Topics to Avoid on a Date with a Russian Girl


When you’re already in a relationship you can discuss everything with your significant other. But when you go out for the first time, you’re strangers (unless you met online and have been corresponding for quite a while). There are a number of topics that we don’t touch upon while talking to the people we hardly know. That’s why you should be very careful with the matters you bring up on your first date. Here is a list of topics that are considered inappropriate during a first romantic rendezvous and that can ruin your date or cause embarrassment.

russian girl


Seriously? This is what you want to talk about with a beautiful Russian girl? You should know that Russians don’t like small talk. They value solid conversations and interesting interlocutors. If you don’t know how to strike up a conversation, don’t resort to weather. There are many other ways to start your date. For example, compliment your woman on her great looks or nice perfume.


Never brag about your financial status to impress a Russian woman. Well, those women who are after your money rather than your personality will be impressed. But a decent woman who views you a potential partner for a long-term relationship will be turned off by your boasting. Also, she might think that you mentioned how much you earn and what car you drive to show your superiority. If you touch upon the topic related to your job and you have a successful career, don’t tell her everything at once. Simply tell her in which sphere you specialize and that’s it.

Previous relationships

Never bring up this matter on your first date with any woman. This is one of those questions partners ask each other after they enter into a relationship. If you’re genuinely interested in a particular woman, you’ll not care about her exes. When two people meet they have their stories behind them. But they create their own story and the ghosts of the past should be left in the past. You shouldn’t initiate this topic and recall your women. It will turn your Russian date off and make her think you’re a womanizer.

Too intimate topics

By intimate here we mean sex-related topics. The easiest way to embarrass a Russian woman and to put your foot in it is to tell her a vulgar joke or refer to sex. You shouldn’t think of Russian women as puritans. But you should know that Russians don’t talk about sex openly, it’s considered rude. A younger generation is more open as to sex-related topics but those Russian women in their 40s, brought up in strict traditional families, are uncomfortable with those questions. That’s why don’t even try to mention your sexual experiences or ask her about her intimate life. If you’re a decent man, those questions will not even come to your mind during your first date. Also, if you have serious intentions, don’t hint at having sex already on a first date. If she doesn’t show any signs of readiness yet, you’ll simply freak her out.


Don’t ever touch upon this topic. Yes, Russians like to criticize their government and politicians but your date is not the right time to do that. Since people often become bitter enemies because their political views don’t coincide, just skip this topic. Otherwise, you take the risk of turning your date into debates. There are a lot of much more pleasant topics you can discuss with your date and have a smooth and meaningful conversation.


If you met online, you probably read each other’s profile information and are aware of each other’s faiths. If you’re on a date, it means that you’re OK that you have different religious views. So, there is no point in bringing this matter up. Person’s faith is an individual choice that shouldn’t be assessed by anyone. Most Russians are Orthodox Christians but if you want to know for sure wait until she initiates this topic but don’t focus your attention on it.