The First Date with a Russian Girl: How Not to Screw It Up


So, you are ready for the first date with a Russian girl. Your eyes are burning, your heart is pounding in your chest, and consciousness suggests many variants of the course of events. Your excitement is absolutely understandable. What can be more romantic and responsible than the emerging relationships? A lot of things depend on the first date including the possibility of the further development of relations. Therefore, this event must be taken seriously. We will give you some practical tips on how to date a Russian woman that will help establish communication and contact. And the rest is up to you. The main thing is not to overdo because any meeting should bring pleasure first of all!


Perfect Ideas for a First Date with a Russian Girl

During the preparation for dating Russian women, constantly remind yourself that these girls are not only easy to communicate but they also love originality. Especially, when it is shown by men. We made a small selection of ideas for the first date. Surely, you will like something from our list. Remember the main thing: you should be guided by your sincere feelings and interests, not by fear, complexes, and doubts. From that point, dating Russian girls will be something pleasant and cheerful for both sides.

Dinner at the restaurant with authentic cuisine

This is our first great date idea. Russian girls are very fond of delicious food. Even if they do not admit it, in reality, it is very difficult for them to resist a delicious dish. By the way, most Russian girls can boast of a great figure. This small paradox causes envy in women from all over the world.

Be guided by the quality of the kitchen when choosing a restaurant. Russian girls love to try new dishes, especially of local cuisine. They really like the traditional food of different countries. They love the native cuisine and most of them perfectly cook Russian traditional dishes. So, these girls are always open to improving their culinary skills.

If you manage to impress the taste buds of your lady, you can be sure that this is not the last date – even if you screw up a bit at the rest of dating stuff. And do not think that dinner in a restaurant is something trivial. Not everyone can organize a good "culinary date".

Go to a musical event

Unless this is a “blind date”, you should know something about the preferences of your chosen one. The most popular topics that people discuss during online dating are food, movies, and music. And if watching a movie together cannot take place because of the language barrier, then going to the concert of her beloved band will be a real, outstanding gift. This is one of the best first date ideas.  If you know whose music makes her crazy and who she would like to listen to live, a half of your battle has already been won. And if there will be a concert of the "that" group in the near future in your city, we congratulate you. This is a jackpot! Kiss on the first date is guaranteed.

Do not forget to visit a cozy cafe after the concert and share impressions with each other. The conversation will be very pleasant and interesting, believe us!


Simplicity has its own uniqueness. When was the last time you had dinner in the open, sitting on a checkered mat? If the weather is nice and you have a beautiful park in mind, make a few sandwiches and go on a date.  And a first date tip: take a kite with you for more fun.


If she is active and athletic and looks more organic on the seat of the stadium than in the theater hall, take her to any sports event in your city! Even if you do not have your favorite team, find something that will be interesting for both of you.

General advice

So, everything is decided. You have already chosen something from the list above, gathered your courage, and got ready for the first date with a Russian girl.  It's time to get the last, general advice. It is very simple: do not worry about the outcome. Be calm, courteous and do not try to impress her too hard. Nobody likes falsehood, and Russian girls recognize it from afar easily. Think about first date conversation. Her life, hobbies, and family are the best topics.

In addition, no hints of sex should be there on the first date. Just forget about it. It is very simple to offend the girl with indecent hints but it is almost impossible to retrieve her sympathy. Especially, it concerns Russian girls. If she will suddenly get that you just want to use her, it will be a real catastrophe. And finally: try to talk less about yourself. Give her all your attention and be patient. You are not the main thing to talk about on the first date, keep that in mind. Then, the usual romantic date will surely grow into a real relationship between a man and a woman.