Things to Do When Retired and Bored


Retirement is not a burden for most people. In fact, many retirees-to-be desire to quit a job they openly hate and are tired of, and let themselves enjoy sunny days on the lawn and see for themselves how 10 a.m. looks like. Some people are hesitant to walk this path because they suddenly face the amount of free time. What can I do with this time? Others are happy to finally dedicate this time to their families, concentrate on their values and chase something more important than money.

what to do when you retire

Why It’s Hard to Enjoy Your Retirement?

Retirement seems like a condemnation because some of us begin to feel useless in society, drenched in never-ending boredom. But it’s not right. What you need to realize from the start is that 20+ years of your diligent work is enough to please the society! Who is going to think about YOU and what YOU need?

A lot of people hate the idea of being retired because they suddenly face the fact that throughout those years of work, they didn’t acquire any skills and hobbies, other than those, related to their professional career? What do you do now? It’s crucial to learn about things to do in retirement. Remember your hobbies that you never put your mind to. Retired life has to start off the clear realization that it’s never late to start something new, there’s always time to start any hobby. In fact, the earlier you start this hobby, the more time you get to enjoy it. Maybe you even feel foolish that you didn't do this earlier because you realize how easy it was from the start. This mindset is sure to make you enjoy your retirement and make everything easier, huh?

Retirement Activities: Family and Relationships

What to do when you retire? The first thing you ultimately need to do is think about your relationships. Depression after retirement is always by each other’s side, but how to make it easier? Surround yourself with loving and caring people. Realize how much you’ve probably missed! Yes, hate your past job for taking away those precious years you could’ve spent on barbecues with your friends and family! Then, quit hating. Realize that the number one enemy of your family togetherness is gone now, and it’s time to fulfill all your desires.

retirement activities1. Improve the situation with your wife. We don’t assume that things got weird over these years, but if you are in a long-term relationship, there are certainly some things you want to have to work on. Spend more time together. Set up a habit to dine together, talk about things you’ve never talked about. Snuggle in bed for as long as you want. Have breakfast on the cozy lawn. Move together now that you’ve collected some money during your career. Become the best husband she could ever desire and realize that you are number one even in family life!

2. …Or find a wife if you don’t have one. Seriously, a job can be such a focal point in our lives, sometimes we forget to have a personal life! If you think it’s impossible to find a wife outside your workplace, you are terribly wrong. Now you can try to meet women online, look for them in a local shop, find a romantic interest in a park, at a meeting.

3. Try to be friends with your wife’s friends. Maybe you’ve never considered an idea to be couple friends. Maybe you considered it boring. There’s a possibility that you always avoided her friends when they were sitting in your living room, creating awkward silence and thinking that this is not your problem. Yes, it’s high time to win your wife’s appreciation by befriending her friends (even if you find them a little annoying, give them a chance). Relationships with women can be hard, but getting on well with her female friends can get you an extra point in your life.

4. Realize that you probably have adult kids. And they probably miss your support. Things to do when you retire should definitely include getting on well with your children. They should feel your presence. Do you know the hobbies of your son or daughter? We are sure they would give a lot to spend time with their father, even if they are all grown-up and live far away from you.

5. Remember you have friends. Friends are a crucial part of our life. They can be quite a burden in our teen years because they distract us from studying, when we start establishing a long-term relationship and are busy with little kids. But when we are retired, friends come in handy. You can realize that it’s fun to go fishing with someone and spend a little time with your bros.

6. Buy a pet. This was in your wildest dreams to walk a dog every morning, right? To be licked by someone other than your wife? Okay, that’s weird. And why did you hesitate to buy a pet? Because you had a job, and you would have no time to dedicate it to your little furry fluffy friend. Well, now it’s high time to let yourself be a happy pet owner because cats and gods are therapeutic and can bring novelty and joy to your everyday life.

7. Become good friends with your neighbors. Nowadays that idea tends to slip off from our minds. Why did we cease to see our neighbors, arrange meetings with them and throwing parties? That seems ridiculous because you are obviously missing so much fun. Neighbors can be good providers of fresh breakfasts, fresh gossip and so much more!

Hobbies for Retired Men

Life after retirement doesn’t become any less fruitful or juicy. You still get to do so many things you’ve never imagined. Your after-retirement years are the best to rethink your life values, find other interests besides scrolling feed or watching TV, and overall be a happier person.

1. Do some sports. Okay, there can be two case scenarios: you were either a professional athlete in your twenties (or liked doing sports), or you never got the chance to do it, but always envied more athletic colleagues. Either way, it’s high time to engage in retirement activities. You don’t necessarily have to lift weights, just start with cardio, go to the gym or jog in the mornings. Not only it will make you a better and more energetic person, but you also won’t have time for sadness and melancholy.

2. Get in touch with your spiritual side. Yes, it’s not crucial, but very desirable to understand why we came on Earth, what is our goal and trace what we’ve done already and what else we can do. Engage in some mind and body practices, such as meditation, mindfulness, and mantras. Or at least have 10 minutes a day to thank the world for everything you have or analyze what you’ve done today to become a better person.

3. Dancing/music. It’s good if you already feel embarrassed. Even if you were a good musician in your teen years or tried to be a good dancer at the disco, skills don’t go anywhere. It’s crucial to realize that no hobbies are embarrassing, and everything can be done at any point in your life. Invite your wife to dance classes and make her a romantic gift.

4. Bowling. It’s one of the best retirement hobbies because bowling involves a ton of friends, beer, and fun. You can always get away from domestic bickering and escape with your friends for a round or two. Or, compete with your wife or children and free your true conqueror sporty nature.

5. Tourism. Retirement is honestly the best time to visit some other countries. If you are tired of sticking to one home, make a whole world your apartment. Travel to different places, take photos, start a blog about your surroundings and observations. Be more adventurous and involve other people in these activities.

Fun Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

Here are some retirement ideas that might help you find a chill job if you crave some extra activity. It can be very fruitful, too. Just find a part-time job and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to work at the office anymore!

things to do in retirement1. Blogging. Yes, it’s a thing! Now you can sit at home, explore some things and write about them on the Internet. And, what’s better, to make money out of it! Now that you have some experience in many things, you can share it with an audience that wants to be better too. You can write about your former career, sharing steps and milestones about this profession, find a hobby and describe it in a blog. There are so many possibilities! Promoting your blog and collecting subscribers, receiving their feedback, would be more than thrilling for anyone!

2. Starting an Etsy shop. If you are a handyman and know how to work with wood, leather, clay or paint, be your creator and businessman in your free time. This site pays a good price for hand-made stuff, and it’s so easy to receive money from them. Just improve your skills and bring people joy with your own creations!

3. Opening courses/giving lessons. Do you have a story you want to tell others? Do you know some tips and tricks about your professional career? Well, the most successful workers always quit their job to teach other people and give the knowledge to further generations. There are lots of rental offices and holdings who can help make your dream come true.

4. Driver. Do you have a car and want to make some money out of it? Than Uber and other services are just for you! This way you can meet many new people, talk to them, drive away from home a couple of hours and get good reviews. It’s a great way to always be on the go and never stop moving, quite literally.

5. Go freelance. Want to try yourself in different professions ever day? Just submit an account on Craigslist or some other services take a gig or two a day. Does somebody need help with their children? Walking a dog? Fixing a shelf? Checking electricity? Be your own handyman and Superman in one person!

Well, now you see that retired life seems more fun than your working years. Age is just a concept, and if you think about it differently, now you have a thousand more possibilities to get on well with your spouse (or find one), with your friends and family, find a quality hobby and even make some money off it. The most crucial thing for you now is to understand that your life is only yours to live, so do all the things you want and be happy about it!