Top 10 Dating Apps for Relationships 2018


Desperately Seeking New Apps

Online dating made a long way from a 'the last hope for the desperate' to quite a common mean to find your perfect match. It can be easily explained, as our time-consuming age leaves us less and less time to go on a date to get to know your prospective partner. Online dating saw its popularity's peak in the early noughties. Since then online services and applications for dating were popping-up here and there almost everyday, each of them claiming to be one of the best new dating apps. Needless to say that the vast majority of them faded into obscurity as fast as they'd appeared. While dating sites generally prove to be more successful in longevity, online dating apps, however, are not that lucky. Let's be honest, Tinder is one of the few dating applications that is still with us.

top dating apps

So, how the short life of online dating apps can be explained? Is it somehow connected with the low quality? Is it somehow connected with the hook-up culture that is often blamed on online dating applications, if not on online dating in general? Nope! In the first case, most of the apps are constantly upgrading in order to stay relevant. In the second case, no matter how often hook-up culture is blamed on online dating, it is as old as the humanity. So, how come that the vast majority of online dating apps rarely live longer than a few years? Yep, Tinder is still here, but the suggestions that the app's days are numbered are getting more and more frequent. So, what is the reason behind the short life of dating apps? The answer may surprise, as it is boredom. Yep, we are just getting bored too quickly with the apps. If you don't like it that way, okay, blame it on the multitude of choice, as the more dating apps there are the more dating apps we are going to try. So, the attention drifts from one app to another.

In the end we find ourselves desperately seeking new apps. You are bored with one app, and think that you won't succeed in finding your partner using it, so you quickly turn to another. So, if you find yourself overly bored with Tinder or any other apps that you've been using for the past few months, we offer you to check out our list of the best dating apps for relationships.

Best Dating Apps

The funniest point about dating apps is that most of the people aged between 21 and 35, the most frequent users, would say that dating applications suck. Still, as it's the most comfortable way to find prospective partners, they continue using them. So, what are the best dating apps as of now?


Hinge is one of the top dating apps, being the second only comparing to Tinder. This app is often considered to be the best alternative for Tinder, mostly because unlike the latter Hinge is about finding prospective partners for serious relationships, rather than for casual hook-ups. But that's not the only advantage of this app. You know how style is important when it comes to online dating services and application. If you have a confusing interface, you app would unlikely become one of the top dating apps. When it comes to Hinge, style is on pair with substance. A lot of its users consider Hinge to be an online dating equivalent of Instagram. Hinge uses Facebook information of its users, thus you are provided not only with their dating preferences, but with the substantial information about them.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is another app that uses your Facebook data. Once you've created a profile and set your dating preferences, the app would send you your potential match every day. Then you have 24 hours in order to decide whether you want to start chatting with the prospect date or pass on. If you like your prospective match, then you have a possibility to start chatting in a private chat. most popular dating appsThe chat room expires in eight days, meaning you have eight days to decide whether you would meet for a cup of coffee or not. Unlike many other online dating apps, Coffee Meets Bagel offers its users to set more specific preferences, including religious beliefs and ethnicity, if that is important to you.


Unlike Hinge or Coffee Meets Bagel, Tastebuds doesn't force you into linking you profile to you Facebook account. Thus, you are free to fill in the information about yourself without reference to your Facebook profile. The interface on Tastebuds is simple and clean, and you can make your profile as detailed or as sparse as you like, as the characters limits are quite high. Tastebuds is a music based dating app, as you pick up the partner based on his or her music preferences. When you like someone on the app, you can send a song or a message to them. The music gives each profile a personal touch, so it makes no surprise that Tastebuds became one of the best dating apps of 2017.

Best Dating App that don't require Facebook

Just like people got bored with Tinder, they are slowly getting bored with Facebook, so, there is no surprise that there are a lot of online daters that prefer using apps that don't require linking their profiles to their Facebook accounts. So, let's check out the best online dating apps that don't require Facebook.


OkCupid is one of the few dating apps that doesn't require linking to your Facebook profile. After you fill your personal info and dating preferences you may link your profile on OkCupid to your Instagram account, but you are not forced to do that. OkCupid gives you a list of questions that you should answer. The matchmaking algorithm of OkCupid is based on the users' answers. Thus, you are compatible with people who answered the same way you did. At first, OkCupid may seem confusing, as the list of “matches” doesn't include those with whom you've matched but the users with whom you potentially match. Overall, using OkCupid is quite an enjoyable experience, and many users see the app as one of the finest alternatives to Tinder.

How About We

Online daters often complain that apps and services have quite a confusing approach to dating. Well, it seems that their prayers have been answered. How About We app has one of the most straightforward approaches to dating. You just post a dating idea, like “How about we take a walk in the park” or “How about we have a cup of coffee in the nearest coffee shop” and you are instantly linked with the prospective match of yours. Thus, the app matches you with those who share the same date's concepts as you. While not as popular as OkCupid, Hinge or Tinder, How About We is definitely on its way to becoming one of the best dating apps for relationships.

Free Dating Apps

Aside from linking their profiles to their Facebook account, there is another thing that can drive online daters crazy, and that's being the monthly membership fee. You may like Hinge, but you definitely not a fan of its $7 monthly membership fee. Everybody wants to date, and nobody wants to pay. But there is a way for those who don't want to spend a cent on online dating. Check out the top free dating apps.


Zoosk is one of the first and best free dating apps. You can integrate it with your Facebook or Google+ accounts, which makes it way easier to sign up and start searching for your perfect match. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, Zoosk is one of the most popular apps, with over 4 million users. Let's be honest: who doesn't like a dating app that aside from helping you find your prospective partner saves your money? You definitely won't regret downloading Zoosk.

Despite arriving a bit later than Zoosk, is way more popular, with over 13 million users. You don't have to pay a penny for joining, uploading photos, filling in the profile information and chatting with other users. best dating apps for relationshipsJust like Zoosk, is compatible for devices running on both Android and iOS software. Regardless of whether you are looking for a serious relationship or a casual date, you are going to find it on, as this dating app has one of the highest success rates.

Elite Singles

Well, let's be honest, you hate it when you, with your bachelor degree, have to chat with someone who has dropped out of high school. You may find that person attractive, but, unfortunately, you are unlikely to have anything to talk about. Elite Singles would save you from such confusing situations. With just 300,000 members, Elite Singles is absolutely free to join. Over 80% of its members have bachelor degree, so you won't have problems finding your perfect match there.

Best New Dating Apps

Of course, we were talking that most of the online dating apps are not going to be here in a course of a few years. Thus, you would like to know about the freshest of them all. Well, we offer you to check out the most popular dating apps that appear less than a few years ago.


Bumble is perfect for those who hate swiping limits of Tinder, as you can swipe here as long as you want. Bumble is also a perfect choice for those who think that online dating is all about sexism, as this app would prove you wrong. On Bumble, women start conversation, while men decide whether they want to interact or not. Another advantage of Bumble is the fact that it's not for dating only. If you are bored with finding friends on Facebook, you can use Bumble, as it is frequently used for finding friends.


JigTalk is for those who think that online dating is way too boring. Nothing is boring on JigTalk, as you need to engage in conversation with a user in order to see his or her profile. You know that online dating allows you to get to know each other better without being distracted by the appearance? On JigTalk you would find this tradition in its prime. You start chatting with someone and your profiles are slowly getting visible for each other. Whether you would see the complete profile of your chat mate depends solely on how far your conversation would go.