexologists claim that 90% of divorces occur as a result of sexual disharmony. And this is not surprising because if sexual relations don’t satisfy both or at least one of the partners, then it can’t be replaced by anything else.

3. You are independent

The presence of common interests doesn’t exclude the fact that you can have your own passions and hobbies. That is what makes you an interesting and bright person.

signs your relationship will last 4. You are sincere

An important skill in a relationship is when people don’t quarrel over stupid trifles. Every couple should compromise in order to achieve consensus. However, in the relationship, of course, there will be clashes of opinions, disagreements, and misunderstandings. “Not to quarrel” doesn’t mean to keep in heart everything that you don’t like. You should be honest both with yourself and with your loved one. If you are depressed, annoyed, offended, or don’t like something, then be sure to find a way to express it to your close person. But you should do it only when you are together. At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing easier than to quarrel only when you are at home, for example. But quarrels with everyone (with children, with friends, with parents) are considered as a habit in some families. Many people consider it necessary to immediately express their displeasure with something, despite the numerous spectators. But you should make a rule to clarify conflict situations only in private. If you do so, then this is one of the signs that your relationship will last long.

5. You are ready to change

Both partners have to change in themselves some habits or traits of character. We need to adjust to each other. And only if both partners can overcome their pride and change themselves in something, they can hope for a strong and long-term relationship and this definitely belongs to healthy relationship signs.

6. You make each other better

You make each other better not trying to change each other because you love and try to become the best version of yourself for the loved one. Some passions and habits of your partner have become yours and vice versa. If it's good for you to be together – it's just perfect!

7. You surprise each other

Perfect lovers never get bored when they are together because they are able to surprise each other. Unexpected surprises, unplanned visits and the lack of patterns in the behavior make it possible to keep a relationship in tone for a long time.

8. You are confident in each other

If you are confident in the quality and strength of your relationship, you can be called a happy person. The stronger this confidence, the more natural and free the behavior of partners. Due to these signs, your relationship will last very long.

9. You respect each other

It is necessary to be able to express emotions and thoughts without offending each other. Don’t hesitate to talk about your feelings and desires, don’t assume that it is bad or embarrassing or can be used against you. It is necessary to learn to trust a loved one, not forgetting to cherish the souls.

signs of a healthy relationship 10. You love each other

One of the signs of a healthy relationship is that people love each other. The fact that every good relationship is based on love is not new. If you are in love for real and you are loved, then you have every chance to create a good relationship. Analyze for yourself the experience of your friends’ relationships or remember those whose relationships, in your opinion, are built on love. Such couples can be an example for creating your own relationship. Copy the best of other people’s relationships and try to use the patterns of their behavior – there is nothing wrong with that. We have the right to use the experience that we had and of the people important to us.

In general, people, who are in love, shouldn’t spare the time to analyze what is happening in their relationship. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of analyzing not only problematic situations but also happy moments. Nothing happens without a reason. If each of you understands what can enhance your relationship, it will make your relationship richer and brighter.

All these signs are signs of a good relationship. Good relationships can’t exist without the stages of their development. Also, relationships are impossible without quarrels. Quarrels are quite normal for a relationship. If people don’t quarrel now, they will quarrel later if they don’t like something. This is a kind of formation of relationships. This time period of getting to know each other is given to people in order to understand whether this feeling is real. And if you have such a period, then this is one of the signs a relationship will last long.

Signs your relationship is failing: is it over yet?

There are quite a lot reasons that can stop the development of relations and lead to a breakup. Someone is rude enough with a better half and someone cheats on, etc. But, nevertheless, there are signs that your relationship is almost over.

1. Resentment

One of the obvious signs of an unhealthy relationship is that you are constantly being offended by your partner but don’t say anything. You think that this is a way to save your relationship but, in reality, you just delay that unpleasant moment when all accumulated negative will break out and your connection will end with a painful breakup. Resentment doesn’t disappear anywhere, especially if the factors that cause it don’t disappear as well. If you are silent about it, it accumulates inside and causes stress and illness. And, of course, it ruins relations – slowly but surely.

2. Disrespect

If you and your partner have reached the point where you show mutual disrespect, it's time to destroy your illusions. There is nothing easier than to stop feeling affection for someone who disrespects you. This is one of the signs of an abusive relationship. People can continue to live together without respect and awareness of each other's values, which leads to absolute nonsense about the needs and desires of a partner. Well, what kind of continuation can we talk about?

3. Contempt

It doesn’t matter what motives cause contempt, whether it is a failed career, a change in appearance or something else. Partners should support each other in any situation because it is so important for us in any circumstances and especially during some personal crises. If you began to treat each other with contempt, you will no longer receive something good from a relationship and will live not with a loved person who understands you but with a cold one and this is one of the signs of an abusive relationship.

signs a relationship is over4. Lies

In this case, we mean a situation when people say “I love you” without any feelings. You are afraid of hurting a woman but, in fact, you don’t protect her but only make things worse. The truth will come out: you can’t lie all your life. Well, if you don’t say to yourself: “We are happy, I'm happy, we are doing well”, when you feel that everything is already over for you, this is one of the signs a relationship is over.

5. Distrust

If you don’t trust your partner, then there are reasons for this. If they are so serious that trust can’t be restored, then why do you stay with this person? You will just control her all your life, worry and waste nerves.

6. Estrangement

If you often look for a way to stay away from your partner and consciously try to avoid contact and intimacy, it's time to finish this relationship. You have already severed the emotional connection with a partner and thus “gently” let her know that it's over. Maybe it is better to end everything instead of continuing to suffer and doubt.

7. Indifference

Why do you stay together if you don’t care about each other? Indifference is one of the obvious signs of an unhealthy relationship.

8. No love

There is nothing wrong with wanting a pretty neighbor but if you want more from a relationship, then don’t be with a partner who has not become your only one. Don’t stay just because it's convenient for you.

Sum up

And in conclusion, we want to add that people can achieve harmony only when two of them want it. A couple should work long and productively on their relationship. It is impossible to build a relationship alone. Smile at each other more often. After all, a smile is a small happiness. Try to find something new every day in your loved one. And then every day of your relationship will be like a small holiday.