30 Coolest Ways to Show Affection


Showing Affection: How Important It Is in a Relationship?

A relationship cannot exist without affection. I mean, sure, there are so many marriages in which partners don’t truly seem to be interested in each other anymore, but I wouldn’t call them successful or, I suppose, “true” relationships. A relationship that can withstand the test of time should be built on the strong foundation of love, care, and, of course, ways of showing affection. The more often you show these signs of attention to your partner – the better.

You also have to remember the value of “emotional profit” when it comes to romantic relationships. Each and every romantic relationship should basically be a mutual exchange of positive emotions and pleasures. If it’s not the case, then why would you bother to enter a relationship like that? Let’s now answer the question of “how to show affection to your wife?”

ways to show affection

How to Show Affection to Your Girlfriend

1. Flowers

How to show affection to your woman? Flowers are, of course, the most common way of showing love, nevertheless, it always works. They die with time, but they are beautiful, nonetheless. In addition, there are also artificial flowers. They won’t just die after a few days, and they are pretty much just as beautiful.

2. Letters of love

Do not think that this method is only suitable for expressing feelings to your partner, or a spouse. You can send a letter to your grandmother, grandfather, or your partners. It is very pleasant to receive letters, especially if they are filled with the sincerest of feelings.

3. Quest

You can create your own type of a quest game, you can place lots of different hints around the house, and in the end, something special will be waiting for your partner. If you have a crisis in your relationship, it will definitely help make it more interesting. It will help your partner feel loved and appreciated. These quests can also include some references to your past dates, which will remind your partner of your mutual past.

4. Surprise

How men show affection? They are quite direct about their love and thus, not always intriguing. Surprises are great, there is a sense of mystique to them, almost everyone loves them. You know so much about each other, so it won’t be that difficult to make a pleasant surprise for your partner. It does not matter whether it's about a big gift or a small one, the main thing is to think everything through.

5. Bath

How to show physical affection to your woman? The world is made up of little things. For example, your partner is tired after a day at work, it was a really hard day. Give them a hot bath with candles and their favorite wine. Do everything to make them relax. After all, a bath is always great after a hard day at work.

6. Breakfast in bed

This is a very simple idea to show your affection. And most of all, it is suitable if you both have a day off and you are going to spend the whole day together. But remember, you can't wake her up too early, otherwise, you will ruin everything.

when a man doesn't show affection7. Dinner for two

This option is not only suitable for your partner. For example, I sometimes arrange such a dinner for my mother. While she changes clothes after work, I put her favorite dish on the table, and we have dinner together. She adores when I do that.

8. Secret notes

This is not exactly a love letter, but a great idea, nonetheless. Write a few little notes to the one you love and put them in their pockets. It is not necessary to show your writing talents, a simple heart found by your partner at the most difficult moment of the working day will make them smile in any case. You can put them anywhere you want! In a car, in a pocket, in their smartphone case, etc.

9. Joint photo album

This way of showing affection, once again, is not only applicable to your partner. Make a photo album with the most vivid and beautiful joint memories. By the way, this will be a great gift for a holiday because you will put a piece of yourself there and give a lot of pleasant feelings to a person.

10. Dance

In this way, you can confess your love without any words. Just listen to your body, relax, and dance with your beloved girlfriend to your favorite music.

11. Magic words “I love you”

Over time, when we get used to each other, the sharpness of feelings disappears and the need to talk about love decreases. But just imagine - you wake up in the morning, and you hear your partner say, “I love you.” Isn’t that wonderful? Therefore, tell your partner that you love them, tell them that more often, tell it to your children, to your mother, to your father, to everyone you love.

12. Cook their favorite dish

Not an omelet or a sandwich, but an apricot pie, for example. Or a pot roast. Or a cake. Food cooked with love is filled with special energy, it is always especially tasty, and a loved one will surely feel it.

13. Gift for no reason

When a man doesn't show affection it feels like he doesn’t love his woman. To show love – make gifts to your partner. Do you know what brand of jeans does your woman prefer? So why not please them with the new jeans of their favorite color, even if their existing pair of pants is just fine. A gift without a reason does not have to be expensive, but if it symbolizes something important for your woman, it will mean for them that you love them, care about them that you don’t forget about their interests.

14. Be interested in the affairs of a loved one

Be sincere about it, sincerity is at the heart of all the ways to show affection. It is not necessary to be aware of all the working aspects of their job, but it is still important to know the situation that they are facing each and every day to be able to sympathize with them, talk to them about it, and, in general, know what you are talking about.

15. Do not criticize, but support your wife

This is one of the easiest ways to show affection. Close people always expect support from us, even if they are wrong, imperfect, or frankly screwed up in one way or another. Do not drop all of your frustrations in the form of criticism on your partner, even if you see that they are doing something wrong. Instead, say that you support them in any situation and that your love is not negotiable.

Thus, you have to know how men show love and affection and try to come up with the new ways of doing so, be original.

How to Show Affection to Your Boyfriend

1. Talk about your love

In this case, you should not be too intrusive, even if you have a volcano of emotions just exploding inside you. Say every word about your love sincerely, look into their eyes and be sincere.

2. Don’t be overly jealous

How to show affection? By being jealous of each and every single girl, you will not show your love, but you can easily achieve the opposite effect. It is not necessary to be obsessive about your jealousy, don’t forget about the golden mean, some jealousy is fine, but don’t let it be annoying for your partner.

3. Make pleasant gifts

How to show affection to your boyfriend? Everybody loves gifts, this includes men. Just don’t be too unpredictable with your choice of a gift, as that may annoy a man.

4. Never compare your man with the rest

On the contrary, to show your love to a man, often repeat that for you he is unique and that you don’t need anyone else. After all, men are like children or pets – they need to know that you love them and that you will never leave them alone.

5. Take care

How do you show affection to your man? You have to be interested in their hobbies, work. You should be there if he wants to talk or leave him alone if he really needs it. As a man, if your wife doesn't show affection to you – what is the chance that she will help you when you need her?

6. Don’t question their memory

Unfortunately, men have a very bad memory in relation to dates and events. You will have to remember everything for the two of you and, in any case, do not blame your loved one for forgetting which day your cat had a name day. That is just dumb.

7. Don’t forget about the fact that men love romantic feelings

Whatever men say - they are all romantics to the bone. However, the issue here is that they are not always ready to take the initiative. But a romantic dinner or a gift for any, albeit insignificant, date, perhaps even understandable only to you two, will be thought of as a sign of affection.

how men show affection8. Don’t forget about your feelings

Some men can be overly possessive about their women, they may have been left alone in the past, and this is why they cannot trust anyone after such an experience. But everyone can be proven wrong, be attentive, show your love to your husband, and they will surely come to realize that your feelings are for real.

9. Be there when he needs you

If a man urgently asks for confirmation of your feelings, be there. There are not that many men that can openly talk about their issues and their feelings, not everyone is ready to be frank about their fears and anxieties, thus, when they do call you for help – provide it.

10. Talk to your partner

If the initiative comes directly from you, and you do not understand how to show your love to a man, then the most important thing is, naturally, to talk to them. Confess your love to your man of the heart more often, but only do it sincerely. But if in fact, you do not have any feelings, then it is better not to lie because men can feel insincerity.

11. Do not force your man to be jealous of you and do not try to provoke jealousy on purpose

Naturally, a woman is extremely pleased when she is jealous, it is undoubted. But think carefully about what a man feels at this moment, put yourself in his place. Most likely, it would be very unpleasant to be in such a situation.

12. And, of course, try not to torment a man with scenes of jealousy

This is a bad way to show your love to a man. Do not continuously call him and find out where he is at each and every single moment and who is a person near him. Frequent calls are the death of a relationship, everyone needs some personal space, and you should not forget about the importance of it.

13. Never try to compare your man to your ex-partners

You can never tell a man that he is doing something worse than your ex, this is the worst thing you can do. This can destroy his feelings towards you. You must praise him for who he is and never let him doubt your loyalty.

14. Take care of your beloved man, even if it concerns small things

How to show physical affection to your boyfriend? Some may tell you that there is nothing better than sex, well, there are some alternatives. A delicious dinner cooked with love will greatly delight every man. If a beloved man returned home after work, he is probably very tired, then there is no need to load him with your own problems and empty useless information.

15. The importance of personal space

Everyone needs some time off to do the things that they enjoy, without any interference, without any criticism. Yeah, sure, you are partners and that would be great for you to spend time together, but you have your own hobbies, let your man have his own hobbies as well.