How to Date a Divorced Russian Woman: a Comprehensive Guide


Dating divorced women is different from dating women who have never been married. And this difference is quite significant, although you cannot detect it at first glance. If your experience with the relationship between a man and a woman is not too rich, you will need some practical advice.  But we can declare with all responsibility: dates with divorced ladies are successful in most cases. There are several significant reasons for it.


Why Divorced Women Are Great for Dating and Marriage

There is an opinion that divorced Russian girls are necessarily unhappy. Epithets provided by public opinion are rather impartial: lonely, embittered, etc. Very often, people believe that if the marriage was unsuccessful, it was woman`s fault. Therefore, men perceive such women rather cautiously. Some representatives of the stronger sex will never build relations with a divorced woman.

So, we want you to know that everything said above are conjectures and prejudices. No one would be surprised if another social study showed that the authors of these absurdities about divorced Russian women are men who are offended by life and their former wives. But we will be realistic and we will not lose the chance. If you have a chance to go on a date with a beautiful divorced woman, do not miss it. And these are the reasons why.

  1. Life experience. Women learn the lessons better than men. This is due to psychological characteristics: females always consciously and subconsciously strive for security and stability. And if you want to build a truly strong and cozy “castle of life”, it is possible only with life experience.
  2. Skills in sex. Someone can argue with this statement. You can say that the behavior of woman in bed depends on her natural temperament. But this is not always true. Most often, the sexual potential of a woman is revealed only with experience. And the first marriage is a good school of sensuality and emancipation.
  3. Ability to establish a way of life. A girl becomes a woman not from the day when she loses her virginity but when she acquires certain skills and learns to deal with difficulties. Cooking, cleaning, raising children – all this stuff requires real skill. You can learn how to manage everyday affairs on your own, but for most women, marriage is a necessary condition. Divorced Russian ladies will be good hostesses in most cases.
  4. Flexibility of the mind. Do you know why the peak of divorces falls on the first 4 years of marriage? Because young spouses arrange tough competition for each other. And men often go very far to become a winner. They are ready to fight for the reins of power in the family at any cost. And wise women know that. But can we speak about any wisdom in the young years complicated by family life? Divorced women know the value of patience, the flexibility of the mind and they are able to be so gentle with your endless challenges that you will always feel like a leader.

How to Date Divorced Russian Women

While the list above is not always applicable to Western women because of the influence of feminist propaganda, with the single Russian girls, things are quite different. The institution of the family is still strong in Eastern Europe. Eternal values that men from all over the world are seeking are preserved there.

first dateSince Russian women give a lot to the family, they usually experience a divorce with real pain. And it has some pros and cons. It is necessary to note excessive caution. For a Russian woman, creating a family is a very important step that will affect the rest of her life. Therefore, single Russian women choose their partners with the same amount of responsibility and scrupulousness as you. But there is one significant plus if you will learn how to date after divorce at 40: if you really like your chosen one and she knows that you are someone she can devote herself entirely, you will win a lot.

The experience of thousands of men who successfully married divorced Russian girls allowed us to make a small guide to dating after divorce. Just a few simple rules will help you not to screw up and will be a reliable guide for future relationships:

  1. Try to avoid talking about unsuccessful marriage on the first date. There are many other pleasant topics that are worth talking about.
  2. Forget that there is a divorced woman in front of you. Such thoughts will only interfere.  You risk getting biased in some matters by constant thoughts about your girlfriend's past personal life.
  3. Be honest and frank. Do not play a role. Experienced women immediately feel it. Divorced Russian women understand that you are faking even faster.
  4. Ask more about her interests. There is a great probability that the reason for divorce was indifference with all the following consequences. Show that you are not like “that ex”.

Dating after 40 has its own rules. They are almost identical to those listed above. Use them but don’t forget to rely on your own experience and intuition.

Dating a divorced Russian woman with a child

If you want to marry a Russian divorced woman and she has a child, you should be prepared for the struggles of finding a common language with her child, and maybe with the child’s father, because it just so happens that he is present in her life and the life of her child at least once a week. You must think very thoroughly if you are ready for this. To traumatize the psyche of the child is not worth it if you do not seek long-term relationships with her mother.

Dating divorced woman red flags

  • Do not stick your nose into her relationship with the father of her child. It’s not going to end in any good way, so it’s better to let her deal with this matter herself and interfere in it only when it comes down to aggression or threats from her ex-husband.
  • Do not teach her to be a mother. It’s not your business how she is fulfilling her maternal duties. A divorced Russian woman does not need your advice when it comes to anything that directly concerns the way she cares for her child, you are free to support her, but don’t tell her how to live her life.
  • Do not insist on meeting with the child. We are talking about a situation where you are not exactly filled with the desire to meet face-to-face with her child. I mean, it just feels right to do so, since your meetings with his mother are systematic now, however you should not rush it. She should choose the right time for this.

Problems with dating a divorced Russian woman

The first imprint of a past relationship(s) on a divorced woman is that she begins to feel certain anxieties and complexes. If the reason for the divorce was the infidelity of her husband, then she starts thinking that she wasn’t able to fulfill her duties as a woman, mainly as a sexual partner. She starts blaming herself for what has happened. She thinks that she is inferior, ugly, bad in sex. If the reason for her divorce something that concerned her fulfilling her duties at home (like cooking and doing household chores) then a woman may develop a negative attitude towards men as a whole, because a man, in her opinion, sees a woman as a housewife, nothing more.

Benefits of dating a divorced Russian woman

However, these mistakes of the past can work in her (and your) favor. Mistakes cause oppression and anxieties, a divorced woman may have lost quite a bit of confidence - this is undoubtedly a downside. But she may have been wiser about this whole experience and may have learned a thing or two. This is truly fascinating if she was able to battle her emotions and stress she was going through. This tough Russian divorced woman was able to learn from her own bitter experience, she will no longer repeat her own mistakes. She is more self-confident, understands men better and knows from this not only what she wants to get from her chosen one, but also what is required of herself.

Disadvantages of dating a divorced Russian woman

Her past life with a man that ended in a divorce was accompanied by lots of disagreements. From the divorce and separation, the nervous system breaks down, people become suspicious, cynical and sometimes unable to rejoice at all. Of course, this is not always the case, but nevertheless, the fact is that these experiences may not have been for the better. how to communicate with her childrenMore often it’s quite the opposite – they devastate her nervous system. Although if a divorce was perceived by her as a relief and a chance to start a new life, then the situation is slightly different. There will be more distrust and suspicions, rather than fear and pain. We have painted quite a complex grim picture of a divorced woman, but the main thing is this – it is harder to conquer her heart, as it was scared by someone else in the past.

Dangers of dating a divorced woman

  • There can be lots of potential pitfalls that you have to know off in case you ever start a relationship with a divorced woman, here are just a few of them:
  • Lots of potential problems when it comes to relationship with her child(ren). He may get jealous because you are stealing his mother’s attention away from him. He may not accept any other person in place of his father at all.
  • This goes the other way around, she may not pay as much attention to you as you might have thought. Her child is the most precious thing in her life and you will not be able to disagree with that.
  • There are many cases when a woman thinks that since she already has a child, then another one isn’t needed. While you can understand her feelings, still, you may want to have a child of your own.
  • Having a biological father of a child (children) somewhere near your family is unlikely to enrich your family life with positive experience.

How to attract a divorced Russian woman

Remember that a divorced woman already had at least one negative experience with a man. Perhaps the divorce was agreed upon with mutual consent, and the matter was settled quietly and peacefully, but such cases in court practice are quite rare. Divorced women, as a rule, are more vulnerable, suspicious and prudent. They will think several times and evaluate all the pros and cons when it comes to trusting another man in her life. This may not happen at all. But if you don’t rush things, you ready to be patient, and you won’t give a woman a reason to doubt you, then such a nuisance can be avoided.

How to propose a divorced woman

As we’ve already said, it is hard to get to the heart of a divorced woman. It was scarred in the past and it is harder for it to feel the sense of love again. Therefore you should make her trust you. As a worthy man, you should live up to your words and never make her doubt you. This is the main thing about proposing to her. It is not easy for her to let another man into her life, she may flirt and have occasional sex with you, but serious relationships are different from that and require a strong sense of commitment from you.

How to communicate with her children

In order to reduce or even avoid possible misunderstandings when you and her child become one family, you should follow certain simple steps (according to psychologist Jessica Watson). Remember that a man marries not only a woman but also her children. This entire nuance should be discussed in advance when creating a family. Every important nuance like that should be discussed so that you won’t be caught off-guard, it will only provoke disagreements between you two. You, as a man, should show you determination to be a proper husband and a father. Don’t make them adapt to you, it is unlikely that a mother and her child will ruin their relationship for the sake of you, so do your best to make them like you. You cannot get their trust in a week or two, this should be proven over the years of support and being a reliable part of the family.

Stereotypes about divorced Russian women

A woman is always to blame for a divorce. Some men are accustomed to thinking that something is wrong in a divorced woman by default - she ruined her previous marriage. They realized that they rushed to the altar with their feelings and weren’t able to test them out.

A woman with a child needs a wallet, not a man. While this is certainly a thing that may happen, it is rather unlikely to be the case. After all, she was able to support her child and herself in some way after the divorce.

It will be impossible to get her child to respect his new father. While there certainly are some children that will not be able to accept a new father in a family – these cases are quite rare, so don’t bother worrying about that and act natural.