Russian Women’s Views on Love and Relationship


Dating a Russian girl you should know that her views on relationship may differ from yours. Very often international couples break up because they look in the opposite directions. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, you should get to know some cultural aspects that determine the views of Russians on dating and marriage. If you really want to be a perfect match for your date, you should know what kind of man Russian women are looking for and what they expect from him.

Dating in Russia is different from dating in Western countries

Unlike many Western women who usually go out just for fun, Russian girls are very serious about dating. They consider it a very important step because in their opinion it can be the direct way to a relationship. If you see your date only as a girlfriend and nothing more, let her know about it so that she doesn’t daydream in vain. If you really want to impress a girl since you have serious intentions, you should know how to please her. First of all, remember that chivalry is not dead in Russia. You are expected to woo her and be a real gentleman. You’ll have to go out of your way to win her so be ready for challenges. Apart from being polite and courteous both to her and other people, you should take into account some other dating rules. While it may be considered old-fashioned in other countries, in Russia flowers are a must on a date. Keep in mind that only the odd number of flowers is acceptable. A single rose or a bunch of camomiles will do for the first date. Another thing that Russian women expect from men is paying for the dinner. Few of them will offer to split the bill since they believe that a real gentleman doesn’t let his lady do that.

The kind of man Russian women see by their side

Russian girls have a set of requirements for a man with whom they are ready to go out or live together. One of the most important features much admired by Russian beauties is man’s decisiveness. They need a man with whom they can let themselves be fragile because they know he will take care of everything. This is not to say that Russian women are all helpless; on the contrary, they are strong personalities who don’t want their spouse to be weaker than them. Many of them often say that they want a man who will solve the problems and will not create the new ones. Confidence is another important feature every man should possess. Russian girls consider it typically masculine virtue. Each Russian beauty is looking for a man who can easily keep up a conversation and make a girl laugh. In terms of the family life, a man is viewed as a breadwinner and the head of the family while a woman is a housewife and his neck – she can turn the head where she wants. A man provides for the family and a woman keeps the household. However, many Russian women combine their working and family life and are successful at both.

Attitude to sex

Russian girls don’t want to touch upon the topics that deal with sex. They don’t think it’s an appropriate subject for discussion on a date so avoid it in order not to spoil the things. It doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t like sex. It’s an important part of any relationship but you need to wait until she is ready. Usually, first-date sex is a no-no in Russia but it’s not an axiom. If you two really feel that connection, she may yield to temptation. Being brought up in Russian cultural environment, girls adopt a strict principle: don’t kiss a man if you don’t love him. The same applies to having sex: a Russian girl firstly needs to make sure that she has feelings for a man and that she can trust him. Only after that, she’ll be ready for sex. In Russia, love comes first.