How to Stop Thinking About Someone


Have you ever been obsessed with thoughts about someone? Maybe a person you care for, a friend that found themselves in a terrible situation, a person that is close to you who is going through a rough patch in their life, or just a person that you have romantic feelings for. But when does this feeling become obsessive and unhealthy? Let’s find out.

how to stop thinking about your ex

Signs You Should Stop Thinking About Someone

What does it mean you can't stop thinking about someone? It means that almost every second of your existence is tormented because you keep thinking about someone else. Here are some signs that you should stop being obsessed with another person, end the tormenting thoughts and continue on with your life.

You have problems at work

Your intimate life begins to seep its way into your work, it begins to follow you every way you go and all the thoughts about someone don't leave your head, no matter how hard you try. This is a big issue, as troubles at work will eventually lead to you getting fired, which will only make your condition even worse. Try to meet real women online and unwind yourself from all of the pain you are facing. But what if you have already tried this method, but it didn’t work?

You can't fix your personal life with another potential partner

While sure, to find a romantic partner just to fill the empty void that was left by a previous relationship is quite wrong, as, first off, your new partner isn't aware of the nature of your feelings, they don't know that they are fueled by not love, but something else. But, this might be the only solution to a lot of people. Yet, if you can’t find salvation in this case and all you can think of is a person that isn’t your new partner – you are facing some major issues that have to be addressed.

You feel depressed over your crush

Why can't I stop thinking about someone? Every time your mind brings up your previous relationship, or, in general, a person over whom you are obsessed, you enter a state of depression. You can’t think straight, you feel like this is the end, and you will either end up with that person, or you will just end it all. Remember that we can succumb to our feelings, and we can’t always think straight about a situation we are facing. Remember that the sun will rise tomorrow, you may become a different person and find something new in your life, something exciting, something worth living for.

Ways to Stop Obsessive Thoughts

Now that we know the signs that you are obsessed over a person, and we know the severity of the impact that these feelings can have on your life, let’s talk about some actual ways on how to battle these feelings and try to lead your life into a better route.

why can't i stop thinking about someoneStop trailing them

How to stop thinking about your ex? Let the time pass. If a situation or person has had a big impact on you, it takes time to stop thinking about them. This is especially true for situations that you have never encountered before, for example, if you were deceived by a loved one, you witnessed someone else's death or had a car accident. Again and again, thinking back to such events is quite natural. Besides, all people are different, and if you need more time to come to terms with the situation, this is not a sign of weakness or lack of any qualities that others have. You have to let go of your partner and open up a new life for yourself. Do not expect quick results. Even after you have achieved some good results in all of the techniques and exercises you may know off, annoying thoughts can still appear in your head from time to time. Accept this fact, be patient and remember that someday these thoughts will no longer bother you.

Become active for your community or humanity

How to stop thinking about someone you like? One of the ways you can distract yourself from the monotony and thus, being obsessed with thoughts and feelings for a person, is to participate in various social activities. Such a way of spending time will not only bring positive results to the community that you are a part of but also make you feel better, it will make you feel the appreciation that other people feel for you. And even if you can’t see yourself become a volunteer anytime soon, you can just make new friends in real life and online, here’s a site to meet single ladies online, be sure to give it a try.

Keep your mind active

How to stop thinking about someone? Find something to do for yourself. You can sign up for the gym because physical exercise is useful not only for the body but also for mental health. During sports, endorphins and neurotransmitters are released, this improves your mood. Distract your mind by solving a Sudoku or a crossword puzzle, solving complex mathematical equations or compiling a to-do list. Your brain will use all of its resources to complete these tasks, and it will have neither the time nor the energy to process unwanted thoughts.

Refrain from Alcohol

How to stop thinking about someone you miss? Alcohol is one of the worst things you can use to battle any sort of negative feelings or emotions. Even if you get hammered, this will not help you, and it will be very hard to get out of this state. It is very dangerous to be prone to alcoholism in general, but, when such a person is going through the motions and can’t seem to find a place in this world, feels depressed and sad, the results can be quite awful. Please, be cautious and know your limits when it comes to alcohol.

Remove all reminders

Throw your annoying thoughts into the trash. Literally! The results of a study published in the scientific bulletin called Psychological Science showed that a lot of people had felt relieved when they wrote down their annoying thoughts on paper and then threw this paper into the trash.

Visit new places or go on a vacation

Traveling around the world is always fun, it is not always cheap, but this is a great way of unwinding yourself from all of the obsessive thoughts you may face every single day. Everything will be new to you, your mind will have to process all of that information, which will make it easier for you.

Take the Decision

Be more open to new ideas and making decisions, not life-threatening ones, but those that will help you cope with all of the negative feelings that you have to face every day.

Never feign memory loss

You will never be able to truly forget about the things that happened and a person that you loved, but, rather, they will become irrelevant to you. You may feel sad and depressed at this very moment, but you may even look back in just a few weeks and think that you’ve just wasted your time and nerve cells on that person.

Think of the person’s bad side

If you can’t let them out of your head – think of all of the bad things that you remember about them, try to compare them to the best people that you know off, can they compare to them? Maybe all of the efforts that you’ve spent on trying to win their favor were just wasted, and you were looking for someone else all of this time.

Think about something else

As we’ve said, you have to unwind, you have to think of all of the other different pleasures and things in life you may enjoy. Bring up all of the best things you ever laid aside and try them out, this is the best time to do so.

If you can’t think about something else – accept your feelings

When you can't stop thinking about someone, you might as well accept your feelings. If you have already tried to stop thinking about something, most likely, you did not succeed, otherwise, you would not be reading this article. But in fact, psychologists advise not to deny such thoughts but to accept them. how to stop thinking so much about someoneThe results of the studies showed that the majority of participants who practiced the adoption of thoughts became calmer and less prone to depression than those who tried to resist their thoughts. Understand that your thoughts are an integral part of your personality. This does not mean that you should like them or you must agree with them. Just let them exist and do not try to change or control them. So over time, these thoughts will become less annoying and will not distract you from your business.

Stay offline

How to stop thinking about someone? Don’t try to follow all of the things that your partner does online, nothing good will come out of it. Uninstall all of the social network apps from your phone, try to minimize your contact with that person, even when it comes to online communication.

Don’t beat yourself up

What can you do if you can't stop thinking about someone? Learn a lesson for yourself. If you feel like in the past you did something wrong or said something wrong, treat this as an opportunity to learn a lesson for yourself. Think about what you would do if you had a chance to improve upon your mistakes, what this situation has taught you. Summarize your thoughts, put them in one sentence and write them on a piece of paper.

Hang out with friends

How do I get my brain to stop thinking about someone? At first, the best way of letting go is to let it all out to a person you respect. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of obsessive experiences. Talk with a friend or loved one, tell them about your feelings and emotions. If you think that you have some serious problems that friends and relatives will not be able to help you, contact a psychologist.

Be ruthless

This doesn’t mean that you should come to a person’s house and beat the crap out of them, you will go to jail for that, it means that you have to be more ruthless when it comes to battling for your sanity. You should have that fire inside of you, that desire to fight the pain and live through it.

Appreciate yourself

How to stop thinking so much about someone? Talk to the people you love, engage in the things you like, and maybe, just maybe, you will eventually realize that you are a great person that deserves a lot of respect and love. Loving yourself is a great way of unwinding and focusing on the new things ahead of you.

As you can see, obsessive thoughts about a person is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. There are lots of possible reasons for such a state of mind, lots of signs that you may be going through it, but, fortunately enough, there are quite a few different things that will help you battle this unfortunate state of mind.